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Norman Roy GEGG (1929-1998)


Windellama School Bus 1960

Norman Roy GEGG [591], son of Arthur Edwin GEGG (1888-1964) [105] and Emily Louisa WATSON (1891- ) [106], was born on 23 February 1929 in a location to be determined.1 In June 1960 he was a school bus driver . He took over the contract and used a truck which he converted into a bus suitable for the children. He operated to the south-west and north-west of the school. A testimonial to him states "Mr. Gegg has been operating a school bus for the last twenty years and we should remember the many miles travelled over dirt, winding roads, negotiating flooded creeks and at all times, keeping a cheerful but firm hand with the pupils. Despite the longevity of this run, both in miles and years, Mr. Gegg has proved such a capable and willing driver, that during this prolonged period, there has not been one accident involving a school bus. In truth Mr. Gegg symbolises the dedication, hard work and wholeheartedness that have typified the many drivers who have been responsible for the Windellama School runs.". He was still doing the run in 1980.2

he died (aged 69) on 28 June 1998 in a place still to be found.1,3 He was buried in 1998 in Portion/Row MW in St Bartholomew's church cemetery in Windellama, NSW.1


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Norman's plaque at Windellama Anglican Cemetery

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