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Wises Directory 1872 - 1873
Wellington Province - Alphabetical Directory

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Name Occupation Location Detail
Ah Gee Carver, Willis Street
Albion Hotel Courtenay Place Raymond Power - proprietor
Allan A S Registrar of Supreme Court
Allan J A Chemist Lambton Quay
Allan J G Barrister and Solicitor Lambton Quay
Allan W Manager Mutual Investment Society Lambton Quay
Anderson D Jnr Grocer Molesworth St
Anderson David General Merchant Willis St
Anderson E General Store Willis St
Anderson W Grocer & Baker Willis St
Anderson & Janson Grocers Molesworth and Cuba St
Armstrong Ralph R Saddler Lambton Quay
Asher D Fancy Bazaar Willis St
Aston V T Ironmonger Lambton Quay
Athenaeum Lambton Quay John Duck - Librarian
Auld Scotland Hotel Lambton Quay Thomas W Neil - Proprietor
Austin R Bootmaker Lambton Quay
Austin - Bootmaker Molesworth St
Australasian Fire Life & Marine Insurance Co. Custom-house Quay Agents - W & G Turnbull
Australian Mutual Provident Society Grey St Joseph Dyer - Resident Secretary
Bailie George Photographer Cuba St
Ballinger Mrs Dressmaker Willis St
Bank Hotel Manners St Ellen Spray - Proprietor
Bank of Australasia Custom-house Quay T Buchanan - Manager
Bank of New South Wales Manners St Edward Miller - Manager
Bank of New Zealand Cnr Custom-house & Lambton Quay J Bridges - Manager
Bannatyne W M & Co Merchants Hunter St Agents Royal Insurance Co
Bannister Mrs Storekeeper Courtenay Place
Barber J & H Butchers Willis & Molesworth St
Barber P Dyer & Scourer Willis St
Barnard T Watchmaker & Jeweller Lambton Quay
Barraud C D Chemist Lambton Quay
Barrett's Hotel       Lambton Quay
Barry D Tobacconist, Metropolitan Baths Willis St
Batt & Richards Photographer Lambton Quay
Batkin C T Secretary of Stamp Commissioner Stamp Department
Beeton - Blacksmith Molesworth St
Bell D Fruiterer Willis St
Bennet J B Registrar General
Berger James Music & Bookseller Lambton Quay
Bethune & Hunter Merchants Custom-house Quay
Biddle G Fruiterer Lambton Quay
Bills F Livery Stables Molesworth St
Bishop W Shipping Agent Grey St
Black W American Coach Factory Courtenay Place
Blackett John Assistant Engineer-in-Chief Public Works Department
Blaker George E Bootmaker Lambton Quay
Blow J G F Tanner Willis St
Blundell H Proprietor Evening Post Willis St
Blundell H Jnr Bookseller Willis St
Bonded Warehouse Custom-house Quay
Border H J Confectioner Lambton Quay
Borlase C B Solicitor Lambton Quay
Bowater J Smith & Farrier Dixon St
Bowden T A Headmaster Wellington Grammar School Museum St
Bradfoot Hugh Victoria Hotel Abel Smith St
Bradford E H Gunsmith Molesworth St
Bragge W H Plumber Willis St
Branch Hotel Lambton Quay Samuel Diamond - Proprietor
Brandon & Quick Solicitors Lambton Quay
Brogan P Boot & Shoe Warehouse Molesworth St
Broughton F Club Tap Lambton Quay
Brown A Cabinet Maker Manners St
Brown J Butcher Willis St
Brown J Thistle Inn Mulgrave St
Brown W R E Curator of Intestate Estates
Burne Joseph Draper Lambton Quay
Burrett (illegible) Stationer & Bookseller Willis St & Thorndon Quay
Byrne & Kerr Cabinet Makers Lambton Quay
Campbell C Watchmaker Manners St
Campbell F E Clerk of Parliament General Government Offices
Carpenter R H Bookseller
Carruthers John Engineer-in-Chief
Cattell & Diamond Princes Hotel Cnr Molesworth and Murphey Sts
Central Volunteer Fire Brigade W Boyd - Secretary
Chamber of Commerce N Levin - Chairman
Chaney John Cricketers Arm Hotel Tory St
Chew John Engineer & Millwright Willis St
Chisholm D Grocer & Fruiterer
Cimino Salvador Grocer Molesworth St
City Council Chambers Lambton Quay W Hester - Town Clerk
Clapham J Bootmaker Thorndon Quay
Clapham T Queen's Head Hotel Molesworth St
Cleland J M General Store Molesworth St
Cleland R M Grocer Manners St
Cloke G Bootmaker Tinakori Rd
Clyde Hotel Clyde Quay M A Kennedy  - Proprietor
Co-operative Stores Tory and Manners Streets
Cobb J F Tailor Willis St
Cobham Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Cockburn H B Victoria Carriage Factory Molesworth St
Cohen B Tobacconist Willis St and Lambton Quay
Collings Charles Alexander Butcher Cuba St
Collins Raymond Power Albion Hotel Courtenay Place
Colonial Museum Museum St Dr Hector, Government Geologist
Commercial Hotel Willis St William Miller - Proprietor
Compton J Timber Merchant Custom-house Quay
Cook John and Son Tailors Lambton Quay
Cooper F Grocer Manners St
Cooper G Cordial Manufacturer Thorndon Quay
Cooper S S Under Secretary General Government Office
Cooper and Gulliver Soap and Candle Manufacturers Willis St Works - Tinakori Rd
Corbett Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Crawford George Merchant and Commission Agent Farish St
Crawford J C Sheriff and Resident Magistrate
Crease E H Grocer Willis St
Crown & Anchor Hotel and Livery Stables Lambton Quay J Prosser - Proprietor
Crowther Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Crowther W Boatbuilder Willis St
Curtis Mrs Boarding House Willis St
Cutten Samuel Butcher Willis St
Davie Robert Engineer and Millwright Willis St
Davis W H Photographer Mulgrave St
Dawson Thomas Grocer Willis St
Denton George Jeweller and Ironmonger Willis St
Diamond Samuel Branch Hotel Lambton Quay
Diamond W Karori Hotel Tinakori Rd
Didsbury C Government Printer Government Printing Office
Dixon Edward Cordial Manufacturer Cuba St
Dixon Joe Baker Cuba St
Donald R Eden Vale Nursery Karori
Donald and Pascoe Phoenix Brewery Tory St
Donecker Peter Union Hotel Willis St
Dowes S S Hotelkeeper Ingestre St
Drake D Cabinetmaker Molesworth St
Dransfield J Merchant Grey St
Duff and Wier Cabinet Makers Lambton Quay
Duke of Edinburgh Hotel Cnr Willis and manners Sts Henry Hall - Proprietor
Duncan R J Auctioneer and Commission Agent Featherston St
Dyer Joseph Resident Secretary Australian Mutual Provident Society Office - Grey St
Ebden W Weighing Machine Proprietor Molesworth St
Eldershaw J Baker Lambton Quay
Elliott G E Secretary Post Office Department
Emeny W G Royal Oak Hotel Cnr Manners and Cubs Sts
Empire Hotel Willis St P Moeller - Proprietor
European Hotel Lambton Quay C Haussman - Proprietor
Evans J E Saddler Lambton Quay
Evening Post Printing and Publishing Office Willis St H Blundell - Proprietor
Exchange Hotel Grey St E Fotheringham - Proprietor

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