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George Owen (1877 - 1915)
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These pages about George are split as follows :

Page 1 :  Ancestors & Siblings and Other Information
Page 2 : George's World War I Army file

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George Owen Enlistment Application - Page 1
George Owen Enlistment Application - Page 2
George Owen Enlistment Application - Page 2 (Copy)
George Owen Enlistment Application - Page 3

Detailed Medical History of an Invalid

George Owen Page 1 (Extracts)
7. Disease or Disability : Bullet wound of chest
8. When did the disease or disability originate? : 25.4.15 (25 April 1915, i.e. the first Anzac Day)
9. Where? Gallipoli
10. State the cause clearly and explicitly : Bullet wound. Entrance 3rd space in nipple line. Exact level of angle of scapula over erector spinae
11. What is his present condition? Wound healed. Chest clear. Good Expansion. No foreign body present. Pleivia not thickened. Diaphragm moves well. No gross organic disease of lung (X Ray report). Complains of pain in back if he makes mis-step.
George Owen Page 2 (Extract)
16. Was a court of inquiry held on the injury? If so
(a) When?  June
(b) Where?  Mustapha Egypt
George Owen Page 3 (Extracts)
26. Do you recommend him for Discharge as permanently unfit? No. Advise further treatment

Opinion of the Medical Board
The Board concurs partially with report of Medical Officers. It finds that Pte Owen shows cicatres (stet) of perforatial wound through left side of chest, and complains of pain when he makes a mis-step.
It is recommended that he be given two months leave at a Convalescent Depot and that he then reports to the Board.

Service Record

George Owen Casualty Form - Active Service
2/5/15 ..... Wounded Gallipoli (Obviously being wounded on 2 May is not correct if as shown on the next line he was admitted to the chest hospital on 30 April. The medical history above, indicates 25 April as the date George was wounded.)
30/4/15 ..... Admitted Chest Hospital Alexandria
12/5/15 ..... Transferred to Con Camp Mustapha
3/7/15 ..... Discharged for return to Australia
5/7/15 ..... Embarked for Australia per "Ballarat" ex Suez
George Owen Statement of Service of No. 1111. Name Owen, G
George Owen Statement of Service of No. 1111. Name
George Owen 14 May 1915 : Letter to Thomas Owen advising George was wounded. Thomas was George's father and at enlistment had been named as next-of-kin. Thomas had died in September 1914
George Owen 4 Aug 1915 : Letter to Thomas Owen advising George would be returning to Australia on board the "Ballarat"

After Georges's Death

George Owen 6 Nov 1915 : NSW Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death
Primary : Ulcer of Stomach
Secondary : Rupture of same with general peritonitis operation
George Owen Telegram from Matron of Scone Hospital advising Death
Private Owen died in Scone Hospital six eleven fifteen. Posting Certificate. Matron. Scone Hospital
George Owen 9 Nov 1915 : Transfer of George's records from Invalids Section
George Owen 17 Nov 1915 : Advice of Death to Department of Defence

The Next-of-Kin Search

George Owen 26 Mar 1920 : Letter to Thomas Owen
George Owen 7 Apr 1920 : Letter from T H Owen, Solicitor, in Cobar stating he has no knowlege of T Owen at The Mount, Cobar
George Owen 19 Apr 1920 : Letter to AAG, 2nd Military District asking if they have next-of-kin details.
George Owen 14 May 1920 : Letter from AAG advising Mary Hudson (George's half-sister) is next-of-kin

George's Medals

George Owen 28 May 1920 : Statement by Mary Hudson re caring for medals
George Owen 18 June 1920 : Letter to Mrs R Dennis (Mary's sister Rose) requesting agreement to medals going to Rose. Returned unclaimed
George Owen AIF record showing medals awarded
George Owen 10 Aug 1922 : Receipt for Victory Medal (sgnd Mary Hudson - very faint)
George Owen 10 Aug 1922 : Application from Mary Hudson for a Memorial Plaque
George Owen 23 Feb 1923 : Memorial Plaque granted. Notation of Not Eligible for "Where the Australians Rest" Plaque

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