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Wises Directory 1872 - 1873
Wellington Province - Alphabetical Directory

F to J

Name Occupation Location Detail
Farmer - Grocer and Butcher Willis St
Farmer James Tailor Willis St
Fife William Chemist Willis St
Fire Engine Station Grey St
Fitzgerald J C Controller of Public Accounts General Post Office
Fitzherbert William Superintendent Provincial Government Offices
Forester's Arms Hotel Ghuznee St J Valentine - Proprietor
Foster F Chemist Manners St
Fotheringham E Exchange Hotel Grey St
Fox E Secretary to Colonial Treasurer General Government Offices
Fox William Premier General Government Offices
France Dr Surgeon Cuba St
Frankell J Clothier Lambton Quay
Fraser F Bookseller Manners St
Freeman Walter Baker and Confectioner Lambton Quay
Freeman William Baker and Confectioner Molesworth St
Galatea Hotel Molesworth St Thomas Nicholas - Proprietor
Gallien H L Cabinet maker Lambton Quay
Gandy William John Merchant Grey St
Gear James Butcher Lambton Quay and Cuba St
Gell J Manager Morning Star Gold Mining Company Willis St
General Post Office Grey St
Gibson William Iron Merchant Grey St
Gillespie C H Shepherds Arms Hotel Tinakori Rd
Gisborne W Colonial Secretary General Government Offices
Goodison C Tinsmith Cuba St
Goodwin Edwin Coachbuilder Cuba St
Gordon W Ticket Writer Willis St
Goring Foster Clerk to Executive Council General Government Offices
Government Buildings Molesworth St
Government Printing Office Thorndon Quay
Governors Residence Charlotte St
Grace M S Surgeon Cuba St
Graves and Evans Architects and Surveyors Lambton Quay
Greenfield and Stewart Timber Merchants Courtenay Place
Greville's Telegraph Co Office - Grey St Agent - C Montrose
Hackworth J Collector of Customs       Custom-house
Haig S Butcher Lambton Quay
Halcombe A F Immigration Officer
Halket J Blacksmith Molesworth St
Halse H Assistant Under Secretary General Government Offices
Hall George Painter Lambton Quay
Hall Henry Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Cnr Willis and Manners Sts
Halley and Ewing Builders Taranaki St
Hammerton R C Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages Supreme Court
Hammond Joseph Grocer Cuba St
Harris Mrs Draper Cuba St
Harington Philip -Lieutenant Colonel Inspector of Volunteers Volunteer Office
Hart & Buckley Barristers and Solicitors Lambton Quay
Hartmann Charles Manager New Zealand Steam Shipping Company Office - Cory St
Hatfield Charles Royal Oak Hotel & Livery Stables Lambton Quay
Houseman C European Hotel Lambton Quay
Haybittle and Tandy Lightermen Old Custom-house St
Hayes and Edwards Plumbers Willis St
Hebley F Bootmaker Cuba St
Hector James M.D. F.R.S Curator Colonial Museum and Manager Geological Survey, and Government Geologist Museum St
Holdsworth J G Commissioner Crown Lands Provincial Government Offices
Holliday J Harbour Master
Houghton J Grocer Willis St
Houghton Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Howard James Livery Stables Molesworth St
Hughes J Engraver and Lithographer Lambton Quay
Hunt E Merchant Hunter St
Hunt E and H Boot and Shoe Importers Hunter St
Hurley Joseph Engineer and Millwright Molesworth St
Hutchings Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Imperial Fire Insurance Co Custom-house Quay Agents - Krull and Co
Imperial Hotel Cuba St R Somerville - Proprietor
Isaac William Baker and Confectioner Molesworth St
Izard and Pharazyn Solicitors Willis St
Jackson W V Provision Merchant Custom-house Quay
James W Cabinet Maker Lambton Quay
Jameson W Grocer Willis St
Jamieson W Manager Union Bank of Australia Willis St
Jeffery A Produce Dealer Molesworth St
Jeffs E Florist Lambton Quay
Jenness G Watchmaker and Jeweller Willis St
Johnson W H Tinsmith Lambton Quay
Johnston A Surgeon Molesworth St
Johnston A J Judge Supreme Court
Johnston and Co Merchants Willis St Agents for the US, NZ and Australian Mail Steam Shipping Line; the Taranaki Steam Navigation Co., the London and Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance Co., and the Pacific Marine Insurance Co.
Jones A Boatbuilder Old Custom-house St
Jones F Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer Lambton Quay
Joseph Jacob & Co Merchants and Commission Agents Lambton Quay
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