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George Arnold (1867 - 1940)
& Sarah Atkins (1871 - 1946) : Page 1

These pages about George and Sarah are split up as follows :

Page 1 : General Info including George & Sarah's known descendants
Page 2 : "The Forgotten Corner Interviews" by Kate Clery

George and Sarah Arnold at Pericoe in 1939 before they left to live in Sydney.
(Photo courtesy of Lola Workman 2006)

george sarah arnold

Thankyou to Kate Clery for her permission to extract and quote from her site about the Towamba Valley.
For anyone with an interest in the history of the valley and its surrounding districts, Kate's interviews with some of the older residents offer sometimes gripping reading.
They can be found at "The forgotten Corner Interviews".
The interviews with relevance to the Arnold family are reproduced on Page 2 with Kate's permission.
All "Source" links on this page are to the appropriate pages on her site,
the home page of which can be visited here

George and Sarah's Wedding 16 October 1889

- Under Towamba P.O. in Yewen's Directory Of The Landholders of New South Wales, Eden District (Date Unknown), George Arnold is recorded as an agriculturist producing maize, oats, potatoes and operating as a dairy farmer    Source

- It was reported in the "Magnet" of 2 April, 1932 that :

"Mr. George Arnold, who has for many years worked Mr. A. E. Alexander's dairy, will shortly retire from this work and a Mr. A. Tasker of Pericoe has been selected to fill the vacancy."    Source

arnold house towamba
View eastward of Towamba-Eden Road with Arnold's house in foreground,
Slattery's farm, 'Limerick Vale' on the left, Towamba Butter Factory in the centre
and manager's house last on right.
(Photo courtesy of Kate Clery)

--- Known Descendants of George & Sarah ---

Lola Workman advises that George and Sarah were known to have had fourteen children :

1.  Ivy Beatrice ARNOLD b.16 June 1890, Bombala, NSW, d.1 July 1951. (Birth Registration no : 7369 / 1890)
- in an unnamed newspaper it was reported that :

"Ivy Arnold (Eldest daughter of George Arnold) married Eugene Harold McCarthy, who built the Pericoe Hall."  (Marriage Registration no : 1263 / 1909 records him as Eugene H. E. C.)    Source

2.  George William ARNOLD b.19 Oct 1891, d. 1971  (k/a William or Bill) (Birth Registration no : 7389 / 1891)
- George married Gertrude Elizabeth Medway in the Sydney BDM District (Marriage Registration no : 4885 / 1916)

- It was reported in the Towamba Section of an unidentified newspaper of 4 Oct 1913 that :

"Mr. Wm. Arnold, who has been Mr. Robinson's managing assistant in the store business for some years, is leaving for Sydney in a few days. Mr. Arnold, by his cheerful, kindly disposition and keen attention to business has made himself most deservedly popular, and earnest expressions of regret are heard on all sides at his decision. Bill is a keen sport and under more favourable conditions will be a good cricketer and footballer. Most certainly he will be a loss to Towamba.    Source

- It was reported in the Towamba Section of the "Pambula Voice" of 31 Oct 1932 that :
"Mr. W. Arnold, for some years assistant manager for Mr A. Robinson, storekeeper, much to the regret of the public, has gone to Sydney...."   Source

- It was reported in the Towamba Section of the "Magnet" of 16 Jul 1932 that :
"Detective Sergeant Arnold of Sydney is down on a short visit staying with his parents at Pericoe."    Source

- It was reported in the Pericoe Section of the "Magnet" of 22 Jun 1935 that :
"The well known Sydney Detective Sergeant Mr. W. Arnold, left for the city last Monday after spending an enjoyable fortnight holiday with his parents.    Source

 Click thumbnail to view Newsletters 

Profile of George William Arnold

Arnold Family Newsletter
Vol. 12, October 2006
(Produced by Lola Workman)

Biography Page for George and Sarah's grandson, Victor Medway Arnold (through George William Arnold)

Arnold Family Newsletter
Vol. 9, 2003
(Produced by Lola Workman)

3.  John Arnold b.15 Feb 1893, d. 29 Dec 1976 (Birth Registration no : 7352 / 1893)

4.  Edith Irene ARNOLD b.19 July 1895, d.1979

5.  Henry ARNOLD b.18 June 1897, d.15 June 1934 of Epilepsy(Birth Registration no : 11980 / 1897)

6.  Mary Ellen ARNOLD b.15th Jan 1899, d.1980 (Birth Registration no : 11707 / 1899). Mary Ellen married Frederick M Norburn in the Waverley BDM District (Marriage Registration no : 19249 / 1928)

- It was reported in the Pericoe Section of the "Magnet" of 15 Feb 1930 that :
"Mr. and Mrs. Norburn of Bondi are spending their vacation with Mr. and Mrs. G. Arnold Snr., of Pericoe"    Source

- It was reported in the Pericoe Section of the "Magnet" of 9 Mar 1935 that :
Mrs. F. Norburn of Bondi, Sydney, is spending a months' holiday with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. G. Arnold. She arrived a few days ago."    Source

7.  George ARNOLD b.19 May 1900, d.7 April 1978

8.  James Wallace ARNOLD b.18 Dec 1901, d.7 June 1967

9.  Daisy ARNOLD b.6 Sept 1903, d.15 Jan 1904

10. Eric Arthur ARNOLD b.12 Aug 1906, d. c.1978

11. Joseph ARNOLD b.9th June 1908, d.1980

- It was reported in the Pericoe Section of the "Magnet" of 3 Oct 1931 that :
"Mr. Joe Arnold has been notified that he is the successful tenderer for the Eden-Pericoe mail run."    Source

12. Margaret Ann ARNOLD b.12 Aug 1910, d.21 Dec 1994

13. Frank ARNOLD b.4th August 1912, d.23 Feb 1975

- An extract from the report in the "Magnet" on May 1929 follows :
"The Euchre party and dance and Cinderella held in Towamba hall on Friday and Saturday nights in last week in aid of the Presbyterian Church and car fund were a great success. Visitors attended from Eden, Kiah, Wyndham, Pericoe and Burragate and the doorkeeper, Mr. Don Laing and ticket seller Mr. Ed. Clements, had a busy time. The takings amounting to 13/15/-. Euchre was in the hands of Mr. Ken McLeod who was kept busy making tickets. The gentlemen's prize, a tobacco pouch and cigarette maker donated by Mr. D. Laing was won by Mr. F. Arnold and the ladies prize, a nice pair of coloured glass vases was won and donated by Mrs. W. Parker. Booby prizes went to Miss McDonald and Mr. L. Roberts........................The secretary extends best thanks to all who kindly assisted to make the function such a success."    Source

14. Eva ARNOLD b.1 Dec 1914 d.7 March 1991

Other Mentions which may be George and Sarah's Children

- It was reported in the "Magnet" on 6 June, 1931 that :
"The school picnic held on the 11th instant proved a great day out for the children while the large gathering of grown-ups found plenty of amusement. The following events resulted.
Ladies foot race, Miss M. Arnold.
Throwing at wicket, A. Sawers, J. Arnold."
(It is not known just who M. Arnold and J. Arnold were)

- It was reported in the Pericoe section of the "Magnet" on 15 July, 1933 that :
"The Hall ball held in Pericoe hall on Friday night in the last week was well patronised and very successful. Master H. Love and Miss D. South were the youthful winners of a special spot waltz arranged for school children by the ever thoughtful Miss Binnie and Mr. A. Binnie, Towamba. Miss M. Arnold and Mrs. C. Brownlie were the lucky winners of the other dances........"    Source

- An extract from the report in the "Magnet" on 6 October, 1934 follows :
Huge success with record receipts........................
..................Some of the ladies present and their frocking:
Mrs. J. B. Eurell, pink flat crepe, black spots. Mrs. G. Thompson, black angel-skin lace, crystal trimming. Mrs. A. Holden, navy morocain. Mrs. Hall, blue crepe de chene. Mrs. J. P. Rodd, black georgette. Mrs. Senior, (Coogee), green floral georgette. Mrs. S. J. Snow, white crepe de chene. Mrs. A. Swires, black ring velvet, lame trimmings. Mrs. J. Drayson, crepe satin and lace. Mrs. I. Roberts, cream crepe de chene and lace. Mrs. Arnold, windswept crepe, black trimmings. Mrs. H. R. Davidson, (Bega), pink windswept satin..............

- An extract from the report in the "Magnet" on 20 October, 1934 follows :
B.N.A. BALL (Bush Nursing Association)
A big crowd attended the B.N.A. Ball at Towamba on Wednesday night. Car loads coming from surrounding centres and all present thoroughly enjoyed themselves.......Following is a list of the ladies present and their frocking: Mrs. Ernest Beveridge, flame satin. Mrs. C. Logan, silver and pink brocade georgette. Mrs. N. Ryan, black morocain, green georgette trimmings. Mrs. G. Parker, black morocain. Mrs. J. McLeod, brown morocain. Mrs. E. Clements, tweed costume. Mrs. Ray Beasley, green morocain. Mrs. H. Myers, (Eden) burgundy flat crepe. Mrs. Arnold, pink windswept morocain.......

It is not known which Mrs. Arnold either of these two articles refers to.

All Photos courtesy of Kate Clery

towamba cricket 1900 1902 Towamba Cricket Team 1900/02

Rear L - R: Tom Stevens, Dick Beasley, George Dickie, Ben Beasley,Billy Young, Ted Beasley, Charlie McCoy, Ted Burns.
Front L - R: Bill Arnold, George Martin, Pierre Johnson, Austin O'Hara, Roger Doyle.
towamba cricket 1907 TOWAMBA FANCY DRESS CRICKET MATCH 1907

(To raise money for bushfire losses)

Back Row: L - R. Ged Arnold, Walter Kennedy
Geo. McDonald, Bob Kennedy, Sam Parker, Phil Medlin, Joe Ryan, Arthur Binnie, Herb Greer, Chris Roberts, Harry Richards, Jim Dickie, Jack Dickie.
Front Row: Wal Parker, Ernie Hogg, Jim Hogg
Percie Alexander, Aust. O'Hara, Geo. Falkner
Bill Target.

Photo courtesy M. Mitchell
pericoe towamba tennis Pericoe/Towamba tennis team.

L - R. Jim Brownlie,Geoff Umback,
Stan Umback, Frank Arnold.

Date Unknown
towamba football 1909 TOWAMBA FOOTBALLERS. 1909.

Back Row: Jack Dickie, ? Goward, Albert Power
Ernie Hogg, Not Known, Jack Shelley, Alf Alexander, Not Known, Jack Martin, Gomer Martin
Bill Rutherford.
Front Row: Joe McKee, Bill Laing, Bill Kennedy
Jim Hogg, Fred Ballman (Bollman?), Jack Arnold
Harry Richards.

Photo courtesy M. Mitchell
towamba band music 1902 1903 TOWAMBA BRASS BAND. 1902 - 1903.

Back Row. L - R: Bob Kennedy, Hughie Rankin,
Walter Roberts, Bill Johnston, Bill Target.
Middle Row: Walter Kennedy, Charlie Roberts,
Harry Beileiter, Albert Power, George Martin,
Jim Dickie.
First Row: Billy Arnold, Ves Kennedy, Ernie Hogg,
Walter Power, Phil Medelin.
Front: Jack Arnold.

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