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John Collins Oxford

1910 Census Record Atoka Oklahoma

Wilson Township

Taken May 17 1910






Martial status

Years Marr


Father Born

Mother Born

Oxford John Head M W 60 M 2 W 18 Texas Ky Arkansas

Almeda wife F W 40 M 18 Texas Mo. Tn.

Mircell Myrtle Ad Dau F W 15 Texas Texas Texas

Jones Morgan S. Head M W 37 W Texas Mo Miss.

Otho Son M W 9 Texas Texas Texas

Twin: William Son M W 7 Texas Texas Texas

Twin: Willis L. Son M W 7 Texas Texas Texas

Thomas S. Brother M W 46 S Miss. Miss. Mo.

Note: On Johns: The 2 W means married twice and was a widower, Birth shows Texas instead of Mo. The birth year calculated by the census date would be 1850 as John had a birthday a couple of months prior to the census. There was a John Samuel Oxford that had a son born in Mo. in 1850, but , John's headstone clearly shows 1849. And mother from previous census records showed born in Ten and Mo. So unsure of where mother was born. The father has been consistent with Kentucky and John C until now has always been Mo. Alameda is Johns 2nd wife Almeadia Ann Veal. She was born April 22, 1870 so this is the correct age of 40. John and Almeadia were married September 03, 1891, this is also consistent.


On Myrtle, it appears that she is a adopted daughter. See Myrtle's family page for additional information.

Morgan Jones, this could be James. I have no ideal who he is.

Thomas S. This is unclear if this is a Jones Brother or an Oxford Brother.


Darrel Oxford

Debbie Oxford Long 

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