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Peter Tickner
(1855 - 1929)

The following article about Peter was extracted from The Goulburn Evening Penny Post by the Goulburn Family History Society.   NB : J A Gegg's wife Lizzie's maiden name was Tickner. There were a number of Peter Tickner's alive at the time but given J A Gegg gives testimony that "Tickner is a brother-in-law of mine" as reported in the story it is believed that this story is about Lizzie's younger brother Peter who married Mary Smith in 1879.

20 January 1876 : Goulburn Evening Penny Post

HEADING : Land Inquiry Court
The case of Peter Tickner, who was charged with non residence on his conditional purchase of 50 acres at Cullulla, made on the 5th June 1873, the report stating January 1874. Mr Gannon for the selector. The report of Mr Dean went to show that the selector did not live on the selection at the time of the survey; and Mr Street's report of the following years stated that there was a hut on the selection, but no sign of any living person living in it; the purchaser was camped on the ground at the time.
Peter Tickner stated : I am the owner of the land in question, and within a month I put up a one roomed hut, and have continued to reside there ever since, except at times when I went to look for work; besides the hut the whole of the land is enclosed with a log fence; a dam has also been made on the ground.
To the Commissioner : Mr Gegg took out the selection in my name; I am living with Mr Gegg
James Albert Gegg stated : I know the selection of Tickner's; he has made it his bona fide residence; he took possession of the land within a month after the selection was made, within which time the frame of a hut was put up, and which was finished shortly afterwards; he has slept in the hut ever since it was finished, which was direcly after the surveyor had been there. To the Commissioner : During the seven months after the selection was taken up, and before the surveyors came, Tickner slept under the frame of the hut by putting up a couple of sheets of bark; I took up the selection for Tickner, who was working for me at the time; Tickner is a brother-in-law of mine.
Charles Henry Roberts stated : I know Tickner's selection; I recollect passing there about two years ago, when I saw Tickner coming out of his hut very early in the morning, and he appeared to me as if he had been sleeping there; Tickner works for me sometimes, and occasionally stopped at my place.

This death notification was published in the Camden News on 17 January 1929. The details were found on a Glenmore History site which is no longer available.


Mr Peter Tickner, aged 73 years, died at his residence at The Oaks on Tuesday of last wek. Deceased was a native of the Camden district, born at Razorback, Cawdor, married at Cawdor to Mary, daughter of the late John Smith, who then resided in that locality. For many years Mr and Mrs Tickner resided at Cootamundra, where Mr Tickner was in the employ of the NSW Railway authorities. Eight years ago he retired and lived at Sutherland where he remained for four years, then coming to The Oaks. Besides the widow, there is a large grown up family, all of whom are well known locally, and to whom sympathy is expressed in their bereavement. The daughters and sons are :- Miss Amy Tickner (The Oaks), Annie, Mrs Hall (Waterloo), Joseph (Fish River), Florence, Mrs Green (Sutherland), Martha, Mrs Alchin (Goulburn), William (The Oaks), George (The Oaks), Mary, Mrs Smith (Mt Hunter). The funeral took place at Glenmore the following day.

(Sons not mentioned : Wilfred (twin brother of George), and Peter (deceased)

Also from this Glenmore History site was the death notice for Peter and Mary's son Peter John.


Mr Peter J Tickner, aged 44 years of The Oaks, died at the Camden Hospital on the 5th inst. Deceased was well known in the district and was born at Cobbity. He leaves 3 children for whom sincere sympathy is expressed.

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