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Barque: 560 tons
Captain: Thomas Ginder
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Muller
Sailed London 27th January 1851 - arrived Auckland 1st June 1851

In the early fifties the barque Stately, a vessel of 560 tons, made several passages to New Zealand with passengers and general cargo. Her first visit was to Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin in 1851. She sailed from London on the 2nd February, and reached Auckland on the 1st June, 120 days from the Downs. After landing passengers and cargo, she proceeded to Wellington and Dunedin, arriving at the latter port on August 7th.

Female Immigration Society

In 1851 32 female were sent to New Zealand by the Female Immigration Society in the Stately and were put out to service when they arrived. The regulations for the life on shipboard for these young women included regular needle work each day in making shirts. The shirts were to be received by an Auckland firm (Brown & Campbell) on their arrival and the women were paid for their labour.

Rules for Matrons on Board the Emigrant Ships
Instructions to the Assistant Matrons on Board the Emigration Ships
Instructions to the Surgeon
Instructions to the School Master
Report of Colonial Chaplain  - John Frederick Churton

Name Age Comments
Baldwin William
Bell John
Louise Mary
Louisa M
Bergen Anne
Bergen John
Boy John
Brown Henry
Bullock Brooks H
Callan Philip
Campbell Daniel Bound for Wellington
Chalmers John Bound for Wellington
Clarke William
Cook Frederick William
Deresby William G G
Ewington William Bound for Wellington
Fleming S
Goshawk Sarah
Hewit J
Hogarth Henry
Jarvie Jamieson
Mills Daniel
Muller Dr Surgeon on board - Bound for Wellington
Quiggan Thomas
Rathbone Basil
Roy William Bound for Wellington
Simpson Bryan W Schoolmaster on board
Watson John
White James
White James B
Wilks James
Williams Tudor
Emigrants per Female Emigration Society
Name Age Occupation
Barracluff Frances Louisa Anne (Fanny) 17 Servant - Allwork
Bevan Sarah 17 Glove Maker
Bryan Elizabeth 20 Servant
Carter Mary Ann MATRON on board
Chevassut Emily 21 Dressmaker - Contributed 4 towards her passage
Clair Frances 19 Servant
Connolly Margaret 16 Servant and Needlewomen
Dyer Sophia Elizaberh 30 Dressmaker - Widow
Drake Mary Ann 21 Servant
Dunn Eliza 17 Needlewomen
Davis Elizabeth 21 Dressmaker
Ellis Louisa 19 Cloak Maker
Fletcher Marion 22 Servant
Fletcher Charlotte 17 Laundry Maid
Franklin Elizabeth 17 Servant
Gennerey Mary 24 Housemaid
Jalicyne Elizabeth Amelia 21 Neddlewomen
Humphreys Jane 21 Servant
Kidd Ann 31 Servant - Contributed 4 towards her passage
Lovelace Maria 20 Servant
McCulloch Lydia 20 ? and Bonnet Maker
Muddeman Elizabeth 33 Servant
Preston Elizabeth 21 Needle Work
Smith Ann 21 Blouse Maker
Sullivan Catherine 23 Servant
Whitmore Sarah Ann 17 Shirt Maker
White Mary Ann 19 Servant
Wilson Elizabeth 22 Carpet Binder
Wilson Mary Ann 30 Carpet Binder
Wardle Emma 18 Stay Maker
Wardle Louisa Sarah 22 Washing
Webb Elizabeth 20 Cape Trimmer
Wodehouse Ann 20 Servant

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Archives New Zealand IA51/1104 - Micro 5023
The Times of London January 29th 1851