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Ship: 867 tons
Captain: Thomas Wood
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Gould
Sailed London February 25th 1873 - arrived Auckland May 31st 1873

When a comparitively new ship, the Woodlark was chartered by the Shaw Savill Co for three voyages to New Zealand. She was a fine clipper of 867 tons, built in 1870, and owned by A Stephens and Son, Dundee. She came out to Auckland under Captain T Wood, in 1873, with 125 Government immigrants, arriving in port on the 31st May. During a storm on the 2nd May, a boy named Goodman, while leaning over the bulwarks, lost his balance and fell overboard. Life buoys were thrown and the ship's lifeboat manned and lowered, but after an unavailing search for an hour returned. The boat had great difficulty in getting alongside the ship, as a high and confused sea was running. The following year the Woodlark, in command of Captain Largie, visited Wellington, and when she entered port was flying the yellow flag, scarlet fever having broken out on 24th December. She sailed from London on December 14, 1873, having on board 256 Government immigrants, and arrived on the 24th March, 1874. On Christmas Eve, ten days after leaving England, scarlet fever broke out, and from this date until the 12th March, the doctor treated no less than 39 cases, 18 of which proved fatal. There were also ten deaths from other causes. On the arrival of the ship at Wellington she was placed in quarantine. In 1875 the Woodlark made a smart passage to Otago. She sailed on the 2nd May with a small complement of passengers, under Captain Largie. Otago Heads were reached on the 3rd August, and port made the same day - 85 days land to land.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Drummond Mr
White Mr V
Fare Paying Steerage
Grant William
Hayward Mark
Hounsell Robert
McComb Robert
Thomas R
Smith Peter
John R
Whitburn John
Assisted Families & Children
Atkins Samuel 48 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Annie 42
Annie J 20 T/F to single women Servant
Mary Margaret 17 T/F to single women Dairymaid
John A 10
Alice M 6
William Henry 3
Binstead John 51 Sussex Farm Labourer
Mary 42
Henry 21 T/F to single men
James 20 T/F to single men
Walter John 16 T/F to single men
Annie 13 T/F to single women
Clara 12 T/F to single women
Janet 7
Brewin James 24 New Zealand Labourer
Eliza 24
Peter 5 months
Brownlie James Henry 27 Armagh Farm Labourer
Jane 27
Fitzgerald Patrick 42 Kerry Farm Labourer
Margaret 42
Agnes E 15 T/F to single women
Mary 10
Sarah 8
Thomas P 3
Goodman John N 51 Cornwall Farmer
Charlotte 48
John Edward 28 T/F to single men
Charlotte 22 T/F to single women
Edward 17 T/F to single men
Charles 16 T/F to single men
Richard 14 T/F to single men
Alfred 11 Died on board - drowned 02/05/1873
Samuel 9
Harry 7
Johnstone James 45 Dublin Coachbuilder
Catherine 38
Francis 20 T/F to single men
James 19 T/F to single men
Catherine 12 T/F to single women
William 10
Lynch John 25 Limerick Labourer
Mary 24
Catherine 18 months
Margaret 2 months
Mallon Charles 38 Derry Labourer
Leanagh 36
Eliza 18 T/F to single women Servant
Sarah 17 T/F to single women Servant
Mary 16 T/F to single women Servant
Robert 12
Jane 11
Annie 6
Matilda 3
Roth Margaret
William F
Stotter John 32 Pembrokeshire Tailor
Elizabeth 31
Florence 2
Henry 6 months
Vaughan Thomsa 33 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Jane 30
William 10
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Caddy Margaret 26 T/F to single women
Louisa C 6 T/F to single women
Harriet A 4 T/F to single women
Arthur P 2 T/F to single women
Walter O C 3 months T/F to single women
Walter 26 T/F to single men
Lynch Patrick 45 Limerick Carpenter
Catherine 42
William 22 T/F to single men
Patrick 20 T/F to single men
Denis 18 T/F to single men
Single Men
Atherton Richard 32 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Binstead Henry 21 Sussex
James 20 Sussex
Walter John 16 Sussex
Bloomfield Noble 21 Fermanagh Labourer
Brewin Peter 20 Gloucestershire Labourer
Burrows John 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Jacob 32 Farm Labourer
Combs David 25 Derry Ploughman
Caddy Walter 26 Dorsetshire Labourer
Goodman John Edward 28 Cornwall
Edward 17 Cornwall
Charles 16 Cornwall
Richard 14 Cornwall
Johnstone Francis 20 Dublin
James 19 Dublin
Liddle Mark 18 Fermanagh Labourer
John Robert 21 Fermanagh Labourer
Mayo William 21 Gloucestershire Railway Porter
McCoomb Robert 38 Antrim General Labourer
Thomas Richard 10 Antrim
Jane 6 T/F to single women
Robb William 26 Forfar Tailor
Stanley David 23 Kent Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Bourke Michael 26 Kilkenny Labourer
Lynch William 22 Limerick
Patrick 20 Limerick
Denis 18 Limerick
Roth William James 15 Neath Labourer
Single Women
Atkins Annie J 20 Nottinghamshire Servant
Mary Margaret 17 Nottinghamshire Dairymaid
Barrett Catherine 25 Cork Housemaid
Binstead Annie 13 Sussex
Clara 12 Sussex
Boatswin Sarah 24 Dorsetshire Servant
Bowden Elizabeth 20 Buckinghamshire Plaiter
Church Alice 19 Kent General Servant
Downes Margaret 20 Clare Servant
Fell Harriett 24 Middlesex General Servant
Fitzgerald Agnes E 15 Kerry
Ford Mary 26 Cornwall Housekeeper Matron on voyage
Edith Louisa 6
Goodman Charlotte 22 Cornwall
Horne Elizabeth 20 Middlesex General Servant
Johnstone Catherine 12 Dublin
King Sarah A 26 Huntingdon General Servant
Mallon Eliza 18 Derry Servant
Sarah 17 Derry Servant
Mary 16 Derry Servant
McCann Ann J 19 Armagh Weaver
Catherine 17 Armagh Weaver
McCoomb Jane 6 Antrim
O'Brien Norah 27 Cork Housemaid
Smith Bertha 30 Lanark
Stought Matilda 18 Wiltshire Dairymaid
Truelock Ann 22 America Cook
White Anne E 20 Surrey General Servant
Wright Lydia 28 Middlesex Housemaid
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Blair Mary A 29 Norfolk Servant
Caddy Margaret 26 Dorsetshire
Louisa C 6 Dorsetshire
Harriet A 4 Dorsetshire
Arthur P 2 Dorsetshire
Walter O C 3 months Dorsetshire
Cross Eleanor 13 Essex
Hazard Mary 28 France Dressmaker
McGuire Jane 45 Londonderry Servant
Mary 16 Londonderry Seamstress
Catherine 18 Londonderry Seamstress
Maggie 14 Londonderry Seamstress
Roth Margaret 40 Neath
William James 15 Labourer
Robert 9
Mary J 4

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