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Florist Amelia GEGG (1886 - 1953)

Florist was a name used throughout the TICKNER family in honour of the "Florist", the ship on which the TICKNER family migrated to Australia.
Florist was known as "Flo" or "Florrie"
Husband : Henry d'Arcy COLLINS
Flo and Harry's Family Page

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12 July 1913
Florist on her wedding day

Jul - Aug 1928
Florist with her last child Norman at 6 weeks old (b. 20 Jun 1928)

c.1930 (Estimate)
Florist in the streets of Sydney

Flo with Norman

Date Unknown
Flo with dog

Date Unknown
Absorbed with her task. Was this someone's birthday?

27 September 1941
Florist with her daughter Gladys at Gladys' wedding

Date Unknown
Florist with the family bike

Flo (right) with "Aunty Ida" in the backyard of Oak Flats

Florist (left) with "Aunty Ida" in backyard of the Oak Flats house (Same occasion as previous photo)

Les Collins' notation on the back of the previous photo which identifies the woman with Flo as Aunty Ida. Hints to her identity are welcome

In the back yard of Condell Park, not long before her sudden death

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