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Eric GLEESON1,2 [716] has few details recorded about him.


Janice MCNAMARA1,2 [710] was the daughter of Thomas Emmett MCNAMARA (1919?-2004) [125] and Margaret Ellen PERROT [276]. She and Eric GLEESON had the following children:


Trenton GLEESON [717]

Brooke GLEESON [718]


1{S0238}, Researcher : General. Custom Id: SUB027. Cit. Date: 17 October 2011. Assessment: Primary evidence.
[[From Eric Gleeson (I0716):
Owen, I was married to Janice who died in 1998 from cancer we had 2 children Trenton and Brooke.Trenton was adopted and Brooke was our natural daughter who has 2 girls,Ashlin and Kelsey.On the family group side for the McNamara's Tom and Peg had Janice then the twins Kay and Dawn then Garry and Christopher and last was Joylene.Both Janice and Kay are deceased. Dawn's first husband was Wayne Thompson who is deceased Kay was married to Richard Quinn who had 2 children Mathew and Simone. Christopher married and lives just outside Townsville Peg lives in a retirement village there also.Hope this fills in some spaces I know of the children but uncertain of the names of the unions.Regards Eric Gleeson
Subject: Re: McNamara family history]]
2{S0105}, Verbal ( Personal Knowlege) : OWEN (nee JONES), Ellen Mary (0002). Cit. Date: before 1 July 2009. Assessment: Secondary evidence.

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