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Ship: 1116 tons
Captain: Henry Rose
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Wood
Sailed London 26th August 1869 - arrived Lyttelton 20th November 1869

The Zealandia, a fine iron clipper-built ship of 1116 tons, was built for the Shaw, Savill Co, in 1869 and made her maiden voyage to Lytteton. The Zealandia was a beautiful ship, specially designed for carrying passengers. Her saloon was spacious and lofty and the cabins were unusually large and well ventilated, having extra large port-holes to them. The decoration of the saloon was extremely chaste. She had some special cabins for families, and a ladies saloon. The second cabin was on deck and the berths were larger then usual and well lighted. The Zealandia, after completing 31 voyages to New Zealand, was sold to the Russians. She was stranded in 1911, and sold to a firm in Nova Scotia.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Zealandia
Diary of the voyage of the Zealandia

The difference in surnames is between "The Star" (bracketed entries) and "The Press". For clarity both have been published.

Name Age County Occupation
Andrews Mr A
Austin (Horstone) Mr G A
Bray Mr W B
Miss Sarah
Miss Ellen
Brunker (Brouncker) Mr W
Ellen W J
Fleming Miss C
Miss Alice
Ford Ernest
Foudger (Foulger) Reverend J
Fowld (Fowell) Mr G
George Mr S
Hutchinson Mr G
Karslake Mr W C
Merson Miss Hester
Reed Mr
Rose Mrs Henry Wife of the Captain
Stroute (Strouts) Mr F
5 children
Smith Mrs Jane Nurse to the Stroute children
Turnbull Mr T
Miss Kate
Wood James
Adley Mr A A
Bashford (Bushford) James
Beath Mr A
Crampton Thomas
Davidson (Davidgson) Mr C
Digby Mr J R B
4 children
Gay Miss Harriet
Gilchrist Mr H
Goodwin Joseph
Hart Mr A (G)
Hodgson Mr T
Kennedy Mr J
Kingdow (Kingdon) Mr C F
Mann Mr J
Metcalf Mr A
Moore Miss Emma
Newton Mr J
Palmer Mr P (T)
Mr W
Robertson Mr J
Slater (Seater) William
Souter (Soutter) Mr W
Tharall Mr G
Walker Mr G W H (C M H)
Williams Mr J
Wormsley (Womersley Mr G

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The Press November 22nd 1969
The Star November 22nd 1869