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Sarah BRIDGE (1849-1908)

Sarah BRIDGE1 [891] was born on 10 December 1849 in Mangrove Creek, NSW.1 Sarah BRIDGE's parents were James PURVEY and Sarah WOODBURY (b. 1 Mar 1819 Lower Portland Head NSW; d. 16 Jun 1904 in Leets Vale, NSW) They also had a son James BRIDGE. Sarah WOODBURY's husband was Joseph BRIDGE (b. 20 Jul 1814 Parramatta NSW; d. 24 Nov 1891 Wollombi, NSW; bur. L6 Wollombi Cemetery NSW). The story goes that Joseph had a bullock team and went away working. Whenever he came home, Sarah was always (?) pregnant to another man. However, Joseph kept all the children and gave them the family name BRIDGE. He did the same with the children Sarah had with Edward CROFT (a son, Edward) and John FERGUSON (a daughter, Agnes).2,3

Sarah married John SAXBY [882] on 15 May 1866 in Durham, NSW.4

John and Sarah had 7 children :

- Sarah SAXBY (b.1866 Dungog NSW)

- John SAXBY (b.1868 Dungog NSW)

- James SAXBY (b.1870 Dungog NSW)

- Henry SAXBY (b.1872 Dungog NSW)

- Ann SAXBY (b.1874 Dungog NSW)

- Edward SAXBY (b.1878 Port Stephens NSW)

- John SAXBY (b.1881 Copeland NSW).4

Sarah died (aged 58) on 10 February 1908 in Dungog, NSW.1 She was buried on 11 February 1908 in Dungog.1


John SAXBY1 [882] was the son of Robert SAXBY (bef1807-1886) [874] and Mary Ann REEVES (1807?-1886) [875].


John and Sarah are reported to have gone from Underbank to the Bowman River area in about 1880. John's brother Edward, with his wife Rebecca, went with them. They earned their living as cedar cutters.5


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