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Johan Josef (Jnr) Arnold (1826 - 1893)
& Eva Sussanah Schuppel (1831 - 1918)

Big Jack Hotel, Rocky Hall

The Big Jack Hotel at Rocky Hall before it burned down
(Photo courtesy of Lola Workman 2006)

The following email was received from researcher Meg Whitby on 4 February 2016.
"Sorry I have not read all you site but I did see your photo of the Rocky Hall Hotel. Sorry to have to tell you but Rocky Hall Hotel did not burn down it fell down on VE Day. There where two Hotels in Rocky Hall this One is the Rocky Hall Hotel built buy William Hibburd. My father Fred Whitby was born in the Building. After my grandfather inherited Sunnyside Villa, Rocky Hall they moved out. Back in the early 1970ís my father brought the land that this building sat on. Regards Meg Whitby".
John is now not well enough to research this, so he has placed this here so that others can research it in the future.

Updated : 6 Feb 2016