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Florist Amelia Gegg (1886 - 1953)
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These pages about Flo are split as follows :

Page 1 : Ancestors, Descendants, Postcards plus Bits & Pieces
Page 2 : Letters to her daughter Gladys
Florist Gegg

Among Dot O'Neil (nee Collins)'s effects were three paintings believed to have been done by her mother, Florist Gegg in 1900 when she was about fourteen years old. One of them was signed FG 1900 and it is guessed that they were all done about the same time. They were all painted on round metal concave plates. They are reproduced below. It's not known if Flo continued to paint or whether this was just a young person's exploration.

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Flo's painting - 19 cms (7 inches) diamater

Flo's painting - 23 cms (9 inches) diamater

Flo's painting with the signature, FG 1900 (on the bottom) - 25 cms (10 inches) diamater.

View the Flo Collins (nee Gegg) Postcard Collection
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--- Postcards sent by Florist in the Lizzie Gegg Collection ---

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Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : None
Post Date : None
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs J. A. Gegg, Pineleigh, North Goulburn
Message : Dear Mother,
A p.c. to wish you Many happy Returns of the day. Hope you are all well. I am getting along A1.Was raining here last week and to-day is very hot. Went to Church this morning. No more this time fond love to all, Flo
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : Newtown
Post Date : 16 February 1910
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs J. A. Gegg, Pineleigh, North Goulburn
Message : Dear Mother,
A P.C. to let you know I am well. I received Mat's p.c. this morning. Had a letter from Charlie last night. I am just going down town to get a present from them. I got a nice jam dish yesterday for Mat. Will write after the wedding is over, we are all very busy preparing for the event. No more this time, fond love to all from all,
Flo 16.2.1910      (16 February 1910)
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : Newtown
Post Date : 2 March 1910
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs J. A. Gegg, "Pineleigh", North Goulburn
Message : Dear Mother
A few lines hoping to find all well. I was pleased to see Will and Art. I do not see anyone I know down here. I will be going to Aunty Alice's tomorrow, please address c/o Mrs R Addison Cowan Rd, St Ives Via Pymble. I will be returning from that place, next Sunday week. I am taking my usual Manly trip this afternoon. All well here
Love to all, from Flo.
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : Sydney
Post Date : 11 April 1910
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs J. A. Gegg, "Pineleigh", North Goulburn
Message : Dear Mother,
I few lines to say Olive will not be coming with me on Wednesday, she has to put her trip off for a few weeks. Had a letter from Sarah the other day, she named her baby Lucy Myrtle. They were all well. Will be home on Wednesday night. meet me N. (North) Goulburn. Hope all well, all well here.
Fond love to all from Flo
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : None
Post Date : None
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs. Gegg, Pineleigh, N. Goulburn
Message : To Mother & Father
with best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year
Love from Flo
(Given the date as displayed on the front of the card, it is presumed that this was sent in late 1910 or early 1911)
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : None
Post Date : None
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs Gegg, Pineleigh, N. Goulburn
Message : Wishing dear Mother, Many Happy Returns of the day
Love from Flo
18.1.1911      (18 January 1911)
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : None
Post Date : None
Written by : Flo
To : Mr J A. Gegg, Pineleigh, N. Goulburn
Message : Wishing Dear Father Many Happy Returns of the day
Love from
16.6.11      (16 June 1911)
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : Marulan
Post Date : 12 August 1911
Written by : Flo
To : Mrs. J. A. Gegg, "Pineleigh", N. Goulburn
Message : Marulan
Dear Mother
I arrived here safely on Wednesday.
Will be going home next Tuesday, please meet me at North Goulburn, 3 o'clock train. Went to Edwards yesterday afternoon, folks all well here. Hope you are all well. Fond love from Flo.
12 Aug. 1911
Florist Gegg Florist Gegg Postmark : None
Post Date : None
Written by : Flo
To : Her Mother
Message : 20 Sept 1911
Dear Mother
Received your welcome letter this morning, glad to hear you are all well, this leaves us all well here. Had some nice rain last night and to-day, thunderstorms. Father is writing you to Alf Larkins, at Picton and enclosing Cheque, hope you receive same safely.
Give our love to all the folks, I hope you find them all well. No more now.
Fond love from Father & Self.

Florist Gegg was a student at Windellama School during 1900 - 1901.
Her school workbook from that period can be viewed in the Gallery

The Goulburn Family History Society did a newspaper search on the name Gegg. The following article relating to Florist was found.

13 June 1903 : Goulburn Evening Penny Post
HEADING : Windellama - Valedictory
On Friday night last a number of friends of Mr & Mrs J A Gegg and family met to bid farewell to them prior to their departure from Windellama. Mr Haheay (Bungonia) in a felicitious speech explained the object of the gathering and dwelt particularly on Mr Gegg's worth and on the loss Windellama would feel in his departure. Messrs R Wood (Minniebrook), P Boreham (Lake Bathurst), S Croker (Tarago) and P Tickner (Bronti) endorsed the previous speakers' remarks. Mr Gegg in responding, said his friends had overrated him. He assured them he appreciated the kind sentiments they had expressed towards his wife and family. Dancing was then indulged in, with about 80 couples taking part. Good music was supplied by Miss Gegg and Mr McAlister (piano) and Messrs Tickner, Croker and Roberts (violin). Songs were rendered by Mrs Denning and Mr Finlay.
HEADING : Presentation
On the same occasion Miss F Gegg was made the recipient of a handsome bamboo bracelet by the members of St Bartholomew's Church of which she was organist.

Florist kept a birthday book wherein she listed the birth dates of various friends and members of the family. Below are images of the book

(Left) The front of the book and (Right) The Front Inside Page

Florist's Notation in the front of the book

The following is a copy of the records in the book. It is known that at least one record is incorrect, her husband Henry's birthdate (Shown as 8 February instead of 4 February).

Notes in front of book :

Jan 15th Archie E Bassingthwaighte
Jan 14 Douglas Sasse
8th Feb Ettie Isabel Bailey
3rd Feb Arthur Muffet
8th Feb H D Collins (In pencil 1887) (Actually 4 Feb)
6 Feb Jean Martha Latham (In pencil 1922)

Jan 5 Florence A Charles
Jan 16 Emily Bassingthwaighte
Jan 17 Doris M Larkin
Jan 18 Elizabeth Gegg / Joseph H Willis
Jan 19 Jack J Willis
Jan 23 Ronald Wm Latham 1912 / William T Latham
Jan 26 Syd. Muffet
Jan 27 Edie Bailey 1886
Jan 30 Charles W Gegg
Jan 31 Leslie James Collins / 16 /

Feb 1 --- Collins 1914
Feb 15 Thelma Irene Harris / Lorna Iris Harris } 1922
Feb 16 Bernice I Flint
Feb 19 Jack Tickner
Feb 25 Wilfred L Muffet

Mar 4 C J Bailey
Mar 6 Dorothy Selina Colins 1922
Mar 11 Alice Jane Addison
Mar 20 Leslie W Purnell (?)
Mar 31 Mary Ann Hirshch (?) / Martha E Gegg / Kate Charles (neighbour)

Apr 1 Ada Florence Boreham
Apr 9 Sylvia J Boreham 1910
Apr 12 Lilian May Boreham 1912
Apr 13 Samuel E Smart
Apr 18 Alice E Larkin
Apr 25 Mary May Willis
Apr 27 Martha M Larkin
Apr 30 J H Wigg

May 5 G E Larkin
May 13 Florist Amelia Gegg 1886 / Bertha E E Harris 49121 (? Should be 1921)
May 14 Bertha E Gegg
May 18 Mary Ann Sasse
May 23 Frank J Flint
May 24 Gertrude M Smart / Clara M V Tickner
May 25 Emily Willis
May 26 Emma Evans(?) Waring / Eliza D Nichols
May 29 Elizabeth A Tickner

Jun 4 Frederick Charles Gegg / Roy F Boreham 1907
Jun 10 Janet E Gegg 1880 / Lucy Ann Gegg
Jun 12 Mary Weir
Jun 16 James Albert Gegg
Jun 17 J C Tickner
Jun 20 Norman Henry Collins 1928
Jun 25 Albert J T Gegg / James J Muffet
Jun 29 Dudley G Boreham
Jun 30 Thomas J R Gegg

Jul 1 George Tickner
Jul 3 C Bailey / Jack Andrews / Ernest Charles
Jul 6 Roley Muffet / Charles Tickner
Jul 8 Walter T Tickner
Jul 10 Sybil Muffet
Jul 11 Norman P Boreham (14) [1914]
Jul 13 Stanley G Larkin
Jul 17 Gertie Boreham
Jul 19 Charles P Willis
Jul 20 Percy E Flint / Selby E Bailey
Jul 22 Mervyn Tickner / Emily Stephoon (?)
Jul 29 Gladys M Smart

Aug 10 Arthur E Gegg
Aug 11 Austin T Larkin
Aug 19 Lydia Pettit / Emily B Flint
Aug 20 Dorothy E Latham 1914
Aug 24 Edward Tickner

Sep 12 Dulcie E Boreham 1918 / Myrtle Tickner
Sep 17 Louisa Rawcliffe
Sep 18 Edith Muffet
Sep 25 Emily L Watson

Oct 10 Albert H J Gegg
Oct 11 G A Boreham
Oct 19 Sadie Fleming
Oct 21 Jack Tickner
Oct 27 Harry Tickner

Nov 3 Mary Fairland Hampton
Nov 23 Dinah Muffet
Nov 29 James Tickner

Dec 1 Austin Albert Gegg 1923
Dec 3 Alfred H Larkin
Dec 4 Ubert V Willis
Dec 9 Gladys Elizabeth Collins 1918
Dec 13 Olive Lucy Gegg
Dec 16 Jonathan Willis / Martha A Andrews
Dec 20 Sarah M Hockey
Dec 22 Camden K Willis
Dec 25 E M George
Dec 26 Daisy Latham

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Florist's grave after her burial in November 1953

Updated : 1 Aug 2015