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Gladys Elizabeth Owen (nee Collins) (1918 - 1991)
Page 2

These pages about Gladys (Betty) are split as follows :

Page 1 : Ancestors, Descendants, General Info plus Bits & Pieces
Page 2 : "The Trip"
Betty Owen

"The Trip"

Betty Owen went for a bus tour with her sister Dot O'Neill and two friends, Dot "Dash" Pearson and Maria Giacoman (Pronounced Jackomin) in March and April 1974  This is the diary narrative she wrote about that tour.  It has been reproduced exactly as she typed it (which she did on a typewriter with four carbon copies from an original hand-written draft), so grammar or other errors are reproduced with the exception of errors arising from a lack of typing skills.  Thus an error like "Dotwas" is reproduced as "Dot was" and in addition missing full-stops have been inserted.  The term "The Trip" has been used as this is how she referred to it after it was over. It made quite an impact on her as she had never previously done anything as adventurous.  This page contains some photos from Betty's albums. All the photos can be seen in the trip's gallery of photos.  All dates are given in the format used by Betty which is the Australian convention, viz., dd/mm/yy

Saturday 30.3.74
The alarm went off at 4.45am. I got up to start my great adventure to the outback. Rang Al as she was coming in to comb up my hair &; say cheerio. Frank (Beryl Hildred's) husband arrived promptly at 5.45am. We were away by 6am. 
The coach they travelled in
The coach they travelled in
Had a good run into the city arrived at 6.45am at 761 George St. where I joined the coach. When the coach arrived was most surprised when I learned Dot was sick. Had slept in & when Dot (Dash) Pearson woke her up she started to vomit & we were all worried about her as she looked dreadful. I managed to get her a cup of tea before we left Sydney, this seemed to help her & after a couple more visits to the comfort equipped section of the coach there was an improvement & after stopping at Echo Point our 1st. stop & having a cup of tea she began to pick up & by noon was her usual self for which we were all very pleased.

Before leaving we were told the trip would be done in reverse as the Queensland roads were impassable. They even considered making it a trip to Perth. (Wouldn't you have got a shock) (This may be a reference to her daughter Denise who was living in Perth at the time. Was this diary written for her?)

We had lunch at a hotel in Bathurst as a 1st. day treat or special. Then on to Dubbo, short trip for a K.B. (a brand of beer) then on to Nyngan arriving at 6pm. Pitched tents had soup snags pots. & peas, pears & cream. Showered then into bed.

Broke camp 5.30am after a hearty breakfast. We were on our way by 7.30. Had coffee at Cobar 9am. Beverley (our cook) passed apples around at 10am. Travelled on to a flooded Tallewarra Creek which is really an extension of the Darling River however we were able to cross to Willcannia at 12.10pm. Not much of a town. We passed on to have a roadside lunch at Spring Creek. We then continued on our way to Broken Hill. Passed 2 emus then 17 or 18 emus. Also saw others in the distance.

Emu 1 Emu 2 Emu 3
Betty's emu photos
Changed to Central Time at 2.20. At the time we were 580 miles from Sydney at the Flying Dr. Service. Lovely dog there. Arrived Broken Hill 3pm. Tents were put up under difficulties. No sooner up than the rain came down. Tent leaked. Rain stopped. Went to The Musicians' Club at _.40pm. Home by coach at 10.30. Woke at 4am to fine weather, got up at 5am. Good breakfast. Departed 7.15am with fine weather. Up to the Shell Depot. Filled the coach tank with disolene (sic). 90 gallons it took. Sure glad I didn't have to pay the bill, were on our way again at 8.10 am. Rained all the way to Petersborrow arriving at 2pm. After passing through Arroroo at 12.20 we stopped for lunch at Worthington departing at 1.50. On arrival at Port Augusta at 2.30 Ern & Bev did our food shopping while we had the usual round of shops & toilet facilities. Lots of aboriginnis here. Was not very impressed with Port Augusta. We all piled into the coach & Ern started off then someone pushed the panic button when realizing Benita our American girl was missing. Spent 20 minutes finding her. So the Flying Dr. can fared well from her.

Our next stop was at Pimba a very small place then on to Winnernah Station for a bush camp. None of us were very happy about this one. The grass had the biggest bindy boos I'd ever seen. They poked through the tent floors. Pitching tents in the dark didn't help much either. However we survived but this was our roughfest (sic) camp.

7.30 start.  Passed Condama on right Woomera only seen in the distance continued on to Kingooya.  Usual rush for amenities.  Said ladies outside & Dot rushed in.  Said gee theres two.  In she went.  When Dash & self got there saw she was in the gents.  Did she get ribbed.  Lunch at 12.15, then onto Coober Pedy a remarkable place. Had a couple of shacks for sleeping in one for the ladies and one for the gents.  Both had pebble floors.  Showers good but 30c charge as water cost money there.  Has to be specially treated.  Was rationed previously but now there is plenty so long as you can afford it.  Very hot place.  We saw a demonstration of opal cutting & were shown a lovely & tempting array of opals for sale.  Quite a lot of sales were made.  Think Dot may have bought the most as she got a necklet & earring set & ring for herself & brooch for Beryl & Also one for Eileen as well.  I bought myself a necklet & earrings, expect was extravagent but Ted was going to get me an opal.  We had a bit of a dig around a pit top but one would sure have to be lucky to find anything of value.
Catholic Church Coober Pedy
Dash outside the entrance to the underground Catholic Church at Coober Pedy
 We then went on a coach tour of the town.  Saw the water plant and were then taken into a Dugout Home. Has to be seen to be believed. Most of the homes are Dugouts as the heat is so intense in the streets etc., yet in the Dugouts temperature only varies 70% to 77% winter or summer.  There is also a Catholic Church which is a D.O. truly a lovely church altho only small.  The priest's home is also underground.

It was here that Ern had a return to Kingoona to pick up accomadated coach's passengers as the coach had broken down. As we had 29 passengers, 3 crew & 15 from the other coach we were overloaded & the young ones were very good as they took it in turns sitting in the asile (sic). Ern got back at 3am. but we were under way again by 9am. The oldies didn't see as much of Coober Pedy as we did. We also had a nice evening at one of the hotels then coffee & osso at the Greacian Club.

A lot of dust in this part of the world also stones & we had one come through the windscreen. From then on it was stuck together with masking tape. Got a few cracks out from the hole but saw us back to Sydney. Dust plus dust, on this road, to make matters worse on this narrow road we had a house being moved in 2 parts & one driver co-operated & let us past. The other one didn't for ages & you talk about dust. However we finally got past after a lot of horn blasting. Had lunch that day on a dry river bed all stones. Through Bellbird Hill 1.15pm. then Marlow Falls, & passed into the Northern Territory at 4pm.

We arrived at Victory Downs Homestead. Accomadeted (sic) ones in Motel section. Us in our tents but we all shared the same showers etc. Good Camp. The liscened restaurant come everything was one of the nicest of the trip.

Passed Olga Park 9.50am. Water laying on road lots of places. 10.23am Mt. Conner seen in the distance.

Ayres Rock/Uluru 3
Ayres Rock/Uluru 2
Ayres Rock/Uluru 5
Three shots of Uluru (Ayres Rock) with Dash, Dot and Betty in the middle photo
Arrived Curtain Springs 11.07. Lovely miniature zoo area for lunch which was taken early as news was 1" of rain at Ayers Rock. on 3/4 which meant trip in would be slower. A number of lots of water on the roads but arrived there at 1.30pm. Pitched tents in the compound which a luncheon area (sic) together with a shelter shed etc., also a swimming pool which the young

[Above was end of page 2. Page 3 follows. Presumably she got a bit mixed up between the two pages and has repeated herself in slightly different words.]

which had a luncheon shelter area also swimming pool which the young ones really used. Dot & self not being swimmers our s/costumes did not get wet. It suited me as well as Dot. Toured around the rock, has to be seen to be believe & realize it's vastness & the sunset on it was glorious.

Up before sunrise on 5.4 to go with Dot to take a sunrise picture, this also has to be seen to be believed. After a hearty breakfast we set out to climb "THE ROCK". 14 reached the top. Rest of us including Dot & self only made it part of the way. After which we were taken on a walking tour of the caves by Lofty the guide. He is a real character. After a late lunch we went as far as possible to the Olga's. Dot went to take a photo & found the camera wouldn't work (we later found could not be fixed till her return). Rain came 3pm. Tent leaked. Got another good one. Dot's later leaked and she sat up all one night under an umbrella. We had a slide viewing last night at Ayer's Rock some lovely slides. Dot purchased quite a few for Les, I got a few. Had a D.A. & then to bed. Had a good sleep. Sleeping bag & lilo small damp. Bruce & his coach were a welcome sight & the coaches were off by 8.15am. Just as well or we may not have got out as rain started again. We got out others didn't. A disappointment was that due to the rain the airstrip was out of action & were not able to fly over the rock. Had morning tea at Curtain Springs 10.50am. Passed Angus Downs H/stead. On to Ebenzer (Ebenezer?) where we stopped when the 2 Dot's were being greeted by a tall young man. It turned out to be Dot Pearson's son-in-law Graham & his mate. Were working in the area & kept a look-out to see our coach come in & did a bee line for the settlement to see Dot as Graham didn't expect to be in "The Alice" while Dot was there with the trip being in reverse

Passed Macdonnell Rangers 1.30pm. On to Palmer River which had been 12' over bridge recently, next came Henbury. Stoney Hills all round also new road-work. McDonnell Ranges rich in garnite.

On to Heavytree Gap Caraven Park. Was fine when we arrived and pitched our tents, later it rained. We had dinner at Lizzes Restaurent. Dot went & brought her daughter Liddy back to Liz's after dinner. Rest of the crowd went to dance. We went to Liddy's. Then back to camp. Dot P. stayed with her daughter till Monday. Saturday night Dot got up at 3am. Moved her goods over to rest room, said she called us but we didn't hear. At that time we were really wet. 4 inches of water in the tents. I was lucky not to be worse than I was. Sleeping bag & lilo were saturated & my rug wet on one end. They thought we'd be O.K. as rain stopped on Sunday morning (for a while). Took us out in the coach our goods locked in the rest shed. It rained & rained. Ern took us back to camp at 11am. The Todd River was really up & we could see had to get out. Ern made arrangements to get us into the Scouts Hall. A log fire was lit & ropes strung across the hall to dry our beds etc. We all had our spots & was quite good, however my lilo vanished & I had no sleeping bag 1st. night. I used Dot P. & managed to get a new one on the Monday.

Dot, Maria & self had a real good walk around the Alice. Found the Catholic Church which is very unusual. Made of natural rock & copper. Then we went back to Lizzies & had tea (at our own expense this time).

Betty grabbing a few ZZZZ's of sleep.  The material on her lap looks like some of the handwritten notes about the trip
Back to Scouts Hall. Cubs arrived back from their camping trip. They stacked their gear in the middle of the hall but they were pretty good as regards noise. Had full day in the Alice Monday, saw Liddy's new house really tremendous then to the bowling club, had their hospitality & exchanged pins, then went to "the Memorial Club" for dinner. Ern had to get the coach seriveced (sic), so were unable to leave on the Monday. We were obliged to vacate the hall on a temporary basis from 6.30pm. to 8.30pm. for the cub meeting. Was al right for us as Liddy & Graham took us to the "The Steakhouse". Lovely dinner so we really lived it up in the Alice. There was 4" rain while we were there & more after we left & they say " The Centre " is dry.

Departed from Alice 7.15 in the wet. Crossed the Tropic of Capricorn at 8.00am. We had detours at 8.25, 8.15, 10.35, 5.10, 5.17, 5.37, 5.55, seven detours on this strip. Crossed Burt Creek on to Aileron then Arden Park H/stead on to Tea Tree. Went on to Devil's Marbles for lunch. Devil's Marbles is another phenomen. Hit rain 3 minutes after leaving D.M. Continued up the track passed Banka Banka on to Renner Springs, lovely bread from here. Lake Woods was on our left & we saw the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen. Was like a bush fire & impossible to discribe. We camped at Elliott behind a hotel. The caravan park was very poor. Flow of water here was one of the worst we had.

Departed 7.30am on our way to New Castles Waters. Miles & miles of it. Road had been washed away in the middle of it. Managed to get across thanks to our great captain Ern.

8.45 Passed Overland Telegraph Memorial.
9.30 Truck bogged. Had to wait while he got on his way again. Morning tea at Larrimah
11.00 Detour
11.45 Ellesy Cemetry
12.30 Bush Lunch. On our way by 1.15
1.30 New Bridge
1.45 R.A.A.F. Base at Pimba & Victoria River Downs
2.55 Katherine, 3.10 another detour, 4.50 Pine Creek. Continuing on our way to Adelaide River we passed 2 kangaroos at 5.50. Camped at Berrimah Caravan Pk where we arrived at 7.30. Had 1 toilet 1 shower. Camped at Berrimah + 1 wash basin. We only arrived here in time for tent pitching & eating.

Set off at 8.30 for the ten miles into Darwin. Were dropped at the Law courts, saw the Chinese Temple which wasn't much. Shopped & then to a hotel for a beer & counter lunch. Was very hot in Darwin. Was glad I had my Hat. Bought a blouse for my self, also a toilet purse which I had tried to buy in Sydney. Must have been old stock. We were too early for the Bowling Club altho we had a look at it. Coach took us back to Berrimah. Went to the only enterment place within walking distance hotel-motel. On our way home we saw two small snakes on the road.

Corroboree at Munmorah
The Corroboree at Munmorah
Taken for a tour of Darwin including the beautiful Catholic Catheredral also a Ukranian Church, the latter not being open for inspection. Had lunch in the Botanical Gardens which has lots of beautiful trees plants etc. We then joined the ferry which took us to Munmorah, was a lovely trip on the water after the extreme heat of Darwin. On our arrival at Munmorah we were served tea & biscuits. The usual beer a band playing etc. The swimming pool actracted a lot of swimmers including Maria. This was the only place I might have had a dip & we left our togs at the camp. They also had a mock corroboree. We met & talked with a big Samoen called Wally who I think was one whom Bob Dyer (a celebrity radio star in the 1940's and 1950's) knew. When it was teatime we were served with the lovliest Burramundie fish. There was also buffalo steaks but being Good Friday we did not sample them. We had another trip back on launch. The tour of Darwin also included a visit to the defence fort where Darwin was defended when the war (WW2) was on. After a very pleasant day our coach took us once more home - cup of tea then bed.

We set out at 7.40 on first leg of our way home, by 8.55 we were at Adelaide War River Cemetery, 10.50 passed Esmerelda then on to Katherine where we refuelled at 12.45. Turned off to go the 18 miles to Katherine Gorge, had lunch then pitched tents. Next went down for the boat cruise up the Gorges. I was really enjoying this trip when suddenly panic. The driver turned a corner too fast at the butterfly Gorge & water came in the front of boat where the young ones were. We were worried & donned life jackets & the driver had to bail the water out. However we all survived. Paul the Alaskan who was with was brave. He dived over board & helped hold the boat steady. Just as well we didn't see any of the crocadiles which aree said to be there.

Off at 7.30. 1st stop at Thermal Springs at Mataranka. Shop opened specially for coach. Stayed about 1 hour. On to We of the Never Never Cemertery at 12.50. Lunch at Dunmara Wayside Inn, not good facilities no water in toilet. Had a beer. Lunch was lousy Easter Sunday. The greedy's had left nothing. However we didn't starve, however was worst meal of the trip, mainly because not enough left after the greedy's got in. Crossed Newcastle Waters still bad in parts. On to Elliott by 3p.m. Had a beer. Ern waited for us as we'd been late waiting elsewhere. Manager wanted to give Dot & Dash a job. Stopped at Rennet Springs to watch rodeo. One rider was taken away in ambulance as we arrived. He had been thrown, must have been badly hurt as next day in the news he had died. Had tea on roadside, then travelled on to bush camp at Travina near a tracking station. Arrived there at 9.30. Qantas was cranky about this time & camp. The rest of us quite enjoyed travelling on. Nothing to do out in the bush. Usual breakfast departed 7.15 across Barkly Downs on to Alexander Station by 9.30 roadside shop for coffee. Passed Avon Downs Homestead & river at 10.30. Lots of beef cattle & galahs here. Crossed into Queensland 11a.m. 11.15 Georgina River, 12.45 p.m. Imea River where we had lunch.

2p.m. Julie Fitzpatrick became casualty. Bad dip in the road. She bumped her head & cut arm near elbow. When we reached Mt. Isa she & her mother went to hospital via taxi. Actually Gai a nurse had dressed the arm. When she came back at her insistance it had been stitched. Anyway was a cover for the company her seeing a Dr. Mt. Isa Sunset Caravan Park was our location here & it is the best one we had been in. Pitched our tents then went by coach out to The Lake which is fed by the Leichhardt River. Stayed there about 1/2 an hour. Took photo of Dot Dash & Maria then we went to the Lookout. Had tea, showers then Ern took us into Mt. Isa. Said a floor show would be on at a certain hotel. However we were in on the wrong day. They are usually there on Thursday. We did a round of hotels which had closed lounges. Finally found one with a light on & invaded it. Upshot, Bruce took the oldies to their motel & came back for us. Let Ern go to bed. Was a good night. Had a good sleep.

Mt Isa mine
Betty, Dash and Dot ready to inspect the mine
Left at 7.45a.m. for mine inspection. Were issued with overalls & glasses. They showed us a film of the workings. Then took us for a tour around the mine. Saw the extruding section, also saw a pour in the bronze section. We were allowed to take samples of silver pourings. At 10.30 we were on our way back to town after turning in our gear. Got a nice sample of ore also. Shopped for lunch. Got chips & a prawn each & sandwiches as to-day we had to supply our own lunch & didn't have much time. Left at 12.15 on to Mary Kathleen which is now a ghost town. Only 1/2 a dozen families living in the area. 2p.m. We reached Cloncurry another town rich in minerals oxide etc. Flying Dr. base established in 1911. 4.30 Reached McKinley had a beer.

Was very hot & only caravan park place to stay had no shelter at all & a vote was taken re going on another 47 miles to Kynuga which we reached by 6p.m. dispite very bad roads. Pitched tents, Barrie & Lauri the lisences of Blue Heeler Hotel. Only one of its kind also can be said of the shop there. They really plug the Flying Dr. there & is the extent of the town. Had a good evening at B.H.H. guitar, squeese box, singing, blue stories & jokes. Maria kidnapped in fun around a big cattle truck. The oldies had a better time than the young ones at this stop. Plague of insects but we survived. Had shower bed & a good sleep.

7.30 Departed 7.45 saw wild ducks also 2 kangaroos. Lots of cattle. Greyhound Coach on tour going opposite way. Traffic is a bit on the scarce side along here. Two cockatoos & flocks & flocks of pink galahs, also a big kangaroo. Cattle (beef). Road mail box for Conjewa H.S. 8.40 ute going oppiste way. Lots of galahs, couple of magpies at first then quite a lot. Wild pig, emus, beef steers, sheep as well. 10.00a.m. Off the worst road so far. 39 miles to Winton (Pelican's Waterhole). On to Workingham Creek 16 houses, 6 pubs + 4 new ones being rather a lot for the size of the place. Had a sample of the beer at NTH. Gregory Hotel. Bore water from the Artesian has to be Cooled as it is 98% when it comes out of the ground. Arrived Winton 10.45 left 11.30 on to Longreach the streets of which appear to be all named after birds. 12.30 passed through Chorrean. 1 house & railway station, we saw the train. Detoured & had roadside lunchcat 12.45. Saw a lot of emus before reaching the Thompson River.

Barcaldine's Tree of Knowlege
Barcaldine's Tree of Knowlege
Twisted my left ankle at Longreach fortunatley was not badly. Passed Illafrome & reached Barcaldine (The Garden City). Has tree of knowledge in the main street.(This is a major icon for the Australian Labor Party)Camped in the showground a lovely spot. 6 toilets, 2 showers 5 handbasins. Our young kids had a party.

Depart 7.00 more detours, on to Jimmy's Creek reaching Blackall the centre of Queensland at 8.25 a.m. 1st Artesian Bore sunk in 1860. Fossilised Stump & Bottle Trees, Thomas Mitchell Memorial, features of this nice town. On through pastoral land. Bores are hot here. 9.50 we reached Tambo had coffee then up to see The Dolls. The lovliest collection of dolls, all nationalitys & sorts. Beautifully set out, the grounds of the cottage are also lovely. Samples of fossilised wood & stones were available & most of took some. On through cattle country. 11.40 to Nive River. Then Garry Station Warrego River, Orbuthello, Bureena Creek. 12.00 Roadside lunch, arrived Charliville at 1.50 departed 2.30. 3.40 Yannon Railway Station, road closed new bitumen being laid, through Wyandra, Nardoo 5.05, 5.45 Cunnamulla on Warigo River. 1st bore in 1888 population over 2000. Tried for hall as rain threatened. Had to pitch tents. Few drops during tea then fine. Went to the Bowling Club had a very nice evening. After leaving the B/C got a bottle of Cold Duck & took back to Ruth & Carol's farewell party in the centre of kid's tents. Was fine until 5.00a.m. on Friday, light nuisance rain till our departure at 7 a.m.

Crossed N.S.W. border at 8.35 at Barrundun, lots of sheep. 9.00 Engunia, 9.15 Two very big kangaroos jumped right across the road, best view of kangas. More detours, citrus and grapes area Nth. Bourke at 10.03. crossed Darling River on 4 miles to Bourke. Continued on Mitchell H'way passed Bellingong Swamp & Polgongini Swamp. Mt. Connor visable in the distance. 10.45 left Bourke after beer & coffee. Galahs (lots) flood water & black birds + galahs.
11.45 Bynock, Rain into rain, 1.05 reached Bogan River & Nyngan. Had lunch in park (very nice). Shops closed 1p.m. to 2p.m. Passed Barrier H/way also saw where railway line was washed away near Nevertire on to Trangie at 3.10 then reached Narromine at 3.35. Passed Lagoon Creek & onto Wilean-dria Creek reached Dubbo situated on Macquarie River. Pitched tents for the last time. Went up the town (which is very big). Had a beer at a Bistro Bar. Didn't care for it, but was more for young ones. Windy & light rain so we were glad of an early night.

Crossed N.S.W. border at 8.35 at Barrundun, lots of sheep. 9.00 Engunia, 9.15 Two very big kangaroos jumped right across the road, best view of kangas. More detours, citrus and grapes area Nth. Bourke at 10.03. crossed Darling River on 4 miles to Bourke. Continued on Mitchell H'way passed Bellingong Swamp & Polgongini Swamp. Mt. Connor visable in the distance. 10.45 left Bourke after beer & coffee. Galahs (lots) flood water & black birds + galahs.
11.45 Bynock, Rain into rain, 1.05 reached Bogan River & Nyngan. Had lunch in park (very nice). Shops closed 1p.m. to 2p.m. Passed Barrier H/way also saw where railway line was washed away near Nevertire on to Trangie at 3.10 then reached Narromine at 3.35. Passed Lagoon Creek & onto Wilean-dria Creek reached Dubbo situated on Macquarie River. Pitched tents for the last time. Went up the town (which is very big). Had a beer at a Bistro Bar. Didn't care for it, but was more for young ones. Windy & light rain so we were glad of an early night.

7.40 a.m. Start after scrambled egg breakfast, dull morning soon changed to rain. Passed Eilogmogo Creek at 7.50, Wellington 8.20, Newra 8.35 near Bell Rd. lots of sheep. Lots of new road work in this area.
Some of the floods they saw. Location unknown
 Through Larra Lee, Molong, still sheep. Broken Shaft Ck. 9.40 Orange beautiful big town but straight thro. 9.58 Lucknow, 10.10 Vittitia on Rocks Ck. 10.18 Dunkheld, 10.25 Bathurst for morning tea, Williamstown Springs & Diamond Swamp passed Cox's River, Lithgow at 11.55, Sth. Bowenfels 12.00, River Lett Hill, Little Hartley, 12.15 Victoria Pass, passed Mark Foy's son's cross. Stands out even tho it was pouring rain. (The cross is no longer visible from the Highway. It may have been removed or it may not be visible due to bush regeneration) On past Mitchells Ridge look-out on to Blackheath at 12.30, Hydro Majestic, passed thro Katoomba saw the accomadated coach went on to Echo Point still pouring rain. Instead of being a lovely spot for our last lunch was very miserable with the pouring rain. Bev (with our help) made a thick sandwich each however we didn't get mugs out for coffee. Preferred to buy a cup & also hot chips. Our Wollongong friends transferred to Bruce's coach & Ern's went on to Sydney. Still rain all the way. As Ern was going straight out to Wagga along the Hume H/way he dropped me near the Three Swallows. Just my luck the only taxi in sight was not for hire. It had been stopped in Ampol garage & Warwick helped me in with bags & the owner I could ring one. After 1/2 hour of engaged calls he sent his boys to take me home. Believe you me "There is no place like Home" on a wet night. I don't mean I didn't enjoy my 6,500 miles tour I did but the last day would have been better with fine weather. My ever staunch friend Al had the home very nice for me. Penny fed & a lovely dinner cooked for me.

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