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Elizabeth Ann NEWTON (1860-1937)

Elizabeth Ann NEWTON1 [911], daughter of Samuel NEWTON (1819?-1895) [905] and Elizabeth BERRYMAN (1827-1912) [906], was born in 1860 in Spring Hill, Vic.2 She married Michael John ROGAN [981] in 1880 in Victoria, Australia.2,3

they lived at Timor, Creswick and then at Dunnolly, all in Victoria . They moved to Creswick sometime between 1883 and 1886 and then Dunnolly between 1888 and 1890.4

Michael and Elizabeth had 11 children :

- Michael Samuel ROGAN (b.1881 Timor, Vic)

- Selina Ann ROGAN (b.1883 Timor, Vic)

- James Ruben ROGAN (b.1886 Creswick, Vic)

- Wilfred John ROGAN (b.1888 Creswick, Vic)

- Greta Pansy ROGAN (b.1890 Dunnolly, Vict)

- Edward Bromley ROGAN (b.1892 Dunnolly, Vic)

- Marion Sylvia ROGAN (b.1893 Dunnolly, Vic)

- Lilac Brocasia ROGAN (b.1896 Dunnolly, Vic)

- Linton Cyprus ROGAN (b.1898 Dunnolly, Vic)

- Rosetta ROGAN (b.1900 Maryborough, Vic)

- Daphne Tansey Coralie ROGAN (b.1902).3

Elizabeth died (aged 77) in 1937 in Maryborough, Vic.2


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