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Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

S - U
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Salvin Benjamin H
Sampson Dennis H
Sampson Lewis Criterion Hotel, Princes St L
Samson William Jnr H
Samuel Joseph L
Samuel Joseph L
Samuel Thomas Joint L
Sanderson James Joint L
Sanderson William H
Sandilands Charles Robert H
Sandilands John F
Sands charles Thomas H
Saunders Benjamin H
Saunders Simon F
Savage Edward L
Sawbridge William Henry H
Scanlan James H
Scanlan John L
Scanlan John L
Scanlan Michael H
Scanlan Patrick L
Schaw Charles Cockburn F
Scholes James H
Scoble John George St L
Scott Adam H
Scott Andrew H
Scott Edward H
Scott George L
Scott James F
Scott Matthew Gardiner F
Scoular Andrew Princes St H
Scoular Arthur L
Scoular William F
Scrymegour James H
Scrymegour John H
Scully James F
Selby Charles H
Selby James L
Selby Prideaux H
Service John L
Sessions William Edward H
Shain John Cannongate L
Shalders Thomas H
Shands George East Taieri L
Shand George H
Shand William F
Shanks James Stuart R. F
Shannon Thomas H
Shaw Benjamin L
Shaw John Henry Albany St F
Shaw William Off Great King St H
Shaw William Off Great King St L
Sheahan Timothy Princes St L
Shearer John H
Sheldon John H
Shephard henry L
Shephard Richard William H
Shepherd William Henry H
Shepherd Francis Joseph H
Shepherd John Francis H
Shepherd Joseph Francis H
Shepherd Robert L
Sheppard Henry H
Sheppard James Hancer Cumberland St H
Sherwin Joseph H
Sherwin Peter H
Sherwin Peter Snr H
Sheilds James Castle St F
Sheilds John F
Sheilds John Stephen L
Sholl Martin Castle St 1 H, 2 L
Short Christopher John L
Sibley Charles H
Sidey John Green Is F
Silverston Abraham H
Silligan James Hume L
Sim William F
Simcoe Thomas L
Simms James Frances St Joint L
Simon John L
Simpson Andrew L
Simpson Daniel F
Simpson David H
Simpson James H
Simpson James F
Simpson James McNeill H
Simpson John F
Simpson Theophilus Arthur St L
Simpson William F
Simpson William H
Sinclair Duncan H
Sinclair George F
Sinclair George Thomas L
Sinclair William L
Skelly Luke H
Skinner Thomas Charles L
Slater Joseph F
Smart Alfread F
Smart Richard Great King St L
Smith Arthur H
Smith Ben H
Smith Charles H
Smith Charles Grater L
Smith Daniel F
Smith Edmund H
Smith Edward F
Smith Edward Louis L
Smith George H
Smith George F
Smith George L
Smith George H
Smith George Robert L
Smith George Crossley H
Smith George William H
Smith James F
Smith James Queen St H
Smith James H
Smith James H
Smith James Joint H
Smith James L
Smith James Cowper L
Smith John H
Smith John H
Smith John Edmond F
Smith John Russell L
Smith Joseph F
Smith Neil F
Smith Patrick H
Smith Richard L
Smith Robert L
Smith Robert R L
Smith Robert Thomas L
Smith Thomas Cumberland St L
Smith Thomas H
Smith Thomas Brook L
Smith William H
Smith William F
Smith William H
Smith William Thomas Waipori F
Smyth George Alexander Hope St 1 L, 2 H
Snowden William H
Solomon Abraham L
Solomon Abraham L
Solomon David L
Solomon Henry H
Solomon Henry H
Solomon John L
Solomon Judah L
Solomon Lewis George St H
Solomon Samuel Stafford St H
Solomon William F
Somerville John F
Somner George L
Sonberg Joseph L
Sorley David Black H
Souness James F
Souness James F
Souness Robert F
Souther Robert Elibank L
Sparrow Robert H
Spedding Donald McKenzie H
Speight James View St H
Speight James L
Spencer William L
Spensley James H
Sperry John H
Spicer James Richard L
Spicer William L
Spier William Henry Princes St H
Spreat Walter H
Sprott Andrew H
Stacy Robert L
Stack Andrew Murray H
Stafford Edward William Nelson F
Stait John L
Stamper John H
Staples George H
Stark David L
Statham William L
Stavely William L
Steadman James Adie L
Steadman James H
Steele Robert F
Steinhoff Carl H
Stentiford William Mugford Stafford St F
Stephens John H
Stephen Samuel H
Stephenson Timothy L
Stevens Charles Great King St L
Stevens Henry H
Stevens James H
Stevens Michael H
Stevens Richard L
Stevens Walter Frederick L
Stevenson Charles F
Stevenson Robert F
Stewart Alexander H
Stewart Alexander L
Stewart David Stewart H
Stewart James F
Stewart John North East Valley F
Stewart John H
Stewart Peter H
Stewart Robert Ballantine L
Stewart Thomas H
Stewart William H
Stewart William H
Stewardson John H
Still Edward H
Stoddart Pringle Francis H
Stokes Augustus H
Stokes Elisha H
Stokes John Martin H
Stokes William H
Stone George H
Stone Thomas Grange St H
Stone William Henry L
Stonebridge John H
Stoneham Philip Edward H
Storeu George Johnston L
Storry John H
Stott John Cunningham H
Stott Joseph Ebenezer F
St Paul Ralph Clark St H
Strachan Charles F
Strachan Robert H
Strachan William L
Strain James Tokomairiro F
Strang James L
Stration Richard Godwin H
Straviers Crighton H
Street Charles H
Strike George Arthur L
Strike John L
Strike William Frederick L
Strode Alfred Chetham Upper Kaikorai F
Stuart Donald McNaughten H
Sullivan John William L
Sullivan William L
Sullivan Richard H
Sutcliffe William H
Sutcliffe William F
Sutherland William Daniel H
Sutherland William Dunnet L
Sutton Robert H
Swanston Andrew F
Sweeney John H
Swire Edward H
Switzer John L
Sykes Charles H
Sykes John H
Sykes John F
Symms Samuel H
Symonds Samuel J. Innes Dowling St H
Taggart Benjamin H
Taine James John H
Tait James L
Tait William L
Tait William H
Tallerman Daniel H
Tattam Charles 1 L, 2 H
Tayler Edwin H
Tayler Gavin H
Tayler Robert H
Tayler Thomas Port Chalmers F
Taylor Alexander Paton H
Taylor Charles H
Taylor David H
Taylor Henry H
Taylor James L
Taylor James L
Taylor James H
Taylor James H
Taylor James Peter Queen St H
Taylor John H
Taylor John L
Taylor Samuel H
Taylor William L
Taylor William H
Teague Joseph L
Telfer Alexander L
Telfer Alexander H
Telfer Alexander Hill Green Island L
Telfer John H
Tennant John Grant St F
Tennett William H
Tenseldon James H
Ternent Andrew F
Thacker Manly H
Thom Walter H
Thomas Bolton H
Thomas Charles H
Thomas George H
Thomas Hugh F
Thomas James Marshall H
Thomas Paul L
Thomas William H
Thomas William H
Thomman Louis L
Thompson David H
Thompson George H
Thompson James H
Thompson Thomas H
Thompson Walker H
Thompson William H
Thompson William North Taieri F
Thomson Andrew Joint L
Thomson Alexander Joint L
Thomson David H
Thomson John F
Thomson John F
Thomson John L
Thomson John Bell Moray Pl L
Thomson John Bell H
Thomson Peter H
Thomson Peter F
Thomson Robert H
Thomson Robert Great King St H
Thomson Thomas F
Throp Joseph H
Tice William H
Tickle William Wilson North East Valley L
Tilly Charles George H
Tippett John H
Tishler Aren Princes St H
Tofield Frederick H
Tomlinson Thomas L
Tomlinson Thomas H
Tonkin James Ebenezer H
Torbock Josiah Boyer H
Tory Edward H
Towers John L
Towers William F
Townsend Edwin H
Tracey James A H
Treharne Treharne H
Trimmer George H
Tripptree William H
Tritton Frank H
Trood James H
Truman Henry L
Truman Thomas H
Tubman Thomas H
Tubman Thomas H
Tuckey Samuel H
Tuckwell Joseph F
Turnbull George L
Turnbull George East Taieri F
Turnbull Jacob H
Turnbull Jacob H
Turnbull James H
Turner James H
Turner James L
Turner John H
Turner Robert George St L
Turner Thomas L
Turner William H
Tutchen Josiah F
Tynmore James Augustus H
Tyrill James L
Tyrill James L
Upton John Edward H
Ure David H
Urquhart William F