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Home page of John and Ellen OWEN (nee JONES)

Providing information on our ancestors and descendents

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Ellen and John Owen
Ellen and John

On this site, where a woman's name is followed by **, her birth name is unknown and so her married name has been used.
Information associated with living people has been withheld.

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Our site has been designed to show our ancestors and the siblings and partners of those ancestors. It also has some of those couples descendants. It also shows our descendants. It does not set out to have tens of thousands of individuals in it although the numbers are growing without much difficulty. Those sites which do have those sorts of numbers have when applicable been used by us for guidance. Although some research has been conducted by ourselves, the site is more a collation of pieces of information gathered from diverse sources. As such it will inevitably have incorrect information which will be corrected when discovered.

The site is looking wherever possible to find and publish the footprints left by our ancestors. Photos, newspaper reports, letters, postcards and manuscripts are the sort of things we are trying to collect. A warm thankyou to those fellow researchers who at various times have shared with us significant pieces of research information such as certificates and photos.

We understand the work and effort put in by other researchers and so have tried to establish a strong system of source acknowledgement when we have acquired information from another researcher, whether that be from the internet, by direct contact or any other means. If any omission in this regard is noticed, please contact us so that we can rectify the situation.

Personal information relating to living people has not been published. Again if there is an error in this regard please let us know so that we can correct it.

When visiting the individual or family biography/information pages, two colours have been used for the text.

This Green is used for text which is commentary by ourselves
This Brown is used where actual material is being quoted

When viewing the ancestor and descendant charts on the family pages, our direct line ancestors are highlighted in gold and the descendant part of the chart will always stop when it reaches the level of either John or Ellen. In the ancestor section, up to three generations back are shown.

We hope you enjoy your visit and find something of interest to you.

John is the Webmaster for the Wyong Family History Group
Our associated site (Who Were They?) where we try to give
recognition to local heroes and leaders can be found here.

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Updated : 27 Apr 2015