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Lucy Ann HOCKEY (1866-1935)

Lucy Ann HOCKEY1 [99], daughter of Thomas HOCKEY (1840-1913) [581] and Margaret Jane WARRINGTON (1842-1919) [582], was born on 6 June 1866 in Windellama, NSW. She was the forth born of eleven children.2,3,4,5 She was a follower of the Church of England faith .6 She married Albert Henry James GEGG [93] on 5 September 1894 at St Andrew's Vickerage in Braidwood, NSW.5

they lived in Springsure, Qld.6

she died (aged 68) on 4 March 1935 at Springsure Hospital in Springsure.4,5,6 She was buried on 4 March 1935 in section 468 of the Church of England section of the general cemetery in Springsure. The service was conducted at 5.00pm by Rev T B Smith.1,4,6


Between 24 June and 9 July 1929, Bert and Lucy Gegg travelled from Goulburn to Springsure and their trip was reported in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post on 25 July 1929.




Baby Austin's Sturdy Performance

Goulburn to Springsure, in Central Queensland -- a total distance of 1133 miles -- was the long overland trip recently undertaken by a standard Baby Austin. The baby car's performance was little short of wonderful.

The Austin, recently purchased from the firm of E. Cooper and Sons, Goulburn, distributors of Austin cars, was driven by Mr. Albert H Gegg who is a brother to Messrs. Arthur and Tom Gegg, well-known in Goulburn sporting circles.

As Mr. Gegg stands 6 foot 4 inches in his socks, a slight alteration to the seating was necessary, but when this adjustment was made, the driver found everything well suited to his comfort and convenience.

Writing to Messrs. Cooper and Sons from Springsure, Mr. Gegg pays a tribute to the Austin's study (sic) performance. His letter speaks for itself :-

"Just a line to let you know I arrived at Springsure safely with the Baby Austin car. I left Goulburn on the morning of June 24 in the snow(.) arrived at Grenfell same afternoon(.) stayed seven days around Grenfell and Forbes, and then went on to Charleville, (Q), where two days were spent.

"Springsure was reached on the night of July 9 completing a total trip of 1133 miles. The only mechanical trouble experienced on the journey was a broken wire spring in the distributor, which necessitated turning another eye on one end. Petrol consumption ran out at 45 miles per gallon.

"I was accompanied by my wife and we carried a fair amount of luggage. We are both very pleased with the little car.".7


Albert Henry James GEGG4,8 [93] (known as 'Bert') was the son of James Albert GEGG (1850-1915) [17] and Elizabeth TICKNER (1852-1929) [18]. He and Lucy Ann HOCKEY had the following children:


Albert James Thomas GEGG (1895- ) [583] (known as 'Bert')

Olive Lucy GEGG (1898-1919) [584]

Frederick Charles GEGG (1902- ) [585] (known as 'Fred')

Eric Wallace GEGG (1907- ) [586]

Florence Amelia GEGG (1908- ) [587]


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Report on trip from Goulburn to Springsure

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Registration no : 10286 / 1872. The index shows his name as Albert Henry J. Some other documents Say his name was Albert James Henry

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