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John Owen (1879 - 1990)
& Rachel Elizabeth Burley (1883 - 1963)

The Silverspur, Qld boarding house where John and Rachel met.
John was living there and Rachel worked there as a cook (c.1903).
This photo of the house was taken much later (c.1946) while the building itself has since been moved.
It became the homestead for another property in the district

On 2 June 1956, Jack and Sis celebrated their 50th (Golden) Wedding Anniversary. The family held a large party at Ted and Betty's home to celebrate with them. Ted, Betty, John and Denise Owen sang a song which they had composed for them which was sung to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey". These were the words.

The Golden Day

In Rose Valley,
Up Queensland way
Strolled Rachel & Jacky
Arm in arm one day.

They were acourting,
Then they were wed,
Next came a family
And we're all here to-day.

In friendships they made
They've shown their love,
Because they were steadfast
They're here to-day.

This is what we say
On their Golden Day,
May you be with us
Many years from now.

And your family here,
All your friends too,
Give you the happiness
Which is your due.

With love and laughter,
And contentment too,
Make this Golden Day
A memory for you.

[The original notebook with the words was found in Betty King/Owen's possessions after her death]

John and Sis' photo taken for their golden wedding.
The original picture was hand-coloured by the studio.

Updated : 23 Oct 2014