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Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

J - L
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Jackman Thomas H
Jackson Andrew H
Jackson George H
Jackson James L
Jackson John F
Jackson Richard H
Jacobs Godfrey H
Jago John Netherton F
Jago John Wesley Albany St H
Jallay John H
James James H
James Samuel H
James Sydney L
Jamieson John Pirie H
Jarvis James Mark F
Jay Harry L
Jeffcoat Fredercik Lowe Winchendon F
Jeffreys William Richard Forbury 1 L, 2 L
Jeffs Henry L
Jenkins George Toms F
Jenkins John F
Jenkins John F
Jenkins William H
Jenkinson John Hartley H
Jenkinson John Hartley F
Jenkinson Robert L
Jenkinson Robert Brown H
Jennings Edward H
Jennings Edwin H
Jennings William H
Jewett John Henry F
Joel Maurice L
Joel Maurice H
Johnson Samuel H
Johnson Thomas H
Johnson Thomas Hilton H
Johnson Thomas Hilton H
Johnston Alexander 1 H, 2 L
Johnston Alexander H
Johnston Alexander H
Johnston Alexander L
Johnston  Hugh 1 H, 2 F
Johnston James L
Johnston James L
Johnston John L
Johnston  John H
Johnston John L
Johnston John Robert F
Johnston Peter H
Johnston Thomas H
Johnston William F
Johnston William L
Johnston William H
Johnstone George H
Johnstone James H
Jolly John H
Jolly William H
Jolly William L
Jones Charles H
Jones Edward J H
Jones Edwin L
Jones Frederick L
Jones Henry L
Jones Henry H
Jones James F
Jones James David H
Jones Jeremiah Joint L
Jones John L
Jones John F
Jones John H
Jones John Pugh L
Jones Joseph H
Jones Mirack H
Jones Richard L
Jones Roger F
Jones Roger L
Jones Thomas H
Jones Thomas Stafford St H
Jones Thomas H
Jones Thomas Edward Hanover St H
Jones William Haskayne F
Jones William Owen H
Jopps Robert H
Joseph Hyman Moray Pl L
Joseph Loubere H
Joyce Daniel Cannongate H
Joyce John L
Junor William James B Woodburn, Waikari L
Justice William F
Kae John F
Kater Antoine H
Kater Anthony H
Kay Robert L
Kay Thomas H
Kaye John F
Kays Michael H
Keates Timothy L
Kebble James Hastings H
Keenan James F
Keenan James L
Keenan James L
Keenan James H
Keir James 1H, 2L
Keith George F
Kellet William Henry Joint L
Kelly Alexander F
Kelly John Joseph H
Kelly William H
Kelly William H
Kelsey William F
Kennaugh William F
Kennedy William F
Kennedy James George St L
Kennedy James Edward L
Kennedy Michael H
Kennedy William L
Kennelly Michael H
Kennelly Thomas Francis H
Kenny William H L
Kensett Waltham H
Kent Alfred H
Kent John Crossley H
Kenyon Edmund Peel L
Ker Andrew H
Kernahan William H
Kerr James H
Kerr James L
Kerr John Great King St H
Kerr John Henry H
Kerr Peter H
Kerr Samuel Thompson H
Kerr Thomas H
Kerr William H
Key James H
Key James 1F, 2L
Key William Princes St H
Keys Daniel H
Kidston Michael H
Kilgour Alexander H
Kilgour Alexander Jnr F
Kincaid James H
King Alexander H
King James F
King John H
King Robert H
King Robert Christopher H
Kinvig James H
Kirby James H
Kircuddy William H
Kirk David H
Kirkaldy William Cargill H
Kirkland James H
Kirkpatrick Hugh 1L, 2F
Kirkpatrick William Henry H
Kirkwood William Joint L
Knott Henry F
Know James H
Knight William H
Krerouse William H
Krull Francis F
Krull Francis H
Lacey William L
Lack Thomas H
Lack Thomas H
Lain William H
Laing David F
Laing Francis Gregory Anderson's Bay F
Laing John Walker St H
Laing John H
Lakemar Archibald Herbert L
Lakeman Howard Albany St L
Lambton Edward H
Lambton James H
Lamont John F
Landels Adam Tokomairiro L
Lane Edward George H
Langford Charles H
Langham John H
Langley Parmenas P L
Langlands William H
Larkin Edward H
Larking James L
Larkings James H
Latham John H
Latham Thomas F
Latham William Randall L
Laughton John L
Laurence Philip L
Lauire William H
Law Henderson 1L, 2H
Law Robert H
Lawrence Frank H
Lawrence Lawrie Philip H
Lawson Alexander H
Lawson Charles Walker St H
Lawson Charles L
Lawson Robert Arthur Princes St H
Lawson Robert Arthur F
Lawson Thomas H
Layman John H
Lazar John H
Lazarus Alfred Samuel H
Lazarus James Solomon Rattray St L
Lazarus Joseph Manse St L
Lazarus Samuel Solomon L
Lear Howard H
Leary Thomas James H
Le Brun Francis L
Leckie John L
Ledingham Alexander L
Lee Moses Archibald H
Leek John Fletcher L
Leers Moritz Samuel H
Lees Andrew Cumberland St L
Lees James F
Legerton Samuel H
Leigh Julius Henry H
Leighton James H
Leith Peter H
Lenton John H
Leslie John H
Lette Peter Lamont H
Levi Abraham L
Levi Abraham L
Levi Morris F
Levien Casper Joseph H
Levy John H
Levy John H
Levy Joshua H
Levy Laurance H
Levy Laurance H
Levy Michael H
Levy Ralph H
Lewis Daniel F
Lewis Frederick Baruch H
Lewis Henry H
Lewis Henry H
Lewthwaite John H
Lewton James H
Liardet Frank H
Liddell John F
Liggins James H
Limbrick George L
Lind William F
Lindsay Andrew F
Lindsay Andrew F
Lindsay George Flour Mills L
Lindsay George F
Lindsay George L
Lindsay John F
Little Francis Abraham H
Little Ridley London St H
Little Samuel Heath H
Little Thomas H
Little Thomas L
Littlejohn Ernest H
Livingston Alexander Sunnyside, Kaikorai F
Livingston Alexander Robert L
Livingston Robert Lang L
Lloyd James McGregor H
Lloyd John L
Lloyd William H
Lochart Allan F
Lochart James F
Lochhead William H
Lockie Andrew H
Lockie Andrew L
Lockie James L
Lockstone John H
Lodge Edward L
Logan John Violet Gr 1F, 2F
Logie William MacLaggan St L
Logie William F
Long Henry H
Long Henry L
Longworth John Great King St L
Lonnie James L
Loquist William Henry H
Lorimer Charles F
Lorimer James Cameron H
Loske Alexander L
Low Andrew H
Low James Snr Moray Pl L
Low James Snr L
Low William H
Low William F
Lowe James F
Lowe Thomas Maitland St F
Lowry Bennet James Princes St L
Loyd John H
Lucas James H
Lucas John H
Lucas Oliver H
Luhning Frederick L
Luke William H
Lukies William George St H
Lundy William H
Luscombe Richard Charles L
Lyall David H
Lyall Henry H
Lyons Alexander H
Lyons Edward H