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Roy Heath Jones (1898 - 1979)

Roy was an extraordinarily gifted craftsman in woodwork and made many toys, boxes, etc for his children as well as furniture for the house.
This picture shows Ellen riding behind her sister on the rocking horse which he made for them.  The mane and tail used real horse hair.  The saddle, reins and stirrups were made by a local saddler.
This image has been restored and recoloured using computer graphics by our friend Dave from Adelaide.  Thanks mate.  Great job.

Roy's Rocking Horse

As attested by his son John in his writings about his childhood, Roy was a sailor on eighteen footers on Sydney Harbour and other venues.  In this photo Roy is known to be on board but the images are not clear enough to distinguish him.

Roy Jones Sailing

Roy Heath Jones with family & friends

This picture shows Roy with a group of family and friends. They are from left to right :

Back Row :

1) Tom Taylor - An uncle to L Holdstock (Living) (I 189) and the owner of the car. He was a plumber who had his own business. He became a fettler on the railways after he finished the plumbing business. He had two sons, Thomas and Reginald.
2) Sarah Anderson, Tom Taylor's wife. She was a cook on the railways when Tom was a fettler. She was a first cousin to Mary Anderson (I 39), Roy's mother. In this relationship it is known that two brothers married two sisters but names and details are not known.
3) Unknown
4) Probably Roy's mother Mary Anderson (I 39)
5) Roy with his trusty Banjo
6 & 7) One of these is Aunty "Tib" and the other is an unknown cousin. The baby is unknown.

Front row :

All of these are unknown cousins to Mary Anderson (I 39). One of the four on the left is probably a Chigwell and the baby is unknown.

Updated : 3 Aug 2015