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S. S. Waimana
Steamship: 10,389 Tons
Official No: 131795
Steamship Line: Shaw Saville and Albion Co. Ltd.
Captain: C. M. Andrews

Sailed Southampton 4th Feburary 1926 - arrived Auckland

The SS Waimana was built for Shaw Savill & Albion in 1911 at the Belfast yards of Workman & Clark. Her weight was 10,398 tons. At some time during her life she was renamed the Herminius. It is probable that her name was changed back to Waimana although we can't find anywhere to confirm this. She was armed during the two world wars and successfully sailed through them unscathed. After 41 years of faithful service she was broken up at Milford Haven, Wales in 1952.

This list was kindly given to us by Alan Bird. It is not a complete list and is for 3rd class passengers only.

Name Age County Occupation
Beck Geof. 27 Fulham Electrician
Mrs 27
Bird Leonard 57 N. Shields Hairdresser
Mrs 47
Bird Leonard 22 N. Shields Agent
Clarke Frederick 33 Lancashire Mill Worker
Mrs 32
Davis Arthur 29 Altrincham Salesman
Mrs 27
Edwards William 25 Swindon Bricklayer
Mrs 26
Inskip William 30 Shepperton Carpenter
Mrs 25
Irving David 23 Greenock Engineer
Irving Mrs 47 Housewife
Laurence 20 Farming
John 17
Malcolm 10 Scolar
Jemima 8
Marion 6
Irving Elizabeth 20 Telegraphist
Innes Thomas 61 Glasgow Sawyer
Mrs 58
Isabell 36 Domestic
Helen 21 Domestic
Jamison David 30 Banbridge Farming
Mrs 28
Nora 9
Joseph 4
Samuel 3
John 1
James 31
Jenkinson Alfred 31 Seacliff Coal Miner
Mrs 31
Alfred 10 Scholar
Arthur 6
John John 22 Wales Miner
Olive 18 Domestic
Isaac 12 Scholar
Johnstone John 23 Lanark Steelworker
Mrs 23
Lawrence James 31 Glasgow Storeman
Mrs 32
Lawson Thomas 36 Miner
Mrs 36
Winifred 9
Norman 6
Wallace Arthur ? 29 Wrexham Miner
Mrs 26
Single Men
Banks David 18 Orkney Farming
Caithness Thomas 21 Orkney Farming
Campbell Marcus 22 Bilbster By Wick Clerk
Carwardine Cephas 18 Southwold Clerk
Coley William 22 Glasgow Salesman
Collister Richard 19 Isle of Man Engineer
Cromie James 20 Belfast Farming
Cummings Charles 20 Clydebank Machinist
Ethenington Arthur 19 Berkshire Farming
Hills Ronald 22. Isle of Man Engineer
Johnstone Hector 22 Rotherham Farming
Jones Chris 22 Droyisden Engineer
Lean Cecil 27 Govan Platers Mate
Lowe Robert 32 Glasgow Ship Plater
Mitchell Leslie 24 Aberdeen Driver
Stedman Herbert 18 Berkshire Farming
Waddington Edward 22 Blackpool Engineer
Walter Stanley 28 Forest Gate Clerk
Webster William 23 Keswick Farming
Wilson Robert 23 Larnark Miner
Wilson Harold 18 Russell Square Grocer
Single Women
Draisey Lucetta 29 Small Heath Tailoress
Sydney Phyllis 18 Shop Assistant
Sydney Louie 15 Scholar
John 13
Wise Catherine 23 Greenwich Domestic

BIRD family: The following interesting story regarding his family was written by Alan Bird
Thanks for the opportunity to offer a thumbnail biography on the Bird ancestors which produced an interesting development some years ago when I was seeking a British Passport. When father produced his birth certificate I found that his correct name was "de Vogel" from which our name had been anglicised. It appears that in 1938, when dad joined the N.Z. Airforce Reserve of officers, he had to formally change his name by deed poll. Back
in circa 1903 his parents had, by common usage, changed their name to BIRD, while living in East Finchley London, where they were in business. Dad's father Leendert de Vogel, known as Leonard Bird came from Schiedam, South Holland, from where I have traced the family back to Langerak. Grandma, Rose Hannah Bird nee Hubbard, came from Meriden Coleshill in Warwichshire. Her father, Joseph Hubbard, was a senior NCO in the Household Cavalry, 2nd Regiment of Lifeguards. I guess with his Regiment serving in the Boar War, it would have been embarrassing to have a daughter marrying a Dutchman. So I can well appreciate why they changed the name to BIRD. Both Grandma and her sister, Minnie E Taylor, settled in Dunedin with their
husbands. Since then our family moved to Australia where I married. Our eldest son married a Wellington girl, and now resides in Auckland. Capt Graeme Bird, our eldest son, sails as Master and Chief Officer for a N.Z. Ro/Ro shipping company working out of Lyttleton.   Previously Graeme was Master of the O.M. Mission ship "Doulos" where he served as master for some eight years. He settled back in N.Z. as his three children needed a formal education. The eldest boy hopes  to become a pilot and is academically well advanced having travelled to many parts of the world, with his parents. Graeme took the Doulos into N.Z. ports some twelve months ago where there would no doubt have been considerable newspaper coverage. I worked for the U.S.S. Co of N.Z., where I served as a Purser for some years including on the Inter Island ferries, when we sailed between Wellington & Lyttleton. Our ex purser's association is planning a reunion in
Christchurch next Anzac weekend.  Possibly a notice on the internet wouldn't go astray. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Alan Bird.

Copyright Denise & Peter 2000

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