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I downloaded a file now I can't find it


Before you download a file you need to have a folder on your computer that you put all of your downloaded files into so that you will know where they are after the download.

To Create A Download Folder:

Click on the MY COMPUTER ICON on your desktop.

Double Click on your C: Drive or the name of your hard drive, in most cases it is C: or D:

You will see lots of files:

Click on FILE then NEW FOLDER, the new folder will go to the bottom of all of your files, scroll down to see it.

Click once on the NEW FOLDER that just came up in your window. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the NEW FOLDER. Choose RENAME. NAME your Folder DOWNLOADS.

You now have created a download folder.

Most programs or files that you download from the net look for a downloads folder to place your file into automatically, but in some case's you will have to tell the program where you want to save your file to:

When you click on Download a screen will appear with the file name to download and where it is going to place that file. If it is not showing the C:/Downloads file then CHOOSE, OTHER LOCATION. Click BROWSE, then C: and go to your DOWNLOADS Folder double click and then OK.

Then the screen should say C:/ downloads/then the file name you are downloading.

Once the files are downloaded to your computer you will be able to find them in your Downloads folder.

To install or open the files you just downloaded.



DOUBLE CLICK on your C:/ Go To your DOWNLOADS FOLDER, Double Click, You should now be able to see the file you just downloaded. DOUBLE CLICK on the File.

If you downloaded a Program it will Open and Start to Install itself to your hard drive. It will place the new program in it's own file name for you or you have the option to rename the file it is to be placed it. The windows install program will do the work for you so just follow each of the screens as they come up.

If you downloaded a file or picture then you can go to your program that you want to view it in and click FILE, OPEN, BROWSE, then go to your C:/ then to downloads, then to the file name and CLICK OPEN.

NOTES: If you have downloaded a picture then you may want to view it from your Windows Imaging Program, this is located in your Windows Accessories, Click, Your Start Button, Programs, Accessories, Imaging and once again you go to FILE, OPEN, C:, Downloads then the file name. If it is a text file and you are unsure if the text format you may use the Windows Word Pad to view the file. The directions are the same as above except you would go to WORD PAD in your Accessories.




You can follow the same above steps to create any new folders where you want specific files to go to, such as your created family files, just be sure to name the folder something that you will know what it is for.


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