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Elizabeth Tickner
(1852 - 1929)

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Being married to a prominent person like J A Gegg, Elizabeth Gegg (nee Tickner) was a well known figure in the Goulburn NSW district. Consequently she figured occasionally in the local newspapers. The Goulburn Family History Society did a newspaper search on the name Gegg. The following articles relating to her were extracted.

27 April 1896 : Goulburn Herald
HEADING : Windellama
A very successful ball was held in J A Gegg's wool shed at Windellama in aid of the Goulburn hospital, iniated at a suggestion of Mr Gegg, undertook the secretaryship and carried out the duties so energetically as to secure success for which credit was deserved.

The various arrangements were carried out by means of donations in money or kind so that the gross receipts without deduction would go to the institution; and the ladies of the neighbourhood gratuitously provided the refreshments.

The attendance was large including almost every person for miles around either taking part in the festivities or interested spectators willing to contribute their share to the financial result. The dancing space was occupied by about 60 couples and the floor was in capital condition. Amongst those present were residents of Windellama, Bungonia, Nerriga, Marulan, Jerrara, Boro, Collector, Nadgingomar, Bronti and other places. Goulburn was also represented. The room is a spacious one and it was tastefully decorated in a profuse and artistic manner with greenery and flowers, while in many parts of the building were displayed appropriate mottos such as "Welcome in the Cause of Charity" and "Assist the Needy". The decorations were effected by the Misses Gegg, Sweeney and Ryan, assisted by Mrs Calthorpe, and to these ladies very great credit is indeed due.

Refreshments were laid in a large marquee adjoining the ballroom, and the tables and the wants of the guests were carefully attended by a large staff of ladies headed by Mrs Gegg. The principal part of the refreshments were contributed by Mr Thos and the Misses Sweeney, Mesdames J A Gegg, Calthorpe, Croker, Henderson, R H Roberts, W Goodchild, J J Ryan, Purcell, T Hockey, Burgess and W & C Muffett. The committee also desire us to mention the kindness of Messrs Hammer & Oxenberry, E Stevens and T Byrne of Goulburn, each of whom contributed kindly and liberally to the refreshment tables.

The music was supplied by the members of the Goulburn model band, who gave their services gratuitously, as did also Mr F Fenton, who presided at the piano. Assistance was also given by the Feltham Bros of Marulan who are first class violinists and also by Mr B Donnelly of Goulburn and others. The music gave complete satisfaction to the dancers. The band was driven out from Goulburn by J W McCabe who placed his four in hand drag at the disposal of the committee and in other ways assisted in the success of the undertaking. The piano was lent by Mrs Henderson. During the night those who were not dancers were entertained with songs and recitations. The hospital will benefit by the ball

2 June 1903 : Goulburn Evening Penny Post
HEADING : Tarago News
General regret was expressed in our little town when the news reached us of the intended departure of Mr Jas Gegg from Windellama. Although not a resident of Tarago, we have often had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman. He is a man of sterling qualities and one not often met with in every day life and we are sorry to lose him, for his cheery voice and pleasant smile will be sadly missed. But our loss is Goulburn's gain. We wish Mr Gegg and his amiable wife many years of happiness in their new home.

13 June 1903 : Goulburn Evening Penny Post
HEADING : Windellama - Valedictory
On Friday night last a number of friends of Mr & Mrs J A Gegg and family met to bid farewell to them prior to their departure from Windellama. Mr Haheay (Bungonia) in a felicitious speech explained the object of the gathering and dwelt particularly on Mr Gegg's worth and on the loss Windellama would feel in his departure. Messrs R Wood (Minniebrook), P Boreham (Lake Bathurst), S Croker (Tarago) and P Tickner (Bronti) endorsed the previous speakers' remarks. Mr Gegg in responding, said his friends had overrated him. He assured them he appreciated the kind sentiments they had expressed towards his wife and family. Dancing was then indulged in, with about 80 couples taking part. Good music was supplied by Miss Gegg and Mr McAlister (piano) and Messrs Tickner, Croker and Roberts (violin). Songs were rendered by Mrs Denning and Mr Finlay.

HEADING : Presentation
On the same occasion Miss F Gegg was made the recipient of a handsome bamboo bracelet by the members of St Bartholomew's Church of which she was organist.

2 May 1932 : Goulburn Evening Penny Post
HEADING : Memorial Notice
In loving memory of our dear mother Elizabeth Gegg who died 2nd May 1929. Inserted by her son Thomas and daughter-in-law Daisy and grandsons Austin and Clifford

Elizabeth Tickner and Collins Family
Lizzie Gegg (right) with Henry d'Arcy Collins, her daughter Florist "Flo" Collins (nee Gegg) and her grandchildren Leslie, Gladys, Norman and Dorothy

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