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John Clarence JONES (1934-2002)


John Clarence Jones


John (with his sister Margaret) in the pedal car he drove to his grandmother's house by himself

John Clarence JONES [78], son of Roy Heath JONES (1898-1979) [19] and Kathleen Mary MCNAMARA (1904-1987) [20], was born on 11 August 1934 in a location to be determined. His relationship to Ellen is Brother. John was a glazier . He was fully trained by the Department of Technical Information which is now referred to as TAFE.1

his interests included painting and drawing. He was a talented artist. He studied for some some time at East Sydney Technical College, well known for teaching the arts.2

In 1954 (estimated) John was diagnosed with the medical condition schizophrenia. He had an accident on his motorbike and it is suspected that this was possiby the trigger which brought it on. His sister Ellen remembers he used to have blackouts starting from about age twelve.1

In 2001 his interests included writing. He authored and self-published a book "We Wear Many Masks".2

John died (aged 67) on 2 May 2002 at Northcott Apartment Block in South Sydney, NSW. The cause was suicide by jumping from his flat in the building.2,3 He was buried in May 2002 in the Catholic cemetery, Lot 32 Row 9 in Campbelltown, NSW.2,4


John never married.5


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Front cover of John Jones' funeral booklet


Inside pages of John Jones' funeral booklet


Back page of John Jones' funeral booklet

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John's grave in Campbelltown Catholic cemetery

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