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Captain: Frank Kholer
Surgeon Superintendent:  Dr Mase Buthner
Sailed Hamburg 15th November 1875 - arrived Wellington 18th March 1876

Letter from a passenger complaining of improper conduct by the Captain.
Letters written by Nils Peter Manson a passenger:- Letter One, Letter Two (Thanks to Glenda Gregory)

Name Age Country Occupation
Adams Johann 33 Prussia Farm Labourer
Andersen Ander 24 Prussia Labourer
Andersen Hans P. 22 Denmark Farm Labourer
Anderson Hans 20 Schleswig Labourer
Anderson Andr. Chr. 17 Denmark Labourer
Ay Johann 37 Prussia Farm Labourer
Eleanore 21
Beran Franz 35 Prussia Farm Labourer
Anna 34
Ivsef 11
Berner Elisabeth 21 Prussia Servant
Bielawski Karl 31 Prussia Farm Labourer
Augusta 31
Anna 6
Juliane 2
Widslaw 18 months
Female infant Born on board - 05/03/1876
Bilicki Math 39 Prussia Farm Labourer
Marianne 31 Died on board - 04/02/1876 Typhoid fever
Pauline 12
Josef 11
Maria 7
Anna 3
Augustine 2
Franz 6 months
Binde Jorgen Chr. 17 Schlewig Farm Labourer
Boinfacio Federie 26 Italy Farm Labourer
Branner Gustav 20 Prussia Farm Labourer
Brinkmann Heine 30 Prussia Farm Labourer
Brodersen Thomas 30 Denmark Labourer
Albatine 33
Brugelli Philipp 26 Prussia Labourer
Brynildsen Carl Aug. Norway Labourer
Christensen Laurine 30 Denmark Servant
Christensen Emilus 25 Denmark Farm Labourer
Christensen Carl 23 Denmark Farm Labourer
Christensen Lauritz 22 Denmark Farm Labourer
Christensen Niels 23 Denmark Labourer
Christensen Mads 20 Denmark Labourer
Christensen Jens Chr. 26 Schleswig Labourer
Clausen Anders C. 48 Denmark Farm Labourer
Abilde 42
Andreas 19
Frederike 17
Christian 15
Arthur 9
Maria 8
Anna 6 months
Corona Donato 28 Tyrol Farm Labourer
Corona Domenieu 22 Tyrol Farm Labourer
Dalin Carl Joh 23 Denmark Labourer
Dammler August 41 Prussia Farm Labourer
Theresa 36
Emma 10
Maria 8
August 3
Anna 15 months
Daucher Josep 44 Prussia Labourer
Josepha 40
Robert 16
Antonie 13
Marie 9
Josepha 8
Johann 2
Paline 6 months
Demartini Givermo 22 Italy Farm Labourer
Deerko Jurgen H. 31 Prussia Labourer
Dietrieh Casper 47 Prussia Farm Labourer
Gertrude 44
Johan 17
Catharina 16
Marie 12
Gertrude 9
Bernhard 7
Elisabeth 4
Bertha 18 months
Dürk Micheal 41 Prussia Farm Labourer
Fafejta (Fafeita) Johann 37 Prussia Farm Labourer
Barbara 34
Anna 9
Johann 7
Mathies 6 months
Fietz Carl 39 Prussia Labourer
Forster Raimund 48 Bohemia Labourer
Caroline 20
Anna 9
Rudolph 6
Frederiksen Gustav 44 Denmark Farm Labourer          
Louisa 39
Mathilde 20 Servant
Hyulmar 18
Auguste 13
Franz 10
Petrine 7
Victor 9 months
Franzsen Jensen 27 Denmark Farm Labourer
Anna 28 Died on board - 04/02/1876 Typhoid fever
Maren 63
Furhmann Edward 40 Bohemia Farm Labourer
Friedrike 30
Heinrich 11
Emma 9
Fritz 3
Clara 6 months
Frank Carl 42 Prussia Farm Labourer
Elisabeth 46
Carl 15
August 13
Otto 9
Georg Dedich ? 32 Prussia Labourer
Gran Hans Chr. 16 Schlewig Farm Labourer
Gillner Robert 32 Prussia Labourer
Gustav Fritz 22 Prussia Labourer
Haftha Johann 25 Prussia Farm Labourer
Franziska 25
Rosalie 2
Male infant Born on board - 25/01/1876
Haftka Paul 44 Prussia Farm Labourer
Catharena 37
Anna 19
Alexander 9
Maria 8
Pauline 6 months
Hahn Johann 49 Prussia Labourer
Friedricke 44
Ida 15
Theodor 13
Richard 8
Marie 2
Hansen Jacob 40 Denmark Labourer
Hendriksen Niels 41 Denmark Labourer
Juliane 40
Juliane 12
Waldemar 10
Johannes 8
Eruest 6
Daniel 4
Anne 2
Hoffman Franz 24 Prussia Farm Labourer
Hoffman August 24 Prussia Farm Labourer
Holmann Johann 26 Prussia Farm Labourer
Anna 27
Irkirka Johann 25 Denmark Labourer
Jacobsen Peter 32 Denmark Farm Labourer
Caroline 23
Jedischka Josef 29 Bohemia Farm Labourer
Maria 25
Maria 9 months
Jensen Hans 33 Denmark Farm Labourer
Jensen Anders Chr. 23 Denmark Labourer
Jezerowski Johann 36 Prussia Farm Labourer
Susanna 34
Junzbluth Nicolaus 30 Prussia Farm Labourer
Kaitzow Friedr W. 21 Prussia Labourer
Kamseeke Otto 25 Prussia Labourer
Kowert Herm W. 32 Prussia Labourer
Kayser Ludwilla 35 Switzerland Servant
Kehr Philipp 30 Prussia Farm Labourer
Kiatzseher Franz 33 Prussia Farm Labourer
Klimpel Martin 38 Prussia Farm Labourer
Rosalie 22
Eruestine 13
Christina 10
Johann 4
Emilie 18 months
Klukoski John 30 Prussia Farm Labourer
Franciska 28
Knopfli Jacob 28 Switerland Farm Labourer
Kopke Friedrich 26 Prussia Merchant
Wilhelmene 26
Emilie 2
Wilhelmine 15 months
Kriewen Josef 34 Prussia Farm Labourer
Therese 31
Josef 9
Elisabeth 6
Anna 3
Marie 6 months
Knopps Hans 30 Schlewig Labourer
Anna 24
Kroujsa Wenzl 39 Prussia Farm Labourer
Marie 33
Anna 14
Franz 9
Wenzl 5
Josef 4
Franzisea ? 3 months
Larsen Waldemar 19 Denmark Labourer
Larsan Ola 57 Sweden Farm Labourer Died on board - 30/01/1876 Typhoid fever
Jens 21 Farm Labourer
Inger 49
Anders 16 Farm Labourer
Anna 14
Laurinsen Halger 26 Prussia Labourer
Leichter Joseph 22 Prussia Farm Labourer
Lehike Johann 33 Prussia Farm Labourer
Marianne 34
Franz 9
Anton 6
Franzisea 3
Spolina 15 months
Lenz Friedrich 48 Prussia Farm Labourer Died on board - 29/01/1876 Typhoid fever
Marie 46
Wilhelm 12
Louise 9
Lindtoidt ? Johan 22 Denmark Labourer
Lipiuski Franz 35 Prussia Farm Labourer
Cacilie 31
Auguste 9
Bernhard 6
Anastasia 3
Female infant Born on board - 24/02/1876
Lipiuski Cacilie 49
Lobler Franz 26 Prussia Farm Labourer
Lorenzen Peter 49 Schlewig Labourer
Mette 49
Mette Catherine 13
Ane C. 17
Peter 9
Maugrette 15
Loose Heins 26 Prussia Labourer
Lund Cathrine 20 Denmark Servant
Lund Thomas L. 31 Schlewig Farm Labourer
Manson Nils Peter 20 Denmark Farm Labourer
Marin Domenieu 27 Tyrol Farm Labourer
Maseek Josef 31 Prussia Farm Labourer
Michrilet Anton 24 Prussia Labourer
Miers Wilhelm 37 Prussia Farm Labourer
Justine 37
August 12
Wilhelm 11
Friedrich 10
Auguste 5
Mikkelsen Niels Chr. 32 Denmark Labourer
Emma 27
Mortensen Hans 34 Denmark Farm Labourer
Mold Cul 35 Prussia Labourer
Marie 35
Johannes 9
James 8
Moosmann Johann 47 Switzerland Farm Labourer
Anna 43
Erwin 15
Adolph 12
Alphus 9
Yuidan 6
Johamm 2
Nielsdatter Anna 42 Norway Servant
Nielsen Carl 30 Prussia Labourer
Nielsen Michael 17 Denmark Labourer
Nielsen Rasmus 19 Denmark Labourer
Nielsen Carl Chr. 21 Denmark Labourer
Nielsen Nielspeter 22 Denmark Farm Labourer
Nielsen Peter 26 Denmark Farm Labourer
Nielson Hans Peter 23 Denmark Labourer
Nielsen Anders 23 Schlewig Labourer
Nielsen Jacob Chr. 30 Denmark Farm Labourer
Marie 25
Helga 6
Auguste 3
Maria 49
Nielsen Kristine 25 Denmark Frm Labourer
Louise 29 Died on board - 16/03/1876 Typhoid fever
Laura 2
Nielsin Jacob 31 Denmark Labourer
Ohlsen Peter C. 30 Norway Labourer
Olnverricht Cail 36 Prussia Labourer
Theresa 33
Clara 5
Cail 3
Anna 6 months
Olsan Martin 24 Sweden Labourer
Olsdatter Ida 33 Norway Servant
Papesch Josef 43 Bohemia Farm Labourer
Anna 36
Heimann 12
Nicolaus 11
Chatarena 10
Franzisia 6
Weazle 4
Anna 18 months
Paulsen Jess 31 Schleswig Farm Labourer
Maria 40
Paul 10
Niels 7
Cail 5
M ? 18 months
Paulsen Niels 31 Prussia Labourer
Petersen Hans Peter 24 Schlewig Farm Labourer
Plaseck Josef 22 Prussia Farm Labourer
Prediger Elisabeth 18 Prussia Servant
Prediger Johann 24 Prussia Labourer
Raikan August 41 Prussia Labourer
Florentine 44
Gustav 13
Ferdinand 11
Susanna 8
Rasmussen Jorgen 23 Denmark Farm Labourer
Redding Caroline 22 Prussia Servant
Reiusch Edward 26 Prussia Labourer
Reughein Carl P. 39 Denmark Labourer
Rhode Gustav 23 Prussia Labourer
Rielmann Bernhard 43 Prussia Farm Labourer
Ritz Jurgen H. 24 Prussia Labourer
Salvesen Wilhelm S. 35 Norway Labourer
Schainweber Franz 25 Schlewig Labourer
Scheirt Peter 20 Prussia Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 22
Johann 6 months
Schlenasch Franz 32 Prussia Farm Labourer
Franzisea 29
Marie 6
Franz 18 months
Schmidt Wilhelm 27 Prussia Farm Labourer
Schmidt Reinhold 25 Prussia Farm Labourer
Schramka Peter 43 Prusia Farm Labourer
Pauline 43
Marianne 16 Servant
Jquatz 14
Michael 8
Josef 5
Veroncia 3 Died on board - 24/02/1876 Typhoid fever
Scott Ferkel H. 29 Denmark Labourer
Schulz Paul 48 Prussia Farm Labourer
Gustav 15
Christine 42
Cail 9
Augustine 8
Setter Casper 26 Prussia Farm Labourer
Marie 24
Casper 4
Marie 9 months
Sherhbery Caroline 28 Sweden Servant
Simjaueek Johann 39 Prussia Farm Labourer
Catharina 25
Franz 8
Jacob 5
Pauline 3
Franzisea 11 months
Smagai Joseph 37 Prussia Farm Labourer
Cacilie 23
Franz 3
Sonnenscheia Otte 22 Prussia Farm Labourer
Sorensen Jacob 23 Prussia Labourer
Spoua Johann 41 Prussia Farm Labourer
Anna 37
Franzisca 4
Mathilde 18 months Died on board - 28/02/1876 Typhoid fever
Stempa August 25 Prussia Farm Labourer
Marianne 26
Franz 2
Stenkelsen Niels 33 Denmarl Farm Labourer
Stiller Johann 33 Prussia Farm Labourer
Barbara 32
Franzisia 6
Michael 4
Johann 2
Martha 3 months
Strock Julius 21 Prussia Labourer
Tasch Carl 31 Prussia Farm Labourer
Caroline 26
Jacob 7
Taschke Christian 40 Prussia Labourer
Augusta 40
Heimann 15
Auguste 12
Albertine 8
Theodor 6
Johann 3
Male infant Born on board - 02/12/1875
Tarnowki Johann 29 Prussia Farm Labourer
Juliane 29
Thomsen Johannes 24 Denmark Labourer
Karen 24
Marinns 4
Kristine 2
Tykowski Franz 35 Prussia Farm Labourer
Anna 25
Johann 18 months
Male infant Born on board - 04/12/1875
Urban Franz 27 Prussia Labourer
Vaizt Paul 22 Prussia Farm Labourer
Wallesen Jes. Chr. 16 Schleswig
Wiesner Herman 24 Prussia Farm Labourer
Wilfe Jacob H. 45 Switzerland Farm Laboureer
Wittin Gottlieb 40 Switzerland Farm Labourer
Witzki Franz 35 Prussia Labourer
Catharina 35
Juliana 6
Franz 3
Theodore 9 months
Zimmerman Franz 26 Prussia Farm Labourer
Barbara 28
Josef 11 months
Micheal 23
Nils Peter MANSON:
Nils Peter Manson was born on the 4th May 1855 at Bondakra i Hasslov Sweden second eldest of Mans Andersson and his second wife Elna Hansdotter. Of their eight children one died as an infant, two went to America (one of who was Olaf the father of Ellen Neitz) and another brother Peter Magnus (known in the family as Malcolm) came to New Zealand in 1883. Nils Peter went to Wanganui where he became a respected member of the community. According to his Obituary he was a hard worker with a great deal of integrity, which earned him a lot of respect in the community. In 1883 Nils Peter married Agnes Wallace daughter of John Alexander McKane Wallace and Esther Wallace of Matarawa at the Matarawa Church. They had one son and four daughters. Nils Peter became a farmer and farmed at Round Bush Farm on no 2 Line then at Kai-Iwi and in later years he lived on St Johns Hill. Prior to his death in 1927 he lived at Okoia. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Glenda Gregory.

FRANK family:
Carl FRANK (1833-1892) married Christine Elizabeth KURZ (1828-1894) in 1856. They had six children. August Theodore (1862-1945), Carl Wilhelm (1862-1948), Otto Ludwig (1864-1948), Philip (1871-1956), Elizabeth (1850-1941) and John. John stayed in Germany and lost contact with the family. The family settled in the New Plymouth region and most of the boys became farmers. Carl and Christine are buried in Te Henui cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Bruce McNiven.


CLAUSEN family:
The Clausen's have prospered since settling in the Manawatu in 1876. In 1987 a reunion was held in Palmerston North with over 300 being present. A few photos of the Terpsichore are in the National Libary under the Dickie collection these are of the Terpsichore as it entered Wellington harbour. These photos are available at a small cost. The ships doctor wrote a book about the ships voyage out called REISE durch den STILLEN OZEAN von Max Buchner 1878. It is in German and contains accounts of the storm, day to day events on the ship, the isolation of the passengers on Somes Island because of the smallpox on the boat and also an account of the good doctors trip through the North Island to Auckland and then home. He tells of last seeing the Terpsichore sailing out of Wellington Harbour while he was on Soames Island with the passengers. Does anyone know what happened to the Terpsichore? If you want to know more of the Clausen's in New Zealand or where they came from in Denmark I would be pleased to help. Please contact David Clausen.

Hans Peter Petersen who settled in the Kairanga (Manawatu) and married Cĉcelie Henriette Fredericke Voss in 1886.  Cĉcelie was half-sister to my g-grandfather Jĝrgen Voss They had six children. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact David Voss
Gustav Martin Frederiksen Holst born 1831 Norway came to New Zealand with his wife and 6 children (picture of some family members). They travelled under the last name Frederiksen and within a short time of their arrival in New Zealand dropped that name and used Martin as their surname. One more daughter was born in NZ and the wayward daughter mentioned in the following
letter of complaint did in fact return to New Zealand. Gustav and Louisa both died in 1917 and are both buried in Feilding in a family plot along with other family members. I have now traced some members of this family back to the early 1700s in Norway. Direct descendants of this family will trace back to the following surnames: Neilson, Nordlof, Leslie, Martin, Mowlem. Some photos of members of this family still exist as well as some interesting letters of correspondence. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Carolyn Loggy

KLUKOSKI family:
Johann Klukoski (age31) occupation farm labourer, wife Fanziska Klukoski, nee Tykowski (age28).  The family was originally from Prussia.  They settled at Gore and Johann bought an 11 acre farmlet.  Their three children were born in the Waikaka Valley, John, 1878, Nora, 1880 and Agnes, 1881.  In Prussia, Johann was called Janusz.  In about 1877 he changed his name to John & Franziska changed the spelling of her name to Franciska.  Franciska died in 1884 and is buried at Gore.  John died in 1897 and is buried at Invercargill. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sharon Seymour.


Franz Tykowski (age35) occupation farm labourer, wife Anna Tykowski, nee Schoenrock (age25), Johann 18 months and male infant, born on board 4.12.1875.  The family was originally from Prussia.  It is documented that when Franz and Anna left war torn Europe they brought with them to New Zealand a bag of gold, a bag of silver, and some of their precious church relics and very little else.  Franz bought some land in the Germantown area but they later settled in Pahia.  The house that they built and the orchard they planted are still there today.  Franz and Anna had ten sons, the last and eleventh child was a girl, Mary Franciska.  Franz died in 1919 and Anna died in 1920. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sharon Seymour.


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