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James Albert GEGG (1850 - 1915) and
Elizabeth TICKNER (1852 - 1929)

James Albert was known as Jimmy and Elizabeth was known as Lizzie

Jimmy & Lizzies' Family Page

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One of only two known photos of Jimmy which came from his "How to Vote" card when he stood for election for the NSW State seat of Goulburn in 1907. He was unsuccessful and only obtained 3.5% of the vote. Does anyone recognise the badge he is wearing?

Estimated 1890
The other photo of Jimmy which was in a matched set with Lizzie

Estimated 1890
Lizzie Gegg (nee Tickner); the other photo of the matched set

Lizzie Gegg (nee Tickner)

1910s or 1920s
Jimmy and Lizzie's daughter, Bertha Emily Gegg (1883 - 1969) who married Herbert "Bert" Harris in 1911 and lived the rest of her life in the Gloucester, NSW District

Date Unknown

Jimmy's mother, Janet Ellen Gegg (1852 - 1926) who married George Boland in 1870 and lived most of her life in Braidwood, NSW and then moved to Croydon Park, in Sydney, NSW in retirement

Jimmy's brother William Lee Gegg Jnr (1847 - 1921). William never married. He was a gold fossicker. He was invalided with a back injury caused by a falling log or tree

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