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Ship: 500 tons
Captain: Charles Robertson
Surgeon Superintendent: Thomas C Innis

Sailed London February 12th 1843 - arrived Wellington August 11th 1843 via Cape Town & Hobart

The ill-fated barque Tyne, 500 tons, Captain Charles Robertson, with 98 passengers, which sailed from Gravesend on April 6th, 1841, arrived at Port Nicholson on August 9th. Sir William Martin, first Chief Justice of New Zealand, and Mr William Swainson, its first Attourney General, arrived from England by this vessel, and proceeded to Auckland in her. The Tyne was ultimately lost on July 4th, 1845, through striking the rocks off Sinclair Head, outside Wellington Harbour, in a violent S E gale. At the time she was carrying specie to the value of 6000.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Barque Tyne, 500 tons, Charles Robertson Master, sailed from Gravesend, 9th February 1843, for New Zealand via Cape Town, to pick up emigrants from the wrecked Prince Rupert. Arrived Table Bay May 2nd 1843, when the few emigrants on board the Tyne left, and the few remaining from the Prince Rupert would not embark [most decided to remain in South Africa], except for the Barnes family. When the Tyne arrived at Nelson from Wellington on 28th September 1843, the Examiner mentions only one passenger, a visitor, Mr St Hill.
Alexander Turnbull Library

Tyne, 500 tons, Captain Robertson, sailed from London February 12th, arrived 11th August with 17 passengers. She called at Cape of Good Hope May 12th [to collect those stranded there by the sinking of the Prince Rupert], and Hobart Town July 31st. The barque was compelled to put into Hobart to replenish her water supply. Here some of the passengers, who had booked for Auckland, were informed of a Maori massacre in New Zealand [Wairau] and refused to come on to the Dominion. Mr J Stewart, second officer, fell overboard at the mouth of the River Derwent on July 31st, and was drowned.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age Comments
Cabin Passengers
St Hill Mr Passenger from Wellington to Nelson
Steerage Passengers
Barnes William 38 Family joined at the Cape. Formerly per ship Prince Rupert.
Ann 33
Mary Ann 19
Thomas 16
Clark J J
Gaby J
Sedgewick Captain
Standish Mr
3 children
Stanley Jane


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