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Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

M -
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
McAllister John F
McArtney James H
McBath William H
McBeath Hector H
McBrain Alexander F
McBride William H
McCarthy John L
McCarthy Philip H
McCarthy Samuel High St L
McCaul Henry Michael F
McCauly Charles F
McClean John L
McColl Duncan L
McCombe Alexander Geo. H
McConicky John F
McConnel Robert F
McCormick Henry F
McCoi ? William Henry H
McCrea Hugh Gamble H
McCubbin John Rattray St H
McCurdy John H
McDavid John H
McDavitt John H
McDermot Patrick H
McDiamid Angus F
McDonald Alexander H
McDonald Alexander H
McDonald C. Thomas Young L
McDonald Colin F
McDonald Daniel F
McDonald James H
McDonald James H
McDonald James H
McDonald John L
McDonald John H
McDonald John F
McDonald Patrick H
McDonald Robert H
McDonald William H
McDonnell Alexander H
McDougall Duncan H
McDougall John H
McEwen Peter H
McEwen Peter H
McEwen William H
McFarland Andrew H
McFarlane Andrew H
McFarlane Archibald H
McFarlane David H
McFarlane Duncan F
McFarlane John Snr H
McFarlane John Jnr H
McGaffin John H
McGahey John H
McGaw James H
McGlashan Edward Otepopo H
McGlashan James Dunedin Mills H
McGlahsan John Balmacowen F
McGrath Francis H
McGrath Michael H
McGraw Edward Lees St L
McGregor Alexander H
McGregor Duncan F
McGregor James F
McGregor John L
McGregor Joseph Alex. James L
McGregor Peter F
McGregor Peter F
McGregor William H
McGrouther James H
McGuinness Patrick H
McGuire Alexander H
McGuire James Princes St H
McGuire Michael H
McGuire Owen H
McIlroy Alexander H
McIndoe James H
McInnes Angus H
McInnes William H
McInnes William H
McIntosh George L
McIntosh James F
McIntoch John H
McIntosh John McDonald H
McIntosh William H
McIntosh William H
McIntyre Alexander L
McIntyre Duncan H
McIntyre William H
McIver Farquhar F
McIvor William F
McJennett William H
McKay George H
McKay Robert Forbes H
McKay William Liddle L
McKeay William Henry L
McKechan William H
McKellar John H
McKenzie Alexander H
McKenzie Alexander H
McKenzie Andrew H
McKenzie Daniel L
McKenzie David Stewart F
McKenzie James Great King St H
McKenzie John Reid L
McKenzie Murdock H
McKenzie Murdoch H
McKenzie William H
McKewen Edward F
McKerras James Taylor Forth Pl 1 L, 2 H
McKerrow James Halfway Bush F
McKei Thomas H
McKirdy Charles H
McLandress John L
McLaren Andrew h
Mclaren James H
McLaren John F
McLaren John H
McLaren John F
McLean Allen H
McLean Daniel L
McLean George F
McLean James L
McLean John Princes St L
McLean John H
McJohn L
McLeish David H
McLeish William H
McLellan Duncan H
McLellan Duncan F
McLellan James H
McLellan William F
McLelland William Russell St H
McLennon William H
McLeod Alexander Ross H
McLeod David L
McLeod Neil F
McLiskey Edward Snr H
McLiskey Edward Kemp F
McLiskey Peter F
McMara John F
McMeikan Alexander H
McMullen Walter H
McNaughton Alexander H
McNaughton Allan L
McNeil Hugh H
McNeill John L
McNeill John L
McNeill John Boyne F
McPherson Donald Grant F
McPherson James F
McPherson Robert Blair Cottage F
McPherson Robert F
McQuarry charles H
McQueen Angus H
McQueen Charles H
McRae Angus L
McRae James H
McSkimming Robert H
McSwan Alexander F
McTaggart Charles H
McTaggart William H
McWinian George H
Macedo Joseph Antonio L
Macedo Joshua H
Macfarlane John F
Macfie James H
Macintosh William High St L
Mack Charles H
Mackay George L
Mackay James Gunn H
Mackay James H
Mackay Joseph Dowling St H
Mackay Robert H
Mackay Robert H
Mackay Robert H
Mackay William L
Mackay William 1 L, 2 F
Mackenzie David Stuart The Forbury F
Mackenzie Ewen L
Mackie John Eden St H
Mackie Robert F
Mackintosh Andrew H
Mackintosh James McKenzie H
Mackintosh William High St L
Maclauchlan William F
Maclean John L
Maddock Henry Dyer L
Mahoney William James L
Mahony William Johnson H
Main David Forsyth H
Main David Forsyth H
Main John H
Mains John Otepopo F
Maloney David L
Maloney John H
Malcolm James F
Mann Charles H
Mann Charles H
Mansford William Henning Tokomairiro L
Manson William F
Mantell Walter Wellington F
Marchbanks David F
Marchbanks John H
Mariner George L
Marks Bernard L
Marks Edward Nathan H
Marks Edward Nathan Princes St H
Marks Henry D H
Marks James H
Marks Robert Michael F
Marks Samuel L, H
Marris William H
Marris William H
Marsh William Bassett H
Marshall Andrew L
Marshall George L
Marshall John Great King St L
Marshall John L
Marshall John Henry F
Marshall Robert F
Martin Frederick Stafford St L
Martin George L
Martin Isaac L
Martin Joseph John L
Martin Richard Bowden Bellevue L
Martin Thomas H
Martyr Thomas William L. H
Mason David H
Mason Frederick Elm Row H
Mason John H
Mason Robert Octagon H
Mason Robert L
Mason William F
Massey Joseph Morgan 1 H, 2 L
Massey Joseph Morgan L
Matheson Gilbert C H
Matheson Peter Maclaggan St H
Mathew William H
Mathew John Great King Rd L
Mathieson Gilbert Crevar Joint L
Mathieson James F
Mathieson Robert H
Matthew George F
Matthews James Alexander F
Matties Julius H
Maw Thomas F
Maxwell John L
Mayne Joseph H
Mead Joseph F
Mee Alexander Joint L
Mehan John H
Meikle Robert F
Meiklejohn Donald Hillside H
Meluish William H
Melville William F
Menlove Edward Joint L
Menzies James H
Menzies John L
Menzies William L
Menzies William H
Mercer Andrew L
Meredith Richard L
Merrie George Inglis Stafford St H
Merry John Nicklin H
Metcalf George L
Mewburn William L
Mewett David L
Michael Alfred L
Middleton James L
Middleton John Howe H
Mieville Frederick Lewis Joint F
Miles Richard H
Mill William H
Millar David Snr H
Millar David Jnr F
Millar George F
Millar Henry H
Millar Hugh H
Millar James Forester H
Millar John F
Millar William H
Millard Alfred H
Millea Thomas H
Miller Alexander H
Miller David F
Miller David Hendrie Maori Hill L
Miller James Joint L
Miller James H
Miller John F
Miller John H
Miller Joseph H
Miller Matthew Robertson H
Miller Robert H
Miller Samuel Augustus H
Miller William H
Millett Richard Wright F
Milligan James Houston L
Mills James L
Mills Joseph Robert H
Mills William F
Mills William Jnr Joint L
Millward Henry F
Milne David F
Milne David F
Milne David F
Milner James H
Miscamble George H
Mitchell David H
Mitchell George H
Mitchell James Joint L
Mitchell John F
Mitchell John H
Mitchell John H
Mitchell William Robert L
Mitchie James Primrose Hill L
Moat James Primrose Hill H
Moffatt Matthew Maclaggan St F
Moffatt William H
Moir Alexander H
Moir Andrew H
Moir James L
Moir Williams H
Moller Carl H
Mollison Alexander F
Mollison James H
Mollison James H
Monahan John H
Monaghan Malachi Michael Maclaggan St L
Monerieff Alexander William H
Monro Robert F
Monro Robert Henderson F
Monson Henry F
Monson William Henry H
Moodie Thomas L
Moodie Thomas F
Moodie Henry H L
Moore Caleb H
Moore Charles H
Moore Henry Nancolas F
Moore Michael H
Moore Thomas H
Moorhouse James William H
Moran James Joseph H
Morgan Alfred H
Morgan James H
Morgan John F
Morgan John H
Morgan Thomas Carter H
Morgan Walter H
Morley Anthony H
Morley Joseph Stuart H
Morrigan John H
Morris Robert M H
Morris William H
Morrison Alexander L
Morrison James L
Morrison James F
Morrison John H
Morrison John F
Morrison Robert H
Morrison Robert H
Morrison William H
Morrissey Patrick George H
Morse Henry Parson F
Morton James William Maclaggan St Joint L
Morton Lewis H
Morton William L
Moses Abraham L
Moss Frederick Joseph L
Moss Frederick Joseph L
Moss George William F
Moss Moss 1 L, 2 F
Moss Moss Maclaggan St L
Moss Solomon H
Mowat James H
Mowbray William F
Mowbray William H
Muclie John Bell Stuart St L
Mueller Henry H
Muir Archibald H
Muir Archibald L
Muir Alexander L
Muir James L
Muir James L
Muir James F
Muir James Lees H
Muir John Lees Stuart St H
Muir Robert Waikouaiti F
Muirhead Alexander F
Muirhead James F
Muirhead William H
Mulrooney John H
Mumford William Henry L
Mumford William Henry F
Munro Henry Murray H
Munro Lewis Dunbar H
Munro Robert F
Munro William Prince H
Munyard Henry H
Murdoch William L
Murison David L
Murphy Bernard Rattray St L
Murphy Bernard H
Murphy Daniel L
Murphy Edward H
Murray Andrew H
Murray Andrew Maclaggan St H
Murray George L
Murray Henry Walter L
Murray James L
Murray James H
Murray John F
Murray Patrick H
Murray Robert Kenniburg F
Mutter Thomas Walker St H
Myall James L
Myers Abraham H
Myers John F
Myers John H
Napier David John F
Nasmith Samuel H
Nasmith Samuel H
Nathan Ezekiel L
Nathan Henry H
Nathan Hyman Edward North East Valley L
Naysmith Kenneth F
Neal James Knight H
Neal John H
Neale William Henry H
Nees William H
Neill Percival Clay H
Neilson Frederick H
Nelson William H
Nelson Henry F
Nelson James H
Nevey William H
Newham Collingwood H
Newton James H
Nicholson Alexander H
Nickolas George H
Nicol David F
Nicol James F
Nicol Robert H
Nicol William H
Nicolson Ralph Steele H
Nimmo Robert H
Nimon James H
Nisbet David H
Nisbet James H
Niven John Joint L
Niven Thomas H
Noble Gordon H
Norman John H
North Henry L
North Thomas Princes St H
Norton Henry L
Notten James L
Nunn John H
Oaks William H
O'Brien George H
O'Brien George H
O'Brien William H
O'Connor Eugene Rodrick L
O'Connor George H
O'Donnell Richard H
O'Donoghue David George St H
O'Driscoll George L
Oillis John H
Oils George H
O'Keefe Edmund H
Oliver Frederick H
Oliver James Lawie L
Oliver Richard L
Oliver Richard H
O'Rafferty Cormack Patrick H
O'Raw Bernard L
Orr John F
Osborn Thomas H
Osler Robert H
Outram John F