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From the Committee for "Promoting Female Emigration"


You will have entire charge of the Female Emigrants so far as their health is concerned; you will regulate their diet of any alteration be necessary in consequence of ill-health, ordering them an allowance of spirits, or of such other medical comforts as you may deem expedient.


You will do your utmost, both by precept and example, to maintain order and propriety on board the ship.


You will read Divine Service every Sunday, weather permitting, unless the Captain prefers to do it himself.


You will carefully watch the health of the Emigrants, to discover the earliest symptoms of fever, scurvy, or other complaint, in order to take the most prompt means of checking the progress of such disease.


You will visit the sick under your care at least twice a day - (and oftener if necessary) - taking care that their medicines are duly provided, and that proper provisions for their drink made, especially at night.


Your patients should not be visited except in the presence of the Matron.


You will endeavour to support the matron with your authority and to assist her with your counsel and advise, in the discharge of her duties among the Emigrants.


You will endeavour to prevent any of the emigrants from landing at an intermediate port, with a view to settling in the country.


You will keep an accurate Diary, which you will send home to the Committee by an early opportunity, and you will report on the state of the Emigrants on their arrival, communicating any suggestions which you think may be useful for the future guidance of the Committee (Whenever the opportunity offers you are requested to send home a report of the voyage up to the date of your letter.)


You will endeavour, thoughout the voyage, to maintain good moral conduct, cheerfulness, and regular habits among those under your care establishing, as far as possible fixed days and certain hours foe special purposes and endeavouring to bring the whole system into settled routine, capable of insensibly uniting itself with the daily life of those on board.
The Committee have arranged that a Gratuity of 20 will be payable to you through Messrs Brown & Campbell of Auckland, New Zealand. upon the Certificate of David Rough, Esq., the Government Immigration Inspector at Auckland that your duties have been properly performed.