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Janet MARTIN ( -bef1794)

Janet MARTIN1 [1496] married Leonard MACINTOSH [1218] on 4 April 1784 in Lethendy and Kinloch, Perthshire in Scotland. They were married by "allowance of session" and banns being proclaimed three times.1,2

Peter and Janet had 4 children :

- Isobel (bap. 10 December 1784 Lethendy and Kinloch)

- John (bap. 24 March 1787 Lethendy and Kinloch)

- James (bap. 19 June 1789 Lethendy and Kinloch)

- Margaret (bap. 19 November 1791 Lethendy and Kinloch).1,3,4

Janet died between 1791 and 1794 in a location to be determined.5


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Text From Source: "Name: Judy McIntosh; City: Sydney; State: NSW; Country: Australia
Clan: McIntosh; Date: 8/20/99
Comments :
Seeking information regarding Leonard McIntosh who has first appeared when married Janet Martin in Lethendy and Kinloch in Perthshire, Scotland in 1784. Issue from that marriage - Isobel born 1784, John born 1787; James born 1789 and Margaret born 1791. All christened in church in lethendy and Kinloch. Then appears to have married Elizabeth MacDonald in 1793 with issue - Janet christened 1794; Anne 1797, Donald 1799; Helen 1801; Peter Campbell (my gg grandfather) 1803, Marjory 1806 and Laurence 1808. Peter Campbell migrated to Sydney on Lady Kennaway leaving Leith Roads Port in Scotland in April 1838 with wife, Margaret Johnstone and children. Looking for any further information on these people prior to arrival in Australia. Particularly any information re: Leonard McIntosh - birth? Death/ etc. Thank you."
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Text From Source: "He first appeared when he married firstly a Janet Martin on 4 April 1786 at Lethendy and Kinloch, Perthshire, Scotland. They appeared to have 4 children all christened at Lethendy and Kinloch on the following dates: Isobel - 10 Dec 1784; John - 24 March 1787; James - 19 June 1789; and Margaret 19 November 1791. "
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Text From Source: "Born 1760s? in Perthshire Scot"
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Text From Source: "We can confirm that, according to records available to us, Leonard Mcintosh and Janet Martin had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Janet must have died between 1791 and 1794 when he married Elizabeth McDonald. They had 7 children - 4 girls and 3 boys including Peter. "

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