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Vincent FORD ( - )

Vincent FORD1 [1595], son of Arthur Samuel FORD (1875-1942) [599] and Catherine SHERIDAN (1885?-1968) [600], was an ambulance driver in Wagga Wagga, NSW.1

he died "Date Unknown" .


1{S0238}, Researcher : General. Custom Id: SUB027. Gail Pollock. Cit. Date: 28 August 2012. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: "[[Hi John and Ellen,
Just been researching my grandfathers records Arthur Samuel Ford and have some very relevent updates for you to add. My grandfather Arthur Samuel Ford was married or in a relationship with Catherine Ford. ]]There were two sons Sylvestor (Silver) and Vincent who was an ambulance driver in Wagga Wagga for many years and well known. Anastasia was next then my mother Adele or Adelia then Daphne was the youngest. [[
I was close to my grandmother and my Aunty Nashia who told me many stories of their lives. My grandmother told me her mother came from Ireland and died giving birth to her. Her name was Daisy. My grandmother was bought up looking after goats on the ranges in Queelsland under the care of her father. My grandmothers name was either Bridget Catherine or visa versa. Anastasia or Aunty Nashia was a spinster aunt who lived with my grandmother and was her main carer in later years, sometimes Aunty Daphne had Nana for a little while and then Nana moved to Queanbeyan to live with us. My grandmother passed away at Queanbeyan hospital in the mid to late 60s at age 83 from a sudden heart attack. The date was December 1st but I'm not sure of the year. Uncle Vince was married to Aunty Jean and they had children]] My mothers correct name was Eileen Adele Ford. Born 16th March 1914 and passed away 8th June 1995. She was married to Reginald Woodlands and had four children[[..Reginald Brian approx date of birth 1937 -1998 dec, Ronald approx date of birth 1938-1956 approx death in Sydney, Police cadet who suicided by shooting himself. Daphne Mackay (married name) approx date of birth 1939/40 may be still living and Aileen Clare, alias Clare, alias Amber, last known surname Cervo 1941 - still living in Queanbeyan. Then Reginald Woodlands senior deserted my mother and four children in 1945 and Mum met and had four children with my father Percy Charles Goldspink. Born 8th October 1925 or 1928 (birth certificate had been altered) and passed away 22nd December 1994, Dad was a descendant of Jonathan Goldspink and Margaret Reid. Our surname was changed to Miller in the early 60s for reasons unknown to me. Mum and Dad eventually married when they legally could due to her first husbands disappearance. Dad supported all my mothers children, some all of his life and treated us all as his own. Carol Ann Goldspink (Miller) married name Knowles 1948-1998, Michael John Goldspink(Miller) 1950/51, Stephen Robert Goldspink(Miller) 1951/52 and Gail Lorraine Goldspink(Miller) married name Pollock. My husband, David William Pollock who was born 12/7/1951,(London) we married on May 1st 1976 in Brisbane at Newmarket Church of England. We have two daughters Sarah-Ellen Catherine Pollock born 28/11/1986 and Rachel Adele Pollock born 17/5/1988.
I've probably given you far too much information but hope you can at least add my mother and uncles to my grandfathers records. As children we had lots of interaction with our cousins, Sandra, Terry and Peter and I remember Peters wife Vivian and Sandras husband Ray. Money or inheritance would have been the motive for leaving out other family members namely my mother as Uncle Vince had passed and even though Mum could have contested she was not interested in the least. Sad really. Love of money is the root of all evil.
I also have some documents I was able to download some time ago regarding my grandfathers War records. Actual copies of hand written Enlistment Papers,medical war history and letters written in my grandmothers hand to Dept Defence trying to find out his whereabouts etc and copies of their correspondence back to her. Considering the originals where written nearly 100 years ago, wow, what a keepsake.
Anyway, I am in the process of trying to fill in a long lost nephew with his family history and will direct him to your site as well as the many sites on Jonathan Goldspink and Margaret Reid.
I appreciate you taking the time to read and consider my request. I thank you in anticipation.]]
Kind regards
Gail Pollock"

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