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Ship: 364 tons
Captain: Beg

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London - arrived Otago October 6th 1859

                                              Lyttelton October 31 1859

One passenger only, Mr Parish but others may have discaharged at Otago? She arrived at Port Chalmers, Otago on October 6th 1859 with 28 passengers.

The Sebastian, a smart little barque of 364 ton, from London, via Otago, came to anchor in our harbour on Monday evening. She made an excellent passage to Otago in ninety-six days. After remaining there 24 days and discharging a greater portain of her cargo, she left for Port Chalmers on Saturday evening, bringing one passenger, and a considerable quantity of cargo for this port, besides the thoroughbred horses for Messrs Harris and Innes of Timaru.
The Lyttelton Times November 2nd 1859


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White Wings by Sir Henry Brett
Lyttelton Times November 2nd 1859

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