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Martha Elizabeth Gegg (1878 - c.1959)

The Goulburn Family History Society did a newspaper search on the name Gegg. The following article relating to Martha was extracted.

17 April 1896 : Goulburn Herald

HEADING : Suicide
On Wednesday the Coroner (Mr H O'Brien) held an inquiry at the residence of Mr J A Gegg of Windellama as to the cause of death of James Arthur Sidebottom, who shot himself on the previous day as reported in the last issue of this paper.
J Croker deposed that deceased was a labourer, 22 years of age, and had been a state child and was with the witness for 9 years; he told witness he was born in Manchester; his life was insured in the Mutual life Association for £250; witness did not know whether he had left a will; he said that he had an uncle and aunt named Sidebottom in Sydney, and that his father had been with him in the colony, and that one morning his father took some lunch with him and he never saw him again; his mother had died in England when he was 5 years old; witness did not know of any reason for his committing suicide.
J A Gegg deposed that deceased had been working for him; he possessed a mare, saddle, bridle and a gun and had money in the Bank of NSW; he was very steady and of a somewhat self-willed disposition; had no reason for thinking he might commit suicide; five weeks ago witness had told him to get another place, as he had to retrench, but he could stay till he suited himself, and he had been trying accordingly.
Martha E Gegg, daughter of the last witness, deposed that deceased had been paying his addresses to her, but they had quarrelled in February and had not made it up; the day before yesterday he had wanted her to do so, but she refused; in February when they quarrelled he told witness she was the only girl he loved and if he did not get her he would blow out his brains.
Chas W Gegg, brother of the last witness, gave evidence, but it was not material. Thomas Larkham Bills, labourer, deposed to having found the deceased lying dead.
Dr McKillop deposed that he had made a post mortem examination; the bones of the upper part of the head had been blown away from a gunshot wound and the brains and bones were scattered about; deceased when witness first saw him was lying on the ground with a gun between his arms; considered the cause of death to be a gunshot wound self inflicted. The Coroner found that the deceased died from a gunshot wound self inflicted.

This letter was sent to Florist Collins (nee Gegg) by her sister Martha Latham (nee Gegg). While only dated 7 June, the envelope shows it was posted on 7 June 1914

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      7 June 1914

40 College St
June 7th
Dear Flo
I am sending you the patterns. I hope you have not been wanting them. I use listers Knitting Silk. I forget the shade but cream will do. Flo, Charles or Stella Chessor might show you. they can smock. It is a pity we had not made a start while they were here. We are fairly well. Ronnie (h)as a cold in his head today. He (h)as been restless the last two nights. I am feeling rather sleepy today. It (h)as been after twelve each night when he settled down to sleep. I am creeping along with my sewing since you left. I have made Ronnie four shirts - two coats & 3 prs warm Trousers 3 sleeping shirts for myself & one night-dress. I had to get Blankets for my boy inplace of my coat so will be getting it out of next pay. So [paper destroyed] have my [indecipherable] done then. I had my [paper destroyed] to the Dr so could not get to post any sooner. I went to see Nurse while home but she is away. She will be calling next week or next. I will have her if she can stay in the house. She (h)as some out door patients. Just about that time. I hope I can get her. I will be glad when it is all settled now so I can see about some one to stay with me. I will write for Daisy first - if I can't get her I don't know who to get.Aunty Clara called on the 20 th last month came just before dinner & stayed & and went home on the mail train at night - I received paper with Edie's wedding You would think they were someone by the dress. Auntie says his people are biger wayhacks than the are. So it was a lot of show for nothing. Elsie G was [indecipherable] by the paper. Mrs Wilton got a [paper destroyed perhaps the word is 'prize'] for her boy at the Mort St pictures for baby beauty prize. She got a special - a gold cross. no more this time fondest love to you both from
your loving
Sister   Mat
Will is well & working at Hunters Hill still. I am fair. My legs give out sometimes. I went up the street a fortnight ago & had a job to get home. Sorry to hear of the old Dad but it is no use worrying about him. Hope you will be able to read this. I am trying to get done go to the post before it gets to(o) cold.
Ronnie (h)as three of his teeth through or parts of them. I expect it is the teeth that is the matter with him.

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Postcard sent by Martha to her cousin Edith Bailey in the Lizzie Gegg Collection

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Postmark : East Maitland
Post Date : 23 Oct 1907
Written by : Mat
To : Miss E Bailey
Nerrigang St
Message : Dear Edie
Just a card to let you know I am well & getting along splendidly. We all kept fairly busy. I think we will be able to work up a good business. I hope you are all well. Tell Flo. I will write again when I get time. Love to all
from Mat

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