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Wises Directory 1872 - 1873
Wellington Province - Alphabetical Directory

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Name Occupation Location Detail
Queens Head Hotel   Molesworth St T Clapham - Proprietor
Queens Hotel Boulcott St Mrs Minnifie - Proprietor
Quinn M Blacksmith Dixon St
Quinn M Coal Merchant Dixon St
Rankin David Tailor Willis St
Reay H Ironmonger Lambton Quay
Reay J Bootmaker Lambton Quay
Reeve B Firewood Dealer Tinakori Road
Reid W S Assistant Law Officer Law Offices
Resident Magistrates Court Lambton Quay
Rhodes W B Merchant Old Custom-house St
Rivers Daniel Provincial Hotel Molesworth St
Rixon Robert Bootmaker Willis St
Roberts George Bootmaker Willis St
Rowley Joseph Hairdresser Willis St
Rowley Samuel Hairdresser Willis St
Royal Oak Hotel and Livery Stables Lambton Quay Charles Hatfield - Proprietor
Royal Fire and Insurance Company Hunter St Agent - William Bannatyne
Royal Oak Hotel Cnr Manners and Cuba Sts W G Emeny - Proprietor
Royal Tiger Hotel Taranaki St W Mitchell - Proprietor
Ruck John Cabinet Maker Willis St
Sam Wah and Company Carvers Willis St
Savings Bank Lambton Quay J Knowles - Secretary
Schultze Henry Collector
Scott M General Store Willis St
Scott Robert Baker & Confectioner Willis St
Seed W Secretary - Customs Department General Government Offices
Seager Charles Iron and Brass Founder Custom-house St
Selig B A Watchmaker Willis St
Shaw and Son Watchmakers & Jewellers Lambton Quay
Shaw, Savill & Co's Passenger Line of Packets Grey St Agents - Levin and Co
Shearer J C Draper Willis St
Shearer Mrs Dressmaker Willis St
Shepherd's Arms Hotel Tinakori Road C H Gillespie - Proprietor
Sidney, Francis & Co Merchants Manners St
Sloan J and R Tailors Lambton Quay
Smith Benjamin & Co Land and Estate Agents Agents - New Zealand Government Life Insurance and Annuities
Smith Gladman Land Agent Lambton Quay
Smith John Vulcan Foundry Manners St
Smith James Draper Cuba St
Smith Mrs O Miscellaneous Store Molesworth St
Smith R Tobacconist Willis St
Somerville R Imperial Hotel Cuba St
Spiers J Engineer & General Smith Thorndon Quay
Spray Ellen Bank Hotel Manners St
Stagg F Grocer Thorndon Quay
Staples John Thorndon Brewery Molesworth St
Stevenson J W Commercial Agent Willis St
Stewart Plumber Willis St
Stowe L Clerk of Legislative Council General Government Offices
Stuart A P & Co. Merchants & Auctioneers Custom-house Quay Agents - Mutual Life Association of Australia
Supreme Court Lambton Quay
Susans D Bootmaker Cuba St
Sutcliffe R Blacksmith Willis St
Taranaki Steam Navigation Co Willis St Agents - Johnston & Co
Taylor W Waring Merchant Willis St Agent for Northern Assurance Co
Thirkell E Boat Builder Old Custom-house St
Thistle Inn   Mulgrave St J Brown - Proprietor
Thomas George Auctioneer and General Merchant Lambton Quay
Thompson J E Prince of Wales Hotel Cnr Grey and Featherston Sts
Thorndon Brewery Molesworth St John Staples - Proprietor
Tinney W Painter Molesworth St
Tollens E Wellington Restaurant Lambton Quay
Tolley John Locksmith Willis St
Tomkins J Grocer Tory St
Toxward C J Architect Lambton Quay
Travers and Ollivier Solicitors Custom-house Quay
Tringham Charles Architect Molesworth St
Turnbull W & G & Co Merchants Custom-house Quay Agents - The Australasian Fire, Life and Marine Insurance Co.
Tustin William Painter Willis St
Union Bank of Australia Willis St W Jamieson - Manager
Union Hotel Willis St Peter Donecker - Proprietor
United States, New Zealand and Australian Mail Steam Shipping Line Willis St Agents - Johnston and Co
Urwin Thomas Post Office Hotel Corey St
Valentine J Foresters' Arms Hotel Ghuznee St
Valler M Bootmaker Lambton Quay
Vennell, Mills & Co Auctioneers Old Custom-house St
Victoria Fire and Marine Insurance Co Willis St Agents - Johnston and Co
Victoria Hotel Abel Smith St Hugh Bradfoot - Proprietor
Victoria Restaurant Willis St E Petersen - Proprietor
Vogel Julius Colonial Treasurer General Government Offices
Walden J Storekeeper Willis St
Walker J Gun Maker & Locksmith Manner St
Wallace J H Auctioneer Hunter St
Wallis William Builder & Undertaker Manners St
Walsh R Chiropodist and Hairdresser Lambton Quay
Warburton Thomas Kemmis Berlin Wool Warehouse Lambton Quay
Warcup H E Bootmaker Willis St
Warmall J Outfitter Lambton Quay
Waters George General Store Dixon St
Watkin J E Ironmonger Lambton Quay
Watson T Grocer Molesworth St
Webb F Cabinet Maker Lambton Quay
Wellington Acclimatisation Society Honorable Secretary - W Levin
Wellington Brewery and Distillery Co Cuba St
Wellington Choral Society Honorable Secretary - W Mowbray
Wellington Club Lambton Quay Treasurer - T Buchanan
Wellington College and Grammar School Head master pro-tem - T A Bowden
Wellington Gas Company (limited) Offices and Works Courtenay Place Engineer and manager - J R George
Wellington Horticultural Society Honorable Secretary - H H Travers
Wellington Hotel Molesworth St John Maginnity - Proprietor
Wellington Independent and New Zealand Mail Printing and Publishing Office Willis St Thomas McKenzie - Proprietor
Wellington Patent Slip Co (limited) Custom-house Quay Agents - Bethune & Hunter
Wellington Swimming Baths Clyde Quay H Meech - Proprietor
Wellington Volunteer Fire Brigade G Wetherill - Secretary
White & William Nelson Ale House Cnr Hunter St & Lambton Quay
White Swan Hotel Cuba St M Winkley - Proprietor
Whitehead C Baker and Confectioner Willis St
Whittem Nicholas & Co Warehousemen & Importers Custom-house Quay
Wilcox Miss Draper Lambton Quay
Wilkinson David Norman Nurseryman Oriental Bay
Willeston C Tobacconist Lambton Quay
Williams John Bootmaker Willis St
Williams J H Phrenologist Willis St
Williams H Stationer Willis St
Wilson - Tailor Lambton Quay
Wilson F T Draper Lambton Quay
Wilton E Florist Lambton Quay
Wilton Elizah Butcher and Poulterer Cuba St
Winkley M White Swan Hotel Cuba St
Woodward J Assistant Treasurer General Government Offices
Woouldon H Gardener Willis St
Wrigglesworth J D Photographer Willis St
Young Andrew Coach Proprietor
Young T & W Merchants Grey St

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