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Spirit of Trade
Barque: 528 tons
Captain: Mculloch
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Cork August 3rd 1858
- arrived Auckland December 4th 1858

Our thanks to Jacqueline Walles for providing this list.

Arrival of the Spirit of Trade

Name Age County Occupation/Comments
Alexander Mr
Chadfield Mr
Clarke Mr
Cummins Mr
Fowler Mr
2 children
Glesby Mr
Godfrey Mr
Hardy Mr
Leggatt Mr
Maires Mr
Manuel Mr
McLeod Mr
Morris Mr
Poole Mr
Shean Miss
Thompson Mr
Barton Captain J 65th Regiment
McNaughton Lieutenant E C Royal Artillery
Nevin J Assistant Surgeon
21 Rank & File Royal Artillery
26 Rank & File 65th Regiment
1 Officer's Servant (female)
25 women, 29 male and 23 female children

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The New Zealander December 8th 1858