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Wises Directory 1872 - 1873
Wellington Province - Alphabetical Directory

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Name Occupation Location Detail
Karori Hotel Tinakori Road      W Diamond - Proprietor
Kebbell J and T Millers Old Custom-house St
Kennedy Mrs Kennedy's Hotel Cnr Dixon and Willis Sts
Kennedy M A Clyde Hotel Clyde Quay
Keon P Solicitor Lambton Quay
Kershaw John Bootmaker Lambton Quay
Kinniburgh D Painter Cuba St
Kinrague W W Watchmaker Willis St
Kirkaldie and Stains Drapers and Clothiers Lambton Quay and Cuba St
Knigge Charles August Mechanics Club Hotel Cnr Ingestre and Willis Sts
Knight Charles Auditor General Audit Offices
Knight C G Accountant Government Annuities Office
Knowles John Under Secretary Public Works Department
Knowles J Secretary Savings Bank Lambton Quay
Kreeft F C Ship Broker Lambton Quay
Krull & Co Merchants Custom-house Quay Agents for Imperial Fire Insurance Co.
Laing Peter Baker and Fruiterer Lambton Quay
Lawrie James Plumber Willis St
Lemon C Manager Telegraph Department
Leppien Henry Bootmaker Willis St
Lett J Bootmaker Cuba St
Levell William Nags Head Hotel Cuba St
Levin and Co Merchants Grey St Agents for Shaw Savill and Co's Passenger Line of Packets, and New Zealand Trust and Loan Co (limited).
Levy B Toy Warehouse Lambton Quay
Levy L Boot and Shoe Importer Lambton Quay
Levy Mrs Baby Linen Warehouse Lambton Quay
Lewis E Cooper Lambton Quay
Lindsay A Bootmaker Lambton Quay
Lion Foundry Cnr Waring Taylor St and Custom-house Quay E W Mills - Proprietor
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co Willis St Agent - Edward Pearce
Lloyd's Agents Bethune and Hunter Custom-house Quay
Logan Housten F Grocer Lambton Quay and Cuba St
London Cafe and Restaurant   Lambton Quay J McComosky - Proprietor
London and Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance Co  Willis St Agents - Johnston and Co
Lowes William Saddler Lambton Quay
Lucas W H Confectioner Lambton Quay
Ludwig - Watchmaker and Jeweller Lambton Quay
Luxford Charles E Butcher Manners St
Lyon William Bookseller and Stationer Lambton Quay
McLean Alfred Draper Cuba St
Maclean William Outfitter Willis St
Maginnity John Wellington Hotel Molesworth St
Marchant N City Surveyor Taranaki St
Market Hall Taranaki St
Marks J General Dealer Lambton Quay
Marriott J H Inspector of Weights and Measures Provisional Government Offices
Marriott J H Optician and Bookseller Lambton Quay
Marriott Miss E Dressmaker Lambton Quay
Marriott Mrs Straw Bonnet Maker Cuba St
Marriott R Bootmaker Thorndon Quay
Martin and Downes Pier Hotel Custom-house Quay
Martin John Merchant Grey St
Martin R Painter Manners St
Mason J B Barrett's Hotel Lambton Quay
Mason W Draper Lambton Quay
Masonic Hall Boulcott St
Matthews A Bootmaker Tory St
Maude T W Secretary Public Works
Maxton S Baker Lambton Quay
Meadows J Photographer Willis St   
Meadows and Son Dyers and Scourers Willis St
Mears C Saddler Willis St
Mechanics Club Hotel Cnr Willis and Ingestre Sts Charles August Knigge - Proprietor
Meech H Wellington Swimming Baths Clyde Quay
Melbourne Hotel Willis St S Parkes - Proprietor
Membry A Monumental Mason Willis St
Merchant Shipping and Underwriters Association of Melbourne Willis St Agent - Edward Pearce
Metropolitan Hotel Molesworth St James Osgood - Proprietor
Miller Edward Manager Bank of New South Wales Manners St
Miller R Baker Willis St
Miller William Commercial Hotel Willis St
Mills E W Wholesale Iron Monger, Ship Chandler and Iron Merchant;
and Lion Foundry
Lambton Quay  
Customhouse Quay.
Mills T Timber Merchant Old Custom-house St
Minnifie Mrs Queens Hotel Boulcott St
Mitchell J Bookseller Lambton Quay
Mitchell Walter Bootmaker Manners St
Mitchell W Hotel Keeper Abel Smith St
Mitchell W Royal Tiger Hotel Taranaki St
Moeller P Empire Hotel Willis St
Moffitt J Dentist Willis St
Moir D General Store Molesworth St
Montrose C Greville's Telegraph Agent Grey St
Morning Star Gold Mining Co Willis St J Gell - Manager
Moorehouse W S Secretary for Crown Lands General Government Offices
Moss L Clothier Lambton Quay
Moss L Importer Grey St
Mould W Draper and Clothier Lambton Quay
Mountain M J Watchmaker and Jeweller Lambton Quay
Mutual Investment Society Lambton Quay W Allan - Manager
Mutual Life Association of Australia and Co Custom-house Quay Agents - A P Stuart
McClelland Thomas Bootmaker Dixon St
McComosky J London Cafe and Restaurant Lambton Quay
McDonald Alexander Baker Manner St
McDonald J Saddler Manners St
McIntosh John New Zealander Hotel Manners St
McIntyre & Co Ship Chandlers Custom-house Quay
McIntyre C Baker Tory St
McKenzie T Proprietor Wellington Independent and New Zealand Mail Office - Willis St
McLaggan John Builder Wellington Terrace
McLean Hon D Colonial Defence Minister General Government Offices
McLean John Boatbuilder and Shipwright Willis St  
Nag's Head Hotel Cuba St William Levell - Proprietor
Neil T W Auld Scotland Hotel Lambton Quay
Nelson Ale House     Cnr Hunter St & Lambton Quay   William White - Proprietor
Nesbit James Panama Hotel Taranaki St
New Zealand Fire and Marine Insurance Co Custom-house Quay Agents - Bethune and Hunter
New Zealand Government Life Insurance and Annuities Lambton Quay Agents - Benjamin Smith and Co
New Zealand Steam Shipping Co Grey St Charles Hartman - Manager
New Zealand Trust & Loan Co (limited) Grey St Agents - Levin & Co
New Zealander Hotel Manners St John McIntosh - Proprietor
Nicholas Thomas Galatea Hotel Molesworth St
Nicholson W Undertaker and Upholsterer Cuba St
Norris Dr Surgeon Willis St
North G Hairdresser - City Baths Lambton Quay
North Thomas Prince of Wales Hotel Tory St
Northern Assurance Co Willis St Agent - W W Taylor
O'Shea James Commission Agent Custom-house Quay
Oddfellows Hall Lambton Quay
Okell and Linnell General Store Courtenay Place
Ormond J Minister for Public Works Public Works Department
Osgood James Metropolitan Family & Commercial Hotel Molesworth St
Otten Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Owen H Draper & Clothier Lambton Quay
Pacific Marine Insurance Co Willis St Agents - Johnston & Co
Panama Hotel Taranaki St James Nesbit - Proprietor
Parker - Umbrella Repairer Tinakori Rd
Parker - Music Teacher Molesworth St
Parker S Melbourne Hotel Willis St
Paul Mrs Dressmaker Lambton Quay
Pearce Edward Merchant Willis St
Petersen E Victoria Restaurant Willis St
Petford J & Son Engineer & Brass Founders Manners St
Petford W Grocer Tory St
Petherick J Grocer Willis St
Petherick J Jnr Carpenter Willis St
Phelan W General Dealer Taranaki St
Phillips Mrs General Store Willis St
Phoenix Brewery Tory St Donald & Pascoe - Proprietors
Pier Hotel Custom-house Quay Martin & Downes - Proprietors
Pilcher T W Corn Dealer Manners St
Police Station Lambton Quay
Port R Merchant Willis St
Post Office Hotel Grey St Thomas Urwin - Proprietor
Poulson B Tailor Lambton Quay
Pounceby J Galatea Oyster Saloon Willis St  
Prendergast J Attorney General Law Offices
Press C E Turner Thorndon Quay
Press C B Bookseller Cuba St
Press C and H Storekeepers Courtenay Place
Prince of Wales Hotel Cnr Grey and Featherston Sts J E Thompson - Proprietor
Prince of Wales Hotel Tory St Thomas North - Proprietor
Princess Hotel Cnr Molesworth and Murphey Sts Cattell & Diamond - Proprietor
Prosser J Crown and Anchor Hotel and Livery Stables Lambton Quay
Prosser S Coach Proprietor Lambton Quay
Provincial Hotel Molesworth St Daniel Rivers - Proprietor

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