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Thomas PARTRIDGE (1817-1879?)

Thomas PARTRIDGE1 [1146], son of Stephen PARTRIDGE (1793-1878) [1141] and Sarah WILLIAMS (1796-1830) [1143], was born on 17 May 1817 in Sydney, NSW.1,2,3 He was baptised on 5 October 1817 at St Phillip's Church in Sydney.2 Between 1 October 1828 and 31 December 1828 he was educated at St Thomas' Church of England building in Port Macquarie, NSW. She was listed as a pupil of the "Early School" conducted there for the quarter ending 31 December 1828. She had been a member of the Special Class for writing under Stephen Clifford also.4

he died (aged 62) in 1879 (approx.) in Newtown, NSW.1,5


Thomas is often recorded as having married Jane McClurkin in Morpeth in 1859 but that was a different Thomas Partridge. That Thomas was the son of Richard Partridge and Sophia Robertson (Robinson) who were married in Hesselt, Suffolk on 20 January 1820. Thomas was born 2 February 1824 and Baptised at St. Mary, Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk on 3 March 1824. He was a mariner. He married Ann Dawson in Sydney in 1856 (Reg No 426 / 1858). She died in Sydney in 1858. He then married Jane McClurken (b.1817) in Morpeth, NSW in 1859. They had seven children, Ada S (b.1862 Sydney NSW); Annett J (b.1864 Sydney NSW); Thomas R (b.1868); Andrew William (b.1870 Newtown NSW); Emily May (b.1873 Sydney NSW);Walter Robert (b.1875 Newtown NSW) and Hannah M. Thomas died in 1879 in Sydney, NSW (Reg No 2900 / 1879). Jane died in 1903 in Sydney, NSW (Reg No 10701 / 1903). They are both buried under a fairly substantial headstone in Rookwood, NSW.6


Thomas Partridge (b. 17 May 1817) and Stephen Partridge (b. 24 May 1817) were twins born seven days apart to Stephen Partridge and Sarah Partridge (nee Williams). However they were baptised four months apart, Stephen on 2 June 1817 and Thomas on 5 October 1817. Under normal circumstances one would expect them to have been baptised at the same time. Although no record of his death has been found, it is suspected that Stephen either died some time between his birth and his baptism, presuming he actually was alive when born. Being the second born child in what may have been a difficult labour **, he was possibly in a very poor condition at the time of birth. His baptism at only nine days old compared to his brother's four months later, is seen as a probable indication of a crisis which may have been his death.

** [Enquiries with a midwife suggest that a labour of between five and seven days which is what is suggested by the birth dates, is probably unlikely, even in 1817. What has been suggested as more likely, is for there to have been dual conceptions three or four days apart with the subsequent births some days apart. This sort of event while not common is also not that rare].

When Stephen's parents departed to help establish the new penal settlement at Port Macquarie (21 March 1821), Stephen was not with them. They only had Thomas and his later born sister Jane. Some years later when making a compensation claim, his father noted in that claim " ... I have seven children ..."; if Stephen was still alive, this statement would have noted eight children. Both of these facts point toward Stephen having died before the family left Sydney. Accordingly, Stephen has been recorded as dying about 2 June 1817.

Thomas' baptism was carried out under the name Thomas with no second name. However later records show him as Thomas Stephen. Is this a case where the parents decided to append the second name Stephen in honour of his twin brother's memory? While it can never be known for certain, it's a pleasant thought even if it isn't the case.7


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