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Ship: 1116 tons
Captain: Thomas Wood
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Phillips
Sailed Glasgow January 29th 1879- arrived Dunedin April 21st 1879

None of the Shaw Savill and Albion Company's fleet of sailing vessels has a better record than the Westland, a full-rigged ship of 1116 tons, which for some years attracted world-wide attraction among ship-masters on the Pacific and Atlantic. Built by Duncan, she was one of the last ships ordered for the Shaw Savill Company. Westland made 25 voyages to New Zealand visiting all the major ports including Bluff.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Westland

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Bell Mr J F
Bunny Mr F W
Chancellor Mr H F
Fergusson Mr T
Hamon Mr J H
Jones Mr J F
Lamond Mr
Phillips Dr
Ritchie Mr J
Families and Children
Riddell John 27 Roxburgh Millman
Catherine 26
Thomas 5
William 4
Mary 1
Simpson John 26 Selkirk Powerloom Turner
Mrs 26
Gilbert 6
Charles 4
Smillie John 26 Ayr Farm Labourer
Mrs 27
Stewart John 28 Ayr Ploughman
Mrs 21
Thomas 2
Janet 6 months
Watt John 30 Lanark Plumber
Isabella 27
James 2
Watson John 24 Ayr Farm Labourer
Agnes 27
Isabella 2
Walker Pringle 28 Peebles Carver
Jessie 25
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Gibson James 41 Lanark Farm Labourer
Mrs 32
Adam 10
Mary 8
Catherine 5
Margaret 1
Johnston James 43 Lanarkshire Farmer
Jane 37
Christina 17 T/F to single women
Ann 16 T/F to single women
Jeanie 14 T/F to single women
William 12 T/F to single men
Elizabeth 10
Esther 5
Janet 4 months
Matthews John 43 Staffordshire Market Gardner
Fanny 41
Sarah 21 T/F to single women
Jane 19 T/F to single women
Fanny 17 T/F to single women
John 15 T/F to single men
Mary A 13 T/F to single women
Mary J 10
Eliza 10
Emma 5
McLellan Duguld 36 Ay Gamekeeper
Ann 26
John 7
Duncan 7 months
Wilson Thomas 33 Peebles Engine Man
Mary 31
James 11
John 7
Alexander 9 months
Single Men
Anderson Henry 27 Ross Joiner
Brown James 18 Dumfries Farm Labourer
Campbell Wm 21 Perth Shepherd
Connolly John 20 Tyrone Farm Labourer
George 17 Tyraon Farm Labourer
Foulds Hugh 19 Ayr Farm Labourer
Fraser Donald 18 Perth Ploughman
Halloran Mick 22 Clare Farm Labourer
Hunter Hugh 18 Londonderry Ploughman
John 15 Londonderry Labourer
Samuel 13 Londonderry Labourer
Jamieson Walter 29 Renfrew Farm Labourer
Johnston William 12 Lanark
Mathews John 15 Stafford Labourer
McAffrey Pat 22 Lanark Farm Labourer
McCormick Alex 35 Ayr Farm Labourer
McHunchy James 22 Ayr Farm Labourer
McKenzie John 21 Roxburgh Farmer
McNeil James 18 Antrim Farm Labourer
Morrison Robert 24 Forfar Farm Labourer
Moscroft Jonathon 23 Durham Engineer
Mullin Robert 27 Roxburgh Tweed Maker
Sangstet Gst 21 Abbort Farm Labourer
Sullivan Thomas 18 Midlothian Ploughman
Wilson John 24 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Creaven Steven 38 Galway Farm Labourer
Patrick 18 Galway Farm Labourer
Ellen 16 T/F to single women
Single Women
Bourke Margaret 19 Dublin Servant
Boyle Mary 24 Kilkenny Servant
Campbell Ann 20 Antrim Servant
Casey Mary 20 Roscommon Servant
Chillick Eliza 17 Fermanagh Servant
Connor Johanna 21 Kerry Servant
Coyle Margaret 21 Antrim Servant
Edmiston Eliza 25 Derry Servant
Franklin Margaret 21 Ayr Servant
Gallagher Susan 18 Dublin Housemaid
Gentleman Christina 35 Stirling Cook and Housekeeper
Gibson Frances 20 Fermanagh Servant
Gillen Jane 20 Antrim Servant
Gilmore Eliza 24 Fermanagh Servant
Greer Sarah 19 Donegal Servant
Hill Elizabeth 19 Kilkenny Servant
Margaret 17 Kilkenny Servant
Hunter Mary 25 Donegal G/Servt
Johnston Christina 17 Lanark Servant
Ann 16 Lanark Servant
Jeanie 14 Lanark Servant
Kelly Mary 17 Donegal Servant
Kennedy Margaret 18 Deny Servant
Kennedy Elizabeth 21 Lanark Servant
Logue Mary 20 Tyrone Servant
Lunny Mary 22 Tyrone Servant
Lyons Rachel 24 Tyrone Servant
Mackeville Lizzie 21 Derry Servant
Maquire Catherine 19 Derry Servant
McClellan Sarah 21 Antrim Servant
McCrossan Eliza 19 Donegal Servant
McGaughlin Sarah 20 Tyrone Servant
McIilhinney Margaret 20 Donegal Servant
McKelvie Jane 21 Donegal Servant
Catherine 19 Donegal Servant
McMillan Agnes 18 Lanark Servant
Munroe Isabella 22 Renfrew Servant
Murphy Kate 10 Dublin
Patterson Jane 20 Tyrone Servant
Pike Wilhemina 21 Deny Servant
Anna Bella 26 Derry Servant
Quigley Fanny 20 Donegal Servant
Reagan Margaret 25 Cork Servant
Reid Eliza 27 Cumberland Servant
Robertson Jane 27 Ayr Servant
Shearer Jessie 35 Stirling Servant
Jessie 19 Stirling Servant
Catherine 17 Stirling Servant
Agnes 15 Stirling Servant
Mary 13 Stirling Servant
Eliza 8 Stirling
Wilhemina 6 Stirling
Spronlle Eliza 21 Tyrone Servant
Sutherland Jessie 22 Sutherland Servant
Elizabeth 20 Sutherland Servant
Tess Matilda 22 Donegal Servant
Thompson Helen 17 Midlothian Servant
Toner Bridget 20 Donegal Servant
Wilson Jane 18 Derry Servant
Nancy 21 Derry Servant
Wright Mary 21 Deny Servant
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Branaham Catherine 21 Kerry Servant
Creaven Ellen 16 Galway Servant
Donahue Margaret 42 Galway Servant
Winifred 11 Galway
Teresa 10 Galway
Annie 8 Galway
Fahey Margaret 17 Galway Servant
Glynn Catherine 19 Galway Servant
Margaret 21 Galway Servant
Honora 19 Galway Servant
Bridget 17 Galway Servant
Henderson Elizerine 21 Midlothian Servant
Mary 5 Midlothian
James 7 Midlothian
Horan Ann 17 Queens Servant
Hunter Sarah 44 Deny Dairymaid
Mary 8 Derry Servant
Kirby Hannah 24 Cork Servant
Mathews Sarah 21 Staffordshire Servant
Jane 19 Staffordshire Servant
Fanny 17 Staffordshire Servant
Mary Ann 13 Staffordshire Servant
McAllister Emma 25 Carlow Teacher
Walter C 2 Carlow
McCaffrey Mary 19 Lanark Servant
McGuiness Margaret 22 Clare Farm Servant
O'Brien Minnie 21 Limerick Farm Servant
Robin Bridget 20 Tipperary Servant
Ruddy Catherine 21 Armagh Servant
Tivatt Mary 23 Shetland Servant
Ward Sarah 21 Galway Servant


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