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Mary Ann FERRIER (1844- )

Mary Ann FERRIER1 [1515], daughter of Joseph FERRIER ( -1844) [339] and Johanna DARCY ( - ) [338], was born on 18 November 1844 in Sydney, NSW.1 She was baptised in 1844 at St Mary's Cathedral, College St in Sydney.1,2 She married Thomas KENNEDY [1516] on 31 December 1860 in Bummimbula, NSW. Her step-father, James Collins, gave the consent to her marriage as she was only 16 years old.1,3

she died "Date Unknown" .


1{S0328}, Internet (Monaro Pioneers) : General. Cit. Date: 13 August 2010. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: "Mary Ann Ferrier; born 18 November 1844 in Sydney; mother: Johanna Darcey; father: Joseph Farrier; residence: Brougham Place; she was baptized St Marys Cathedral. BDM Vol 134 No 1539; Mary Ann’s father Joseph Ferrier died before she was born on 10 September 1844 age 48 years.
2. Mary Ann’s mother, Johanna Ferrier married James Collins on 24 November 1845 at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney. Johanna and James moved to Monaro area via a stint at Kameruka. BDM Vol 131 No 456. Their 3 children were: John Collins born 5 August 1852 at Kamaroka. BDM Vol 70 No 1996. James and Johanna.
3. Mary Ann (e) Collins married Thomas Kennedy on 31 Dec 1860 both living at Bummimbula; Thomas was 25 years and a shoemaker; Mary Ann was 16 years. The certificate has Mary Ann’s parents as James Collins and Johanna Dorsey. The consent of James Collins was given to the marriage. BDM 1860/1370."
Newsletter : June 2010
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Registration no : V1844 1539 134 / 1844
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Registration no : 1370/1860; the BDM District of Bombala

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