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Ship: 986 tons
Captain: Edwin R Hunt
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Henry E Herbert
Sailed London June 24th 1866 - arrived Auckland October 19th 1866

The Winterthur made two voyages to Auckland, occupying respectively 119 and 117 days. On the first passage sge sailed from London on the 23rd January, 1865, with 126 passengers, under the command of Captain Goudie, who had visited Auckland three years earlier in the Matilda Wattenbach. The ship had a rough experience in the Channel, and did not clear Start Point until the 9th February. She crossed the line on the 18th March. Port was reached on May 23rd. In 1866, the Winterthur came out with Captain Hunt in command. She left Gravesend on the 24th June, and reached Auckland on the 19th October, after a pleasant and uneventful passage. The vessel was able to carry her royals until passing the Cape. On this occasion the Winterthur brought out only 59 passengers.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Coates Edward
Joy Mr C T H
Stockley Ensign (48th Regiment)
Second Cabin Passengers
Adair Henry
Dunn Jane
Erskine Allan
Frost Joseph
Graham Robert
Green George
Henderson Mrs
Hollingdale John
Hook Grace
Horgan George B
John R
Jarvis Thomas
Jones William
MacArthur Jessie
Meynard William
Millihan William
Mopman Thomas
Thomas A
Mary E
Henry A
Neal Alfred
Neilson James
Nelson James
Paton Elizabeth
Pearson Edward
Scotland John
Snell Susan 23 Castle Island, Kerry Domestic Servant
Stebbing Edward
Sutton George
Symons Henry
Talbot Jane 27 Abbeyfeale County, Limerick Wife of Richard Thompson Talbot
Nominated by Richard Thompson Talbot, John Wagstaff and Thomas Collins. Nomination Certificate 3/66 dated February 5th 1866
David 5
Victoria 4
Ellen 2
Vickross Thomas
Whitlaw Charles F
Whitle Miss
Williams Frank

Edward and Thomas COATES:
Edward Coates was born in 1843 in the family home ‘Eyton’ in the Parish of Eyton, Leominster, Herefordshire.  His brother Thomas was five years his junior.  Though born to a family that had owned half of Eyton Parish, their prospects were not good.  Some years earlier the family has lost much of their landholding to pay gambling debts and with little land remaining Edward and Thomas, being the fifth and sixth sons of a family of 13, stood no chance of living the life of English landed gentry.  Influenced by a family friend’s business success in the Kaipara area, they left for New Zealand in 1866 eventually settling on 2,420 acres known as the Unuwhao Block near Matakohe, which they had purchased on behalf of a sponsor for £950. In 1871 local Maori chiefs leased them title to the neighbouring 10,410 acre Hukatere Block, including rights to all timber and kauri gum, for a term of 15 years and an annual rental of £160. With the new land secured, Thomas Coates made arrangements for his fiancée, Elizabeth Phillips, a school teacher from Sudley in Gloucestershire, to come ou to New Zealand. In 1877 Edward Coates married Eleanor Aickin, daughter of an Irish doctor (Thomas Aickin) who emigrated to Auckland in the 1850s. They were married at Auckland and made their home at the newly erected Ruatuna Homestead. Edward Coates eldest son, Gordon (1878 - 1943), was to become the first New Zealand born Prime Minister. The Ruatuna Homestead and surrounding land at matakohe is now owned by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Hugh Speechly.


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New Zealand Herald October 20th 1866
Archives New Zealand AP 9/3 (REPRO 1615)