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S S Otago
The following is the write up and passenger list taken from The Weekly News, January 30 1864.

Arrival of the S.S. Otago.
700 Tons
W. Smith, commander, from Sydney.

At 1 o'clock on Tuesday morning the S.S.Otago fired her gun in the harbour to announce her arrival, but we are sorry to say without the English mail. She was detained at Sydney five days and not arriving or being telegraphed she sailed for Auckland on the 20th instant, leaving Port Jackson Heads at 1.20. The wind was light and variable, with calms all the way across, and the Three Kings were made at 11.30 p.m. on the 24th inst. and she arrived here at 1a.m. this day, after a passage of five days eleven and a half hours. 60 miles E. of Sydney heads passed a three-masted steam ship standing to the westward (the Australian in all probability). Off Cape Brett, passed the barque City of Melbourne, which left Sydney the same day as the Novelty. She appears to have met some heavy weather, one of her masts having been carried away. Off the three Kings passed a small craft standing to the westward, but it was to dark to distinguish her rig. The hurried visit we payed to the Otago last night gave us no opportunity of going over her, but as far as we could judge by the imperfect light, she seems to be deserving of all that has been written in her praise.

This list has been transcribed from the Weekly News and only mentions saloon and cabin passengers

Passengers  From London
Mrs and Miss Copeland for Otago
Mr Atkins for Auckland
Mr Bradbury
Captain Clements
Lieutenant Covey
Ensign Howard
Mrs Johnson
Fore Cabin
T. Fitzpatrick for Auckland
E. Fitzpatrick
J.L. Henderson
Charles Andrews
George Gossling
Mr William Watson for Nelson
Mr Peter Teague
Mr John Turner for Canterbury
From Sydney
Saloon for Auckland
Mr Melville
Mr Hill
Mr Feeze
Mr Collett
Mr Anderson V.S.
Captain J. Wall
Fore Cabin
Mrs Smith for Auckland
Mr and Mrs Howell
Mrs Anderson
Mr E. Gray
Mr Cockroft
Mr Fleetwood
Mr W. Gaddy
Mr Fitx
Mr Pilkington
Mr Dorsey
Mr Traler
Mr B. Brassey
Mr J. Messent
Mr T. Stuart
Mr T. G. Fawcett
Mr T. M. Banks
Mr Chemberwell
Mr Ferguson
Mr Bradshaw
Mr Fleetwood
Mr Newman
Miss S. Francis for Taranaki

Weekly News January 30th 1864

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