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Descendants of
Thomas Patrick McNAMARA (1872 - 1945)
and Ellen Agnes GRADY (1883/4 - 1958)

Tom & Ellen's Family Page

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Kathleen Mary McNAMARA (1904 - 1987). Known as Kath and Sis

14 Oct 1903
See Kath's page

John Thomas Michael McNAMARA (1905 - 1982). Known as Jack

Date Unknown
Jack had two wives; Marjorie EDENS and Mona RYAN

Marjorie (nee EDENS; Life Dates unknown)
Jack and Marj were married in 1950 at Paddington where this photo was taken

Clarence Patrick McNAMARA (1907 - 1960). Known as Carney

Date Unknown
In 1938 he married Beryl MILLS in Sydney. No photo of Beryl is available

William Joseph McNAMARA (c.1908 - 1976). Known as Willie

Date Unknown
Photo details unknown

Date Unknown
Mary Hazel (nee LEE, ? - 1967) Known as Hazel.
Willy and Hazel's son Bobby is in the pram

Date Unknown
Willy and Hazel's children, Joan and Bobby

Date Unknown
Willy and Hazel's children, Elaine and John

Clement Cornelius McNAMARA (1910 - 1990). Known as Clem

Date Unknown
Photo details unknown

Date Unknown
Clem's wife Coral M (nee Cooper ? - 2007) with her sons Ronald (left in his Air Force uniform) and Clem Jnr (right)

Kevin James McNAMARA (1913 - ?)

Date Unknown
As a younger man

Date Unknown
As an older man

Date Unknown
Kevin's Wife, Marie Josephine (nee Andrews) (1931 - 2008)

Keith Ryan McNAMARA (1915 - ?). Known as Ryany

Margaret Eva M McNAMARA (Living). Known as Maggie

Thomas Emmett McNAMARA (c.1919 - 2004). Known as Tommy

Timothy Edmund McNAMARA (1922 - 1983). Known as Timmy

Johanna Ellen Mary Catherine McNAMARA (Living). Known as Nellie

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