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Ship: 469 tons
Captain: Chandler
Surgeon Superintendent: Mr Youle
Sailed London November 5th 1857 - arrived Lyttelton March 7th 1858
                                                                                   Port Chalmers April 3rd 1858

Our sincere thanks to Trish Heaven for providing added value to this passenger list.

Arrival of the Roehampton

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Brandon Captain John Rose
Susan D
Georgina E
Mary Ann
Dampier Mrs Matilda
Morrison James
Youle Mr Surgeon on board
Second Cabin Passengers
Jones Mr J
Payne William
Prebble Charles
Paying Steerage Passengers
Families & Children
Liley Mr J
Mason Mr G
2 sons
Single Men
Ashworth Mr R
Lewis Mr G
Zimmerman Mr R
Assisted Immigrants
Families & Children
Baker George Evans 37 Middlesex Farmer
Elizabeth Caroline 34
William Blackmore 13
George T 8
Edward Isles 6
Henry Marks 4
Nelly Elizabeth 1
Barnes William Harry 30 Middlesex Jobbing Smith
Elizabeth 21
Julia Mary 2
Jane 10 months
Barter Stephen 29 London Groom & Gardener
Emma 32
Derrett Henry 34 Wooton Underidge Agriculturist but presently engaged in a nail manufactory.
Charlotte 33
Henry John 7
Robert 6
Maria Louisa 3
George Daniel 7 months
Gulliver James 35 Somersetshire Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 32
James 9
Frederick 6
Harry 4
George 1
Hills Thomas 25 Suffolk Labourer
Jane 24
Walter 1
Horrell James 34 Devonshire Carpenter
Ann 38
Helen 12
Sarah 10
Frederick 5
Mary Jane 9 months
McDonald William Hugh 38 Kent Sawyer
Matilda 35
McKinlay Peter 45 Scotland Tailor
Mary 44
Rebecca 18
John 14
Mary 11
Miles James 43 Wiltshire Agricultural Labourer
Ann Charity 42
Ann 16
John 13
William 11
James 6
Alice 4
Selina 1
Monk Benjamin 29
Harriet 30
James 6
Harriet 3
Benjamin 11 months
Pye Thomas 32 London Smith
Mary Ann 37
Sarah 7
Ellen 6
Augusta E 5
Barton L 11 months
Rouse John 33 Suffolk Labourer
Ann 29
Sanford John 30 Worcestershire Carpenter
Elizabeth 27
Frederick William 4
John Herbert 2
Harriet Jane Infant
Smith William 34 Suffolk Labourer
Matilda 28
Annie 5
Alice 2
Ellen 4 months
Stanton John 29 Middlesex Jobbing Smith
maria 31
Frederick 3
Emily 1
Waters Henry John 39 London Labourer
Mary Rebecca 27
George 11
Charles 2
Edward 5 momths
Henry 11
Alfred 6
Widdowson William 24 Nottinghamshire Joiner
Ann 24
Annie 7 weeks
Wren James 33 Sussex Agricultural Labourer
Emma 32
Thomas Avery 5
Single Men
Bower Adam 36 Yorkshire Stonemason
Cockroft George 34 Yorkshire Stonemason
Ford James 25 Derbyshire Carpenter
Hannah George 24 London Cabinet Maker
Heyward William 19 Devonshire Sawyer
Horrell Edward 21 Devonshire Agriculturist
Hossack James 35 Inverness Farm Labourer
Lockwood William Hannah 38 Yorkshire Stonemason
Morgon/Morgan John 20 London Gardener
Smith David 23 Ayr Miner
Smith John 31 Bradford Groom & Gardener
Smith Robert 29 Suffolk Labourer
Theile Frederick 21 Hanover Gentleman's Servant
Turner Richard 20 Essex Printer
Weston William 23 Sussex Carpenter
Yurton Thomas 22 Staffordshire Gardener & Groom
John 20 Staffordshire Brass Worker
Single Women
Cheesman Catharine 30 London Launderss Married woman
Gulliver Sarah 26 Oxfordshire School Mistress
Parsons Sarah Ann 21 Wiltshire Household Servant
Wife of Lewis Parsons
Emma Jane Infant Wiltshire
Smith Charlotte 23 Suffolk Sister to Robert Smith. Kept his house.
Weston Eliza 18 Sussex Infant School Teacher


John Morgon/Morgan arrived in New Zealand by the ship Roehampton, where he was listed as a gardener. He married Sarah Jane Booker/Brooker at St Michael's, Christchurch, 27.6.1860, and his occupation at that time was a tailor. They had five children, before Sarah died, 18.9.1871 age 30. Several children died young. She is buried in Barbadoes St Cemetery. He is listed in G R McDonald's Dictionary of Canterbury Biographies as a tailor and "an entertainer always ready to perform at a concert to raise funds for a good object". Sometime between 1872 and 1878 John and daughter Emily Jane moved to Napier, where in July 1878 she married James (Tiemi) Frederick Sturm, the son of Pakepake Tiarere and German botanist and orchardist FWC Sturm. John Morgon continued to perform at concerts mentioned in Hawkes Bay papers, before moving to Whangarei and Auckland. He drowned in Auckland Harbour, April 1888, and his death was noted in the Lyttelton Star as "..creating a sad feeling in the minds of the townspeople, for Mr Morgon was a great favourite...a good musician, possessed of a fine voice and always ready to assist at any concert or entertainment, he will be greatly missed in the district." If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sarah Johnston.


HILLS family:
I am also descended from Thomas HILLS and wife, also aboard the Roehampton with their young son Walter. He settled in Rangiora too, the families probably knew each other well. In 1884 their son Arthur William Hills, born 1863 in Rangiora, married Mary Adlin Stephens, fifth daughter of Solomon Stephens, born in 1865. They are my paternal grandfather's parents. Thus Thomas and Jane Hills are my great-great grandparents, and Mary Ann Miles is my great-great-great grandmother.
If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Sarah Johnston.

MILES family:
James Henry Miles was born 14th January 1812 at Bromham of Chittoe, Wiltshire England to Thomas who was a Butcher and Elizabeth Miles (nee Gee ). He had been Head Gamekeeper at Spry Park in Wiltshire for 40 yrs. Spry Park belonged to Squire J.B.Starkey. He married his wife Ann Charity Miles nee (Stephens) on 14th October 1833. They arrived with their six children on the ROEHAMPTON at Lyttelton NZ on 7th March 1858. The family settled in Carter's Lane, Rangiora near Christchurch. They were to have two more children , James had a Market Garden in Rangiora and became known as Grandfather Miles. After the death, on 31st July 1888, of his first wife Ann, he remarried at the age of  78yrs to Ann Miller and they had one child. At the time of his death on July 4th   1898, James Henry Miles had 9 children, 70 grandchildren & 60 great grandchildren. Henry and his first wife Ann are buried  in the Anglican Cemetery at Rangiora. (James was the Grandfather of my Paternal Grandmother. Maud HANCOX).
If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Penni Winter.


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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/11
Lyttelton Times March 10th 1858