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The Lizzie Gegg Postcard Collection

Early in the twentieth century the postcard was a common form of distance communication between people. In the cities and major towns, Monday to Friday mail deliveries occurred twice a day, once in the morning and another in the afternoon. There was also a morning delivery on Saturday. There was a mail train everyday in all directions all over the state of NSW so that all areas were covered, with postal workers actually on the train sorting the mail. It provided a fast and reliable service.

A collection of postcards sent mostly to James and Lizzie Gegg has come through to the present day and reproductions of these cards have been distributed throughout this site, usually on a biography page associated with the sender. There are links to these sites below so that all the collection can be easily accessed. (There are more than 50 cards still to come - when time permits)

Boland, George and Janet (Snr) (nee Gegg)

Boreham, George and Janet (Jnr) (nee Gegg)

Gegg, Albert Henry James
Gegg, Arthur
Gegg, Arthur and Emily (nee Watson)
Gegg, Charles and Sarah (nee Fleming)
Gegg, James and Elizabeth (nee Tickner)
Gegg, Florist
Gegg, Janet Ellen (Jnr)
Gegg, Thomas Joseph Rose

Harris, Herbert and Bertha (nee Gegg)

Latham, William and Martha (nee Gegg)

Nichols, Walter and Eliza Dengate (nee Tickner)

Sasse, Richard Bourke and Mary Ann (nee Tickner)

Tickner, Clara May Victoria
Tickner, Edward and Rebecca (nee Washer)
Tickner, Eliza Dengate
Tickner, James and Elizabeth (nee Tickner)
Tickner, Peter and Mary (nee Smith)
Tickner, Sarah Maria

Willis, Jonathon and Emily (nee Tickner)


Updated : 9 Oct 2012