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Captain: 1116 Ton
Captain: White
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 8th September 1871 - arrived Lyttelton 9th December 1871

The Zealandia, a fine iron clipper-built ship of 1116 tons, was built for the Shaw, Savill Co, in 1869 ande made her maiden voyage to Lytteton. The Zealandia was a beautiful ship, specially designed for carrying passengers. Her saloon was spacious and lofty. and the cabins were unusually large and well ventilated, having extra large portholes to them. The decoration of the saloon was extremely chaste. She had some special cabins for families, and a ladies saloon. The second cabin was on deck and the berths were larger then usual and well lighted. The Zealandia, after completing 31 voyages to New Zealand, was sold to the Russians. She was stranded in 1811, and sold to a firm in Nova Scotia.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and children
Allen John 30 Montgomery Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 22
John 1
Berrill Thomas 63 Bedfordshire Bricklayer
Ann 63
Brosnan Timothy 39 Kerry Farm Labourer
Kate 36
Kate 17 Trans to s/w
Mary 15 Trans to s/w
Timothy 11
Hugh 7
Patrick 5
Bridget 2
John Infant
Carter Bevis W. 30 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth J. 26
Corbett Thomas 55 Down Farm Labourer
Eliza J. 53
Thomas 21 Trans to s/m
Mary A. 18 Trans to s/w
Eliza Jane 15 Trans to s/w
Gallagher Robert 28 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Eliza 27
Martha 9
William 5
Robert 3
Glanville James 30 Cornwall Carpenter
Ann 33
Ann 63
Hutchinson Edward 39 Kildare Ploughman
Margaret 28
Sarah 7
Alice 5
Margaret 4
Ellen 2
Kenzie William 50 Morayshire Farm Labourer
Isabella 50
Matilda 22 Trans to s/w
Isabella 18 Trans to s/w
Wilhelmina 16 Trans to s/w
Manhire William 60 Cornwall Miner
Elizabeth 58
Naomi 24 Trans to s/w
Jemima 19 Trans to s/w
Marsh William Edward 26 Devonshire Cook
Mary L. 25
Edward William 2
Elizabeth 58 Trans to s/w
Rimmington William H. 10 Travelling with Marsh's
Ann 9 Travelling with Marsh's
McCausland William 52 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Mary 40
Clark 20 Trans to s/m
James 18 Trans to s/m
Alexander 16 Trans to s/m
Mole Josiah 35 Worcestershire Labourer
Hannah 28
Emma C. 7
Newman George 27 Hants Farm Labourer
Thirza 24
Palmer William 43 Yorkshire Gardener
Catherine 42
Scaife John 44 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Jane 32
Kate 8
Mary 7
Ada 5
Rachel A. 3
William 1
Scott William 35 Lancashire Foundryman
Emma 36
Elizabeth 11
Mary 9
John 7
William 5
Louisa 2
Skilling James 24 Ayr Ploughman
Helen 25
Mary 3
William 1
Tucker Joshua 25 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Mary E. 21
Westaway Thomas 29 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Whitford Joseph 29 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary 27
Mary 4
Rosina 7 mths
Worboys John N. 28 Middlesex Painter
Eliza 30
Joshua H. 5
Single Men
Baker Charles W. 20 Devonshire Farm Labourer
John W. 22 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Barnes Philip 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Berry Daniel 51 Middlesex Bricklayer
Henry 14
Edward 11
Berry William 27 Middlesex Bricklayer and Brickmaker
Daniel 25 Middlesex Bricklayer and Brickmaker
Corbett Thomas 21 Down Ploughman
Joseph 23 Down Ploughman
Crompton James 17 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Cullen Joseph 23 Wexford Labourer
Dennison William 23 Down Farm Labourer
Everiss George 29 Glostershire Schoolmaster on Board
Finlay John 17 Wicklow Farm Labourer
Graham James 21 Down Ploughman
Hardie Walter 28 Somersetshire Labourer
Haskett Henry 18 Tipperary Harness Maker
Hughes Edward L. 24 Pembrokeshire Farm Labourer
Knox John 24 Down Farm Labourer
McCausland Clark 20 Tyrone Farm Labourer
James 18 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Alexander 16 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McDonald Rodeerick 23 Inverness Shepherd
Parsons Charles 30 Dorset Labourer
Poff James 22 Kerry Farm Labourer
Quinton William 22 Suffolk Labourer
Smith Frederick 39 Hants Farm Labourer
Somerville Thomas 21 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Tanguey Michael 24 Kerry Tailor
Tucker Caleb 19 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Vivian William John 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Single Women
Appleby Mary 29 Wicklow General Servant
Barnaby Arenea M. 21 Kent Cook
Beal Mary 21 Worchestershire General Servant
Bells Mary Ann 20 Buckinghamshire General Servant
Berry Eliza 17 Middlesex General Servant
Brady Mary 26 Down General Servant
Brosnan Kate 17 Kerry General Servant
Mary 15 Kerry General Servant
Butler Johanna 18 Kerry General Servant
Clarke Sarah 33 Suffolk
Arthur 7 mths
Cochrane Jane 26 Ayr General Servant
Annie 22 Ayr General Servant
Helen 52 Ayr General Servant
Corbett Mary A. 18 Down Cook
Eliza J. 15 Down General Servant
Crimmen Ellen 22 Kerry General Servant
Gethin Annie 37 Glamorgan General Servant
Hannah 16 Glamarogan General Servant
Fenton Elizabeth 23 Antrim General Servant
Harris Ellen 17 Devon General Servant
Haskett Anne 16 Tipperary General Servant
Hawker Ann 38 Berkshire Matron
Hooper Harriet 19 Cornwall General Nurse
Johnson Alice 16 Middlesex General Servant
Kelson Elizabeth 22 Somerset General Servant
Lawrence Mary A. 27 Middlesex Cook
Lynes Hannah 29 Bucks Laundress
Elizabeth 11
Robert 7
Manhire Naomi 24 Cornwall General Servant
Jemima 19 Cornwall General Servant
Marsh Elizabeth 58 Devonshire
McKenzie Matilda 22 Aberdeen General Servant
Isabella 18 Aberdeen
Wilhelmina 16 Aberdeen General Servant
Parsons Mary L. 16 Berks General Servant
Proud Janet 27 Durham Nurse
Renolds Susannah 17 Middlesex General Servant
Sarchet Emma P. 36 Guernsey General Servant
Patty E. 36 Guernsey General Servant
Scollard Mary 21 Kerry General Servant
Shrempf Caroline 15 America
Annie 10 America
Simpson George ? 21 Middlesex Nurse
Sommerville Margaret 20 Tyrone General Servant
Mary 24 Tyrone General Servant
Stevenson Agnes 21 Down Dairymaid
Summers Jane 19 Sussex Housemaid
Wall Honora 20 Galway Dairymaid
Whicker Henrietta C. 19 Devonshire General Servant
Whitnell Mary A. 16 Devonshire General Servant
Wilson Sarah A. 31 Norfolk Cook
Williams Martha 28 Montgomery Cook
Yeomanson Hannah 22 Kent Cook

Carlina and Annie SHREMPF travelled with their school-teacher uncle, George EVERISS, leaving their mother Ann in England. Carlina and Annie were born in America; their father Carl SCHREMPF (known as Charles SHREMPF) ran a musical store in Toledo but had died in West Virginia during the civil war. After his death, their mother Ann had returned to her family in Gloucestershire and married again, to Thomas DRAKE. In 1874, mother Ann, again widowed, came to New Zealand on the 'Ocean Mail' with son John and three other EVERISS brothers: Ezra, George, Ethan and Andrew. Carlina married Thomas GIFFORD, farmer in Rongotea in the Manawatu. Annie married Henry Waring SAXTON, civil engineer in New Plymouth. If you have any connection with these families or wish to share information please contact Joanna Broad


Moses Scott:
John Lee & George Scott had arrived in New Zealand on board the ship Ramsay in June 1870. Their mother, Mary Scott, had arrived a little later on board the 1870 sailing of the Zealandia. Moses Scott (b. 24.8.1834) also joined his brothers, but to date I have been unable to find the ship on which he emigrated. However there is a written notation against William Scott’s name on the Zealandia 1871 sailing, which says "and brother" which could point to Moses. Should you wish any more information on this Scott family or have any information on Moses Scott, please contact Lesley Wootton

James William Clubley Crompton, was the fifth child and fourth son of Richardson Crompton and his wife Hannah, nee Clubley, was christened at Flamborough, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on 10 October 1854. The UK 1851 census shows the family living at the 124 acre South Lea Farm, Flamborough. His father died on 24 August 1859. The 1861 census shows that his mother, Hannah, was running the 130 acre Moon Farm, Flamborough. Sometime after 1861 Hannah married Richard Huddleston and four of her children emigrated to the Christchurch area of New Zealand. First Stephen Clubley Crompton (SE Crompton?), the eldest child
christened in Flamborough on 28 October 1846, arrived Lyttelton on the Dona Anita (3 January 1865). Later his sister Emily Hyde Crompton, christened at Flamborough on 5 October 1855, on the Westland which departed London 21 November 1879. The ship on which his second brother, Thomas Richardson Crompton, christened in Flamborough on 19 October 1848, and who died at Clarendon Farm, Winchester in the County of Geraldine on 19 March 1919, sailed has yet to be traced. Nothing is known of James' life in New Zealand. Should anyone wish to contribute to the growing family tree of James William Crompton please contact Richard Crompton or view the family website at

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