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White Rose
1557 Tons
Captain T. G. Thorpe died on the voyage
Captain C. W. Best assumed command after the death of Captain Thorpe
Sailed Plymouth 21 February 1875 - arrived Lyttelton 21 July 1875

An adventurous passage was made in 1875 by the ship White Rose, a sister ship to the Tintern Abbey. She was a  new vessel, under charter to the Shaw, Savill Company. Sailing from London on February 14th, she went round to Plymouth to pick up her 166 passengers, and sailed on the 21st. she had in her hold a lot of railway material, and during some heavy weather a lot of it began to shift, giving crew no end of trouble trying to square it up. The trouble began on May 4th, and after things had been straightened up somewhat, more severe weather came on, and a squall carried away the fore topsail yard. Then the fid of the main topmast bent, and the mast began to settle down. To cap everything, the trouble with the railway material in the hold began again, and it was decided to put into St Louis, Mauritius, to put matters right. Some little time before this, just after passing the equator, Captain T. G. Thorpe, the commander, had been found dead in his bunk, and the chief officer C. W. Best, had assumes command. The ship was from May 22nd until June 10th effecting repairs at St Louis. More bad weather was struck in the Southern Indian Ocean, and on July 9th a fire broke out in the lower fore-hold among the cargo, but fortunately it was soon suppressed. Eventually the ship arrived at Lyttelton on July 21st, 137 days from the Thames, or 130 from Plymouth. On the run across from Mauritius a man died from "fever and plague", no disease was on board but the authorities decided to land the passengers at Ripa Island. The were released after a stay of seven days.

Source White Wing Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Ackerman Walter 22 Oxon Carpenter
Mary 22
Emily E. 3 months
Allem William 24 Devon General Labourer
Mary A 27
Armstrong William 27 Longford Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 27
William 4 months
Arscott Thomas J. 26 Devon Farm Labourer
Harriet 22
Anne 3
Bamfield Thomas 22 Cornwall Miner
Mary 21
Bate Abraham 63 Staffordshire
Mary 60
Boucher Samuel A. 26 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Anne 20
Bren Daniel 30 Ccork Labourer
Johanna 25
John 1
Bush William 30 Warwickshire Plumber
Louise 33
Cock George 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ann 23
Couch William 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary E. 22
Curties Thomas 34 Norfolk Mason
Mary A 32
Margaret 8
Walter 6
Mary 4
Thomas 4 months
Dyson Eli 24 Herefordshire Coachbuilder
Margaret 22
Hambly George 36 Devon Miller
Mary 24
Hickey John 28 Cork Labourer
Mary 22
Daniel 5 months
Hooper Frederick 44 Cornwall Tailor
Elizabeth 45
Charles 16 Trans to s/m
John 15 Trans to s/m
Hoyes Michael 25 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Mary 23
Thomas 10 months
Keane Patrick 18 Kings Labourer
Catherine 23
Lindall Frederick 33 Surrey Butcher
Ellen K. 28
Frederick 8
Henry 6
Ellen J. 5
Lilly 3
Annie 1
Maddocks F. W. 21 Kent Labourer
Elizabeth 21
Matthews James Henry 23 Cornwall Mason
Ellen 22
Clara 2
Patton George 25 Somersetshire Carpenter
Annie 24
Jane 11 months
Rodda Stephen 35 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Susannah 33
Sarah 7
John 5
Emma A. 3
Edith 1
Honeywell Harriet 19 Trans to s/w Travelling with Rodda
John 17 Trans to w.m Travelling with Rodda
Shanahan John 39 Kings Co Farmer
Catherine 29
Johanna 7
Helena 5
Dennis 3
James 1
Kennedy Nora 12 Trans to s/w Travelling with Shanahan
Maher Margaret 16 Trans to s/w Travelling with Shanahan
Donohue Jane 32 Trans to s/w Travelling with Shanahan
Treloar Richard B. 23 Cornwall Labourer
Josephine 20
Sabrina 8 months
Trethowan David 23 Cornwall Labourer
Johanna 22
Tyler George 42 Somersetshire Baker
Caroline A. 36
Ellen A. 18 Trans to s/w
Caroline R. 16 Trans to s/w
Amelia S. J. 13 Trans to s/w
Francis 6
Elizabeth 4
Wilkins Edward 40 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Jane 33
Mary A 17 Trans to s/w
George 15 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 13 Trans to s/w
Albert 10
Thomas 6
Lucy 2
Williams Joseph 24 Cornwall Miner
Elizabeth J. 23
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Christie George 32 Aberdeen Cook
Isabella 25
Ann 6
Margaret M. 4
Hill Benjamin 24 Worchestershire Engineer
Eliza 22
George F. 3
Kimber George J. 47
Eliza 47
Walter 12 Trans to s/m
Frank 10
Evelyn 8
Nesbit Robert 31 Down Labourer
Jane 30
William 13 Trans to s/m
Mary 9
Robert 7
Joseph 5
George 3
Kinley James 17 Trans to s/m Travelling with Nesbit
Single Men
Barter Edward 24 Devon Farm Labourer
Bell William James 20 Antrim Farm Labourer
Brown Alfred 24 Hertshire Coach Builder
Corner W. J. 19 Down Labourer
Croucher Charles E. 21 Middlesex Toolmaker
Davis Richard 31 Warwickshire Engine Fitter
Duncan Joseph 21 Antrim Carpenter
Farrell William 23 Limerick Labourer
Frederick William P. 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Flinn John 23 Ccork Farm Labourer
Furneaux Henry 30 Devon Farm Labourer
Golbie Patrick 19 Lanarkshire Pastry Cook
Gown John 23 Antrim Farm Labourer
Guilfoyle John 22 Tipperary Labourer
Hall Richard 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Harvey George 20 Down Ploughman
Herlihy Daniel 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Hill George William 21 Herts Labourer
Hollow John 21 Cornwall Miner
Honeywell John 17 Cornwall Labourer
Hooper Charles 16 Cornwall
John 15 Cornwall
Ivey Evan 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
James John 21 Cornwall Miner
Lahy Patrick 20 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Lee Phillip 27 Devon Farm Labourer
Lidston John 21 Devon Labourer
Mahony W. O. 26 Cornwall Farm Labourer
McEwen George Alexander 34 Middlesex Plumber
McGlynn Owen 28 Roscommon Labourer
Mulcahy Michael 22 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Murdock Richard 25 Down Labourer
Nelson George 19 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
O'Leary Patrick 18 Cork Labourer
Pirie William 38 Aberdeen Shoemaker
Polkinhourne George 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Potter Henry William 22 Middlesex Joiner
Quinn Michael 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Reid Alexander 18 Donegal Gardener
Ryan Miles 25 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Shea William 34 Limerick Bricklayer
Smith Henry R 23 Middlesex Smith
Wilking George 15 Glostershire
Willocks George 34 Devon Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Bate Peter 21 Staffordshire Painter
Bollington James 19 Lancashire Coal Miner
Ellis Tolson 25 Yorkshire Brickmaker
Kimber Walter 12 Somersetshire
Kinley James 17 Down Labourer
Mullany Dominick 26 Roscommon Carpenter
Nesbit William 13 Down
Nettleton John 25 Middlesex Carpenter
Skeen Alfred 25 Middlesex Carman
Sloan William 55 Tyrone Mill Hand
Hannah 34 Trans to s/w
Jemima 8 Trans to s/w
Summers James 16 Sussex Labourer
Single Women
Bamfield Emily 24 Cornwall Tailoress
Boyd Eleanor 16 Roscommon Housemaid
Buckingham Grace 27 Devon Servant
Coe Mary 24 Suffolk Housemaid
Donohue Jane 32 Tipperary General Servant
Finch Susan 18 Devon Tailoress
Gray Elizabeth 24 Cornwall Dressmaker
Harris Mary 47 Middlesex Housekeeper / Matron
Honeywell Harriet 19 Cornwall Servant
Kennedy Sarah 33 Tipperary Dairymaid
Kennedy Nora 12 Kings
Lucy Sarah 32 Yorkshire Servant
Maher Margaret 16 Kings General Servant
McLatchy Mary A 21 Armagh Servant
Ryan Margaret 23 Tipperary General Servant
Threadwell Lucy 21 Middlesex Servant
Tyler Ellen A 18 Somersetshire General Seervant
Caroline R 16 Somersetshire General Seervant
Amelia 13 Somersetshire
Wilkins Mary A 17 Glostershire
Elizabeth 13 Glostershire
Wilson Ellen 27 Antrim Servant
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Bate Emma 27 Staffordshire Twister in cotton mill
Peter 24 Trans to s/m
Sarah 19 Staffordshire Twister in cotton mill
Goodfellow Margaret 23 Glamorgan Dressmaker
Robert M 16 months
Sloan Hannah 34 Tyrone Housekeeper
Jemima 8 Tyrone
Thompson Amelia 22 Antrim Weaver

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