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Wises Directory 1872 - 1873
Wellington Province - Country Districts Directory

Part Three

Name Occupation Location Detail
Blake R Butcher Featherston
Cadenhead - Builder Featherston
Carkeek A Surveyor Featherston
Cox J G Storekeeper Featherston
Cundy W Blacksmith Featherston
Donald J Dairyman Featherston
Freethy - Cooper Featherston
Fry D Shoemaker Featherston
Gillett - Carpenter Featherston
Greatbach - Carpenter Featherston
Hodder F Hotelkeeper Featherston
Sheene S Blacksmith Featherston
Shirley T Hotelkeeper Featherston
Symonds W Hotelkeeper Featherston
Tauherinikau and Heifer Station
Cave M B Carpenter Tauherinikau
Cundy C Blacksmith Tauherinikau
Potts C Tauherinikau Hotel Tauherinikau
Salisbury H Carpenter Tauherinikau
Williams Messers Sheep Farmers & Carriers Tauherinikau
Arnot A K Printer Greytown
Armstrong P Saddler Greytown
Bailey J Carpenter Greytown
Barraud C D Druggist Greytown
Bright R Blacksmith Greytown
Campbell J Temperance Hotel Greytown
Caselberg M Storekeeper Greytown
Freethy T Cooper Greytown
Fuller J Rising Sun Hotel Greytown
Gallagher B Showmaker Greytown
Greathead R Blacksmith Greytown
Greathead G Blacksmith Greytown
Greathead M Shoemaker Greytown
Hastwell W Coach Proprietor Greytown
Hawke T Publican Greytown
Hall R Shoemaker Greytown
Hammerich - Greytown Hotel Greytown
Hirschberg M Storekeeper Greytown
Hobman L Shoemaker Greytown
Hodge J Publican Morrisons Bush
Hornblow W Cabinet Maker Greytown
Jessen M Cooper Greytown
Jones J Shoemaker Greytown
Jones W H P Saw Mills Greytown
Lowdon E Carpenter Greytown
Lucas R Accountant Greytown
Miller - Tailor Greytown
Moles J Storekeeper Greytown
Marriott E Butcher Greytown
McCarthy S Telegraphist & Postmaster Greytown
Palmerson H S Surveyor Greytown
Petherick J A Contractor Greytown
Ramsey A Wheelwright Greytown
Revans - Surgeon Woodside
Robson J Surveyor Greytown
St George L Chemist Greytown
Skeet R Surveyor Greytown
Skeet W Surveyor Greytown
Smith J Surgeon Greytown
Spratt H Coroner Greytown
Ticehurst E Carpenter Greytown
Ticehurst C Butcher Greytown
Ticehurst J Carpenter Greytown
Wakelin R Journalist Greytown
Wakelin R A Carpenter Greytown
Wakelin G Carpenter Greytown
Walker T Carrier & Publican Greytown
Wybrow - Carpenter Greytown
Wyatt Miss Ladies Seminary Greytown
Willis Miss Stationer Greytown
Young J Tailor Greytown
Crawford - Carpenter Carterton
Fairbrother R Storekeeper & Post Office Carterton
Greathead G Blacksmith Carterton
Meyrick J Carpenter Carterton
Moore T Storekeeper Carterton
Pace R Carpenter Carterton
Peters J Shoemaker Carterton
Richards - Photographer Carterton
Wise A Carpenter Carterton
White H Cooper Carterton
East Taratahi
Richards E Storekeeper & Post Office Taratahi
West Taratahi
Ingley J Butcher Taratahi
Peters J Shoemaker Taratahi
Abbott S Gardener Masterton
Atkinson W Miller Masterton
Bannister H Storekeeper Masterton
Cole H Hairdresser Masterton
Dennan J J Surveyor Masterton
Donald R Carpenter Masterton
Donald W H Sheep Inspector Masterton
Dixon G Blacksmith Masterton
Feist E Storekeeper Masterton
Gray F Blacksmith Masterton
Goodchild J Carpenter Masterton
Greathead W Blacksmith Masterton
Hare R Storekeeper Masterton
Hounslow S Bootmaker Masterton
Jones H & J Carriers Masterton
King J Architect Masterton
Kelleher J Surveyor Masterton
Kelleher T Carpenter Masterton
Knowles W Baker Masterton
Morris G Bootmaker Masterton
McGregor R Saw Mills Masterton
McGregor D Saw Mills Masterton
Muir J Wheelwright Masterton
Nicol J Accomodation House Masterton
Perry W Butcher Masterton
Prentice S Bootmaker Masterton
Rikys S S Flax Mills Masterton
Risk J Carpenter Masterton
Russell G Carpenter Masterton
Russell J Carpenter Masterton
Renall A W Miller Masterton
Robinson C R Surveyor Masterton
Thompson J Carpenter Masterton
Tone Mrs Sir George Gray Hotel Masterton
Tuck J Family Hotel Masterton
Woodruffe G W Cabinet Maker Masterton
Williams R G Saddler Masterton
Williams H Carpenter Masterton
Wrigley J Bootmaker Masterton
Whareama and Castlepoint
Groves W Publican Castlepoint
Telford T Sheep Inspector Upper Whareama
East Coast from Brown's, Okiwi to the Lake
Dodds - Ferry Hotel
Russell J Accomodation House

End of Part Three